Life Lately (and overdue)

December 18, 2014

Readers! You still there?

I won't bore you with the finer details of why I've been away. I respect your intelligence and will operate under the assumption that you know what being busy is like. 

I do have some cute photos to share with you!

And... cue blog post:

Up above you see Dexter and Alice dressed up for the first time, at the same time. Super fun to get them decked out in some holiday finery, though I still try to keep this stuff relatively low key. It's cute to see other boys in kindergarten tuxedos or toddler wedding gowns, but my philosophy is they're just going to grow out of it so... anything that is classic and hand-me-down-able. Check!

Dex and Alice attended their first Snowflake Gala, and it was a pretty fun time. Particularly the part where all these other super moms & dads were feeding food to the kids and taking them to play! There was a candy bar, balloon animals, Mr. Potato Head, and video games. Suffice to say it was not surprising when Dexter broke down into tears when it was time to go home. Sorry, dude! 

At another time, we were full on winter folk during a snowy downtown excursion. It was our first giant dump of snow in the city, rendering all roads and driving a complete nightmare. Luckily, we just decided to walk and take the bus and train. 

While Dex was off at school, Alice came with me to do some work one morning. We were visiting City Hall School that day to take in a presentation on homelessness for a grade 6 class. Research and inspiration for my youth initiative with the United Way in the new year. 

My sweet babies are also being very cuddly this winter.

BOOM. Then I was in Vancouver, visiting with one of my best and oldest friends. 

We were there for the Grey Cup

YESS Champions Day came and went...

More time at city hall. Alice is always working hard.  

And in the realm of random things I do for myself, my friend Christy has been giving me skating lessons. My objectives were to learn how to stop without random scraping my pick all over the place, with the subsequent spinning out of control. I am happy to report that the "STOP" initiative has been a success! My big takeaways from skating lessons have been 1. Bend your knees and 2. Use your edges. 


A few neighbours and I joined forces to do a neighbourhood carolling party. I played piano and sang with two guitarist neighbours, and it was incredibly jolly. Bonus was the hostess this year had a gorgeous grand for me to enjoy.

My kids are currently into playing dress up. 

Also, watching Scooby Doo. 

Amidst it all, there is still this. 

I'll see if I have it in me to pop out a holiday post (obviously I'll try) once this week wraps up. I particularly want to do a post on saying NO and other goals for the new year! Until then, stay warm, play safe (party season is upon us), and don't forget to spread the cheer this holiday season! 

Life and a Little LRT

November 28, 2014

Last weekend, one of the legs of my journey was on LRT. Winter was still mild and I could get away with a cape! This is no longer the situation. Lots of snow here, but we're shovelling and layering up like the Northerners we're meant to be. 

Inside, Alice is really into her stuffies. She likes to be their mom and group them into families and put them down for napping... it's REALLY CUTE. She also sings random songs to them, with no lyrics. 

I have been on the bike, with parka and mukluks.

Snuggling with baby Alice.

 Planning The Works Gala (30th Anniversary)!

 Touring lots of Edmonton's literacy agencies, like the COW Bus!

What a fabulous program for kids in dense areas, who might have barriers getting to a library on a weekly basis. This bus has it all! Stories, games, puppets... and wonderful people facilitating the programs.

I had to take a selfie with Pete the Cat.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a Big Sister? I was matched last June and my "little" (she is taller than me) and I have been hanging out ever since. The agency was having their annual Lobster Lovers Gala last weekend, and invited me to speak about my experience. 

I also put on their lobster costume prop at the Photo Booth. 

I also stopped by PARK to ogle my spring Bano eemee coat that is coming soon! Can't wait to feel like Uma Thurman from Kill Bill.

Oh, and my most darling HUNT AMOR was also showing! Epic stuff.

 Amidst it all, Sable had a birthday!

And, Alice raided my lipstick. Horrifying.

 Look forward to more pictures with snow! I've got lots to photograph now:)

All Around Town

November 17, 2014

I have no idea why, but ever since it has snowed, I've been riding more

What's up with that?

Admittedly, they're short trips to and from the train station and neighbourhood coffee shop, but there is something really great about breathing in the crisp air. I love it! 

This makes it difficult to get along with people who only know how to complain about the weather. GET A COAT! And, maybe some mukluks? When we were super cold last week I wore double socks and a toque. All good. Even walked Dexter to school with Alice in the stroller. Add some snow pants to the equation and you're laughing!


My darling friend who designs HUNT AMOR needed her collar back for a photo shoot last week. She has a solo show at PARK this weekend and I can't wait to see her new pieces on the runway! While I had the collar out for pick up, Alice put it on and starting lounging around the house with her crazy style. I took her photo. Including the yogurt face. 

Don and I were sad to miss the launch of the WREATHS at Cory Christopher's (we were called to a dinner with the new University of Alberta president). But, we stopped in after the party ended to take a picture with our beloved LEGO wreath.

You can go to the link and vote for it to be your favourite! The wreath that gets the most votes will have $2,500 donated to their charity of choice. Ours is iHuman. You can buy it too, with the online auction situation. 

I will have you know that Cory assisted with all the other wreaths. Ours was built from scratch without such assistance. And with no glue! If you were to throw all those wreaths on the ground and break them. There is only one where the creators could re-build without assistance. 

Can you tell? I am feeling SO COMPETITIVE about this.

In a strange twist of fate, Don and I actually had some time off on Saturday afternoon. TIME. OFF.

I spent mine having brunch with a friend (WHAT?!) and then ran errands with Don.

Yeah, you heard me. Ran errands. With Don. It was amazing!

Then we came home and I got all dolled up for the evenings events. There were several stops. Upon arriving home I put on a lounging t-shirt and had a night cap. That's what Saturday night looks like.

Next day, we hosted brunch for some of Dexter's school friends. They destroyed the house while I drank mimosas.

Then, it was off to the Eskimos game! It was hella cold, but we went all bundled up like true northerners. I was really jealous of the people with skidoo suits! Now I know what to do to up my winter game.

Speaking of games, I've got my fingers crossed that we win against Calgary next week... then it's off to the GREY CUP!

 Change of wardrobe, and then mei mei arrived for the SIMONS gig.

We had a splendid time visiting with friends and carolling for a private shopping party. A percentage of proceeds from sales that evening went to Youth Empowerment & Social Services (YESS), to whom I am an honorary patron. 

And that was some of my weekend! Now, back to the grind. 

Oh, and a little snip that my friend taped:


You Should Go!

November 13, 2014

Holiday season is approaching, and there is a barrage of parties and events that will get you out of the house and into the festive spirit! I'll be at Schmoozy this weekend, like I have been many many years before. 

Next weekend, my darling HUNT AMOR will be doing a solo show at PARK! Eek!

 And as usual, the best craft fair around, Royal Bison.

See you around!

Winter Bike!

November 11, 2014

 It's time to winter bike! I've had Kona out and ready for a month now, just waiting for the snow to fall. We only got a little bit of snow but it's windy and COLD. I had to break out three different winter jackets because I was having difficulty measuring the cold factor! I didn't wear them all at once. I also forgot I have this light puffy vest thing from Uniqlo and it's basically the best thing ever.

I think homes in northern climates need bigger closets.

In other news, the rodeo was here this past week. I was trying to get my hair out of my face for this photo op, but this failed photo works quite well.

The city market has moved indoors. I have discovered that Dex and Alice actually like to eat carrot sticks, when the carrots taste like real carrots! Note to self, need to start buying market carrots all the time.

Amanda and I took a break from making horrified faces, and smiled for this photo at the aforementioned rodeo. I don't know how anybody's neck and back are okay after competing.

Alice had a very exciting day ogling all the horses and cows, then she skipped her nap and went to a dinner party where she was showered with treats and attention (webkinz, nurf guns, chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, ice cream, chocolate milk AND juice). She bawled on the way home because she knowingly took her mitts off and threw them on the floor of the car. LIFE IS SO HARD!

Bright and early, media call on Monday morning. Cory Christopher is having a wreath auction (more details to come) and our family made a LEGO one! I am so in love with that little thing. It's charming and awesome and most importantly... no KRAGLE! I'm with Marni from Glow Juicery - She is so wonderful, she actually glows. Whatever she puts in her juices, it works. 

mèi mei had another practice, for our Christmas gig at SIMONS this Sunday! Cory Christopher is styling and hosting a private shopping event - We'll provide some ambient holiday cheer. 

Then, it was my niece's birthday party so we went to Four Cats for a birthday party. 

Dexter had GREAT TIME and met the beautiful Tessa. She was distracted for a while, but then...

found it hard to resist Dexter's charms. So cute!

 I taught students. Made snacks. Cooked dinner two nights and ate dinner as a family! All in all a very successful long weekend!

Now, back at it.

mèi mei

November 8, 2014

Super excited that mèi mei debuted with success last week!

To bring you up to speed, my sister Sable and I have formed a little ukulele cover duo. It's something that is completely random and removed from the other things I've got going on. It's not teaching. Not mom stuff. Not 1st lady stuff. Not volunteer, not-for-profit stuff. Just... something I get to do for myself. Plus, it's mega FUN! 

Our next gig is a Christmas one. Yay!

This week, the kids went to the dentist. No cavities. It wasn't Dex's first visit, but it was the first time for Alice. Generally speaking, she did really well! I consider not crying and running away a success. 

Dex celebrated his healthy teeth by building some awesome duplo.

The little man and I also had a lunch date.

Before his eye exam. 20-20 vision!

It was a good week. Got the kids processed. Went to some super interesting work meets. Taught a bunch of students. 

And it snowed! 

Brought out a heavy coat and boots and everything. It's going to be a fun winter!

Long Lost Blog

November 3, 2014

Riding in November!

I'm still here. I'm still alive. So busy (I know, let's not complain about it). I haven't had time to check in. Rest assured, we are well. Lots going on. 

I feel as though talking about stuff just exhausts me more. When people say, "What are you busy with?" Attempting to explain the various components of why I'm maxed out just leaves me tongue tied. Want me to join your moms book club? No. Interested in joining a spin class? Thanks, but if I'm going to ride a bike, it's going to be moving and going somewhere. 

ACK! I can't even enjoy casual solicitation from mom friends. This is where I am at. 

In no particular order:

Dex, Alice, and I went to the downtown library to film a little segment about why we love Edmonton Public Library! The kids were real troopers. 

I went to my first Fashion with Compassion event! Was really stoked to see the spring collection from Malorie Urbanovitch

Also, Cory Christopher designed the event. Proud of my friend for such a beautiful room and florals!

Was hilarious to get this photo taken of me, from my friend Katherine. Looking SO SERIOUS about fashion. 

On rainy days, sometimes I take the bus.

Alice has been in love with all the wonderful pumpkins Cory dropped off. She routinely arranges and rearranges them on the front steps. I like it when she puts them into "families" and then gives them voices. Hilarious!

I've also been drinking some delicious coffee from burrow, down in the LRT station. Even rode my bike up the street with my beverage. What an excellent addition to the city!

On another random evening somewhere, I met a robot that can be controlled via breathing through a tube. Mega cool. 

The kids went bowling for the first time, at their cousin's birthday party.  

I got a hair cut.
Dexter and I have been running errands. 

Gathering supplies for a project.

Tom came over to assist the Chivesons with said project. It's an unconventional wreath for Cory Christopher's holiday something-or-other. Ours will get auctioned off and the funds will go towards our charity of choice (iHuman). Yay!

Don doesn't have lots of time for things like this, so it was wonderful to have a friend come help consult. In the end, Don ended up coming and doing the build. It turned out great! I'll share more photos once it's styled properly with an awesome bow.

These were our pumpkins for Halloween! They turned out great! Yellow bird, laser bird, and a mine craft creeper.  

They went perfectly with his yellow bird costume. The kids had a marvellous time trick or treating together!

Ran into this guy again at a committee meeting. Decided to model my mom's knitting from Cory's Christmas Market. He's got a tons of local goods from artisans on display, and one of them happens to be my mama!

In other domestic news, Alice has been quite the character lately. Really sweet, bright, and imaginative! Then volatile, stubborn, and dramatic. LUCKY ME. 

Though, the kids did come to the iHuman gala with me and had a spectacular time. Thanks for going to work with mommy!

Alice has also come with me to some work meetings too. Hanging out in boardrooms, watching yo gabba gabba, and eating snacks while mommy gets down with her not-for-profit gigs. Thanks, baby!

Then, refusing to go to bed. She has been quite the night walker, this one. 

After Halloween, one eats tacos at Tres Carnales before attending a Gabor Maté lecture on compassion. Beautiful talk!

Between all the stuff there is the usual teaching, kid rearing, grocery-getting, household coordination stuff. I'm barely on top of my emails! For the first time in forever, I'm forgetting things. I'm an old lady that needs to write everything down now. 

But I'm still at it. One day at a time. 


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