Time Flies!

July 14, 2015

How has it become the middle of July?!

It feels like yesterday, that the Works Gala wrapped. I immediately embarked on some self-care (getting more sleep, seeing my acupuncturist, doing my annual with the doctor) and banking a bunch of time at the lake. 

Even with all the restorative measures, I only now feel like I am beginning to decompress. Phew!

But, what a gala it was! Thanks to Coup Boutique for lending me a gorgeous outfit to wear. It worked perfectly for my piano playing during the gala's reception. 
Thanks also to Pose Salon who made sure Sydney (my darling co-chair) and I  were photo ready.

The amazing Cory Christopher struck again.

And, we were treated to performances from Capital City Burlesque!

It was a delightful party with many components - I had a splendid time! This is me fan-girling on Emma and Kim after The Wet Secrets performed. 

 And finally, this is me falling asleep on the train ride home *yawn*

Rolled out of bed the next morning, put on my new summer uniform (rompers for the win), and got myself out onto the deck of our boat.

 Then it was back into town to host the year end recital for my students. Afterward, Don and I took a spin over to have a celebratory "you did it" dinner!

Oh, and then there was FIFA. Amazing energy in that stadium of ours - I was so proud of Edmonton!

When we're in town, I've been taking the kids to splash on these hot days.

And when we're out at the lake, the kids do this:

While I learn about flaking the jib.

Being off work for the summer means I can cook again. Have been dying to try this recipe from my dear bestie's book, Good and Cheap.  Get yourself a copy! When you purchase one, a second copy is given to a person or family in need.

My kids enjoyed a Debussy children's concert at city hall, as part of Alberta Pianofest. They were unable to sit still, so they were given these awesome t-shirts to colour while listening.

Been biking to have overdue lunch with my friends.

Dragged the kids onto the LRT with me, to get down to 104 Street.

Where we went to Rostizado for the filming of You Gotta Eat Here!

Don was supposed to come too, but he was caught up in a meeting that ran very late. As a result, I teamed up with Works Gala co-chair, Syd. We did a nice little urban family routine!

And, she was super handy while I was getting interviewed about Rosti-Pollo. I don't anticipate I'm going to be looking all that classy while stuffing spicy rotisserie chicken into my shiny & sweaty face. Both the temperature and food were hot that day, and with the extra lights from the camera crew... oh gosh.

 The kids ate tons of churros and nursed their food comas on the way home.
We got bubble tea in an effort to beat the summer heat.

And, more time out on the water!

In this photo, I think I was just about ready to tack.

 Alice has been pretending to be a surrogate mother to any dog she can lay her hands on.

Back home, the kids got to have a visit to Fort Edmonton.

Plus, they came with me to my fitting at CRUZ. Bamboo Ballroom is celebrating its 10th birthday by having a design competition at the Latitude 53 patio party on July 23rd! Essentially, a bunch of us have been asked to team up with a local designer, and people can bid on what we're wearing (silent-auction style) that night. The winner will get the same dress made in their size, and all proceeds will go to the Junior League of Edmonton.

Finally, I was lucky to be in gorgeous flowy DKNY linens during today's United Way shoot.

Working out in the sun can be brutal, but linen is such a hot weather luxury. It was amazing, flying behind me on my bike ride home! Natural air conditioning.

Each visit to the lake leaves me with a darker tan (despite my copious application of sunscreen), but I can't stay away from the water! 

Hope you're enjoying the sunny days, even with the intensely hot temperatures. Summer is flying by so quickly, you have to enjoy as much of it as you can! 

Final Stretch.

June 26, 2015

 I feel like I am SLOWLY limping towards the year-end finish line. One more teach. One more sleep. One more event.

And soooo tired!

Regardless, we move forward.

Like last weekend when the kids and I took the train downtown for a rooftop party at Manasc Isaac.

There was some teaching, some BBQ, and some early father's day dinner last Saturday... and then we loaded up the car and did a day trip out to the lake!

It had been WAY too long.

Bestie, Lisa, is in and out of town all the time for work. So, it's hard to pin her down these days. Luck would have it that we were just randomly msging and it occurred to me to ask if she was available to come with us - She said yes!

After a day of sun and water (have unfortunately placed tan lines to show for it), it was back into the city. 

I had been asked to host the Sterling Awards this year - What an honour! I've been waiting for an occasion to wear these ridiculous eyelashes. This was it! 

Co-host, John Ullyatt, and I were tickled to see that our outfit changes for the 2nd act were serendipitously matchy. You can't see our bottoms halves too well, but his pants are shiny and my shoes were likewise sparkly.

It was so much fun, the next day I was already feeling withdrawal from our backstage antics and mutual mockery.

Back in mom-life, here are the kids at the library.

 And Alice is scooting towards the cafĂ© for my meeting.

She also came with me to do a media call with Ryan Jespersen, to promote the Works Festival and Gala!

I fought I had cut my peonies too soon, but they're BLOOMING!

Peonies are my favourite.

My dad, who is basically a saint, has been working away on the remainder of our landscape. He takes frequent breaks to feed this one.

I didn't realize the extent of my fatigue until I opened up Avenue Magazine and saw this photo of me and Don. And, I had NO IDEA when it was taken. I actually had to read the article to jog my memory.

The kids have continued to bring their darling offerings - It makes me feel so loved at the end of another year of teaching.

Yesterday, Alice got her first pedicure. She was alarmingly into it.

Works Gala co-chair, Sydney, and I got matching gold toes for the Golden Summer Gala tonight! The Nailkeeper was kind enough to donate a mani-pedi for our silent auction, so we figured we'd get our feet done AND pick up the gift certificate at the same time.

Be prepared for a barrage of photos from the big party tonight - It's the last big blast before the summer break! I've also got my students' recital on Sunday, and then that's officially a wrap for teaching this season. 

Then, it's lake and sun time.  

Pedal Power

June 19, 2015

My darling neighbour who walks Dexter to school has been out of commission for a little while, so I've been doing the school delivery with the bucket bike.

 I've also been cruising around solo.

The kids are enjoying city hall splashes.

And, Alice has been sporting this fly romper.

Can't remember where I was off to this time... but, I think I was on my way to the train to see Stephanie's new/old house.

It has an awesome teeny soaker tub! I loooove old houses. Congrats on the move, Steph!

My little sister and I went to launch pad, where I discovered jumping up and down makes one incredibly sweaty.

My mommy has been crocheting up a storm and came up with this TMNT Michaelangelo creation. The kids are fighting over it.

Year's end is upon us (in the land of teaching), so students are showing up with their sweet cards and gestures. I work with the loveliest people. 

Biking to lunch, teaching my students, and gearing up for a big week before summer break!

Really excited to host the Sterlings with John Ullyatt on Monday, and then it's a big run up to the Works Gala next Friday!

I am so stoked about it, and keeping my fingers crossed for stellar weather. See you there!

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