July 22, 2014

This weekend featured lots of time out of town, at two different lakes! 

As you can see up there, we were out at the lake in our little trailer. We brought out the bikes (I'm leaving my foldy there) and took the kids for ice cream. 

Earlier in the weekend, we were at a friend's cabin at Pigeon lake. The kids had a marvellous time together! There was garlic bread, monopoly, sidewalk chalk, and a splashy pool. 

After some time there, we headed to our home away from home and I got to break out the fantastic coasters I got for my birthday!

I didn't pack one stick or ounce of makeup. Including lip stuff! I am almost never without it. I decided that this time away at the lake just needed to be 100% natural. 

Gave me more time to hang out and feed Alice pretzels for the first time. 

She was skeptical!

 We went out on boats and saved bats from bathrooms.

Enjoyed shade under my little striped umbrella and watched the kids kick the soccer ball around.

Gave new life to old beach toys from another family whose kids are all teenagers now.

 And had many noisy and quiet times in the trailer. Alice enjoyed her menagerie and I enjoyed using the toaster oven.

 One evening we built a fire and made s'mores. Dinner was cooked on a BBQ. There were no bedtimes and everybody slept in a sleeping bag. I also finished a book!

This is our version of a family vacation. 

Flashback Friday!

Late again! Summer keeps me busy and not in front of the computer as much as I'm used to.

Last week, I had a birthday party! Cory Christopher's studio was the perfect place for my fete, and I got to eat samosas and drink beer with a room full of 100% people that I know and love. I'm an extrovert by nature, and I'm always happy to make new friends. But, on the occasion of my birthday, I wanted to be as casual as possible. It was perfect!

Earlier in the week I was pedalling around, as is my way.

 Dexter's best friend from school came over for a playdate.

Alice played with buckets and baby ducks while Dexter had his swimming lesson.

And then more riding around, and this time in my Poppy Barleys! I gave a little talk on cycling at the Yellowhead Brewery for Urban Systems. People were very kind and listened intently (thank you).

Later in the week Cory and I started fretting about the Diner en Blanc.

 Cory's job was to deal with the set up and decor. My job was to take care of tableware and picnic. Obviously I packed my Laguiole pocket knife for cheese and fruit al fresco.

 Then, the big day came. It was raining all day long. And I fretted all day long. Many times I considered ditching the whole thing. I had to buy a white dress! I didn't even wear a white dress for my wedding. But in the end, with the rain and all - WE DID IT!

 I was so proud of our table, and of our organization in general. Our picnic baskets were well stocked and we got our table set up and gorgeous in zero time flat.

 Then… my birthday party! Cory hung a bike for me. I loved it.

And the florals. My goodness. 

The generous notes of love and kindness were very touching. 

And it was a perfect top off to a busy busy week. Eek!


July 14, 2014

The kids and I strolled down to the train for a trip to the market.

After a while, Alice decided she was not going to sit with the rest of us and chose to go it alone.

After our browsing and strolling, the kids were parched, so we got them some lemonade. Look at that focus!

Then it was lake time.

It's amazing how quickly we transform from city people to lake people. I've been wearing the same denim cut offs (overalls) repeatedly, and Alice has no qualms about donning her older brother's hand me downs. 

The kids had lots of time frolicking on the lawn with beach balls, we went for a sale, there was BBQ.

An ideal weekend.

Flashback Friday!

July 11, 2014

2nd week of summer wraps up, and I can't get enough of these hot days and cruising around on the Pashley. I am happy to report that my little sister (from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) and I have managed our first two outings via bike. She has no trouble keeping up, and is game to pedal anywhere. 

Can you imagine how happy this makes me? 

Sometimes it's hard to explain how exciting and fun riding a bike is. To most people, I think it's just a thing they rode around before they were able to drive. For me? It's freedom, relaxation, fun, and exercise all in one. Riding is truly joyous for me, and I am thrilled that my little sister doesn't skip a beat when it comes to pedalling and coasting around town. We'll see if we can make it three for three next week. 

In other news, everybody was posting their photos of peonies last week. The ones I have in the alley have FINALLY bloomed and I was excited to share too. They're so beautiful and are my favourite flower. 

Mid week, the kids had their first picnic. Not just the first picnic of the season, their first picnic EVER! Cory brought over a gorgeous blanket and since my house is under intense exterior renovations (wood bits, nails, and construction stuff everywhere), we sat on our little grassy boulevard and gobbled up delicious snacks.

Dexter LOVED making sandwiches out of crackers, salami, and cheese. Alice kept meandering off and studied rocks. I enjoyed my gorgeous little fruit salad, compliments of my friend Debbie - Thank you!

Then it was time to make the rainy walk down to the LRT in order to catch the train to city hall and meet Don.

We were off to see Odysseo by Cavalia. It was spectacular! Even Don, who isn't generally into stuff like this, was completely impressed. The choreography was beautiful, the horses are just amazing, and everything was impeccable. We even bought some tickets for my parents to check it out next week - What a show! If you have the chance to see it, I would highly recommend it. I'm not even a horse person and I am totally in love.

And then it was time to say hello to the weekend by donning my limited edition Poppy Barley flats. I'm a mom on the move, you know? Flats are where its at. 

Also, the gold and python leather completely reminds me of this massive belt my mom had in the 80s. She is a stylish woman. 

In short, I love these shoes. 

Finally, my brother's family and I decided that we need to get the cousins accustomed to sleepovers. This isn't generally possible (my hosting such a thing) during my teaching season, but summertime is much more flexible. Cousin Keira came over with her sleeping bag and pillow, and the kids played all day long. Made a big mess. Ate mac n'cheese. Had a bath. Watched Frozen and ate popcorn. Finally, they zonked out really late. 

I am quite close to a few of my many cousins, and we didn't' even live in the same city! I strongly believe that these moments where family can play, hang out, and make memories - Are important. Plus, it's always great for your kids to learn how to play with other kids. And, it's also good for kids to learn the rules of different houses and to see different styles of parenting. 

Speaking of family times, I'm looking forward to taking the kids to the market and then the lake this weekend! Sunny days and dozing in the trailer, here we come.  


Howdy, readers!

Behind on my posts, but that's because I've been travelling and having fun. 

We were at the stampede! Wore our stampede gear and represented. 

Wonderful fireworks!

And nobody can hang out on the midway without eating mini doughnuts. 

Same goes for pancake brunch with friends. Haven't had a slow brunch in a long time, which was much enjoyed. 

After some time in Calgary, we zipped back up north, picked up the kids, and took them out to the lake. 

 My niece and nephew came too, so Don dragged everybody around in the dinghys.

But before that, Dex did a bit of fishing off the dock.

 And maximum chillin'

 With my wonderful family!

Happy summertimes!

Flashback Friday!

July 7, 2014

The summer is off to a wonderful and busy start - Lots of hot weather, prairie thunderstorms, and biking!

I pedalled around on Canada Day, deciding not to deal with traffic or parking, and had the most civilized commute home after an evening of festivities. No waiting around, no traffic jams… just beautiful coasting home without a jacket. Glorious.

I also snuck into The Works festival, where we did some portraits. Hilarious!

And… the talented Cory Christopher and I went to the Sterling Awards where I got to present an award with the delightful Mark Meer!

On Canada Day, we took the kids to do some splashing at the Legislature. It was busy, but tons of fun and Dexter rode his Manhattan-style scooter to the train and back like a big city kid!

Alice seemed nonplussed about having to sit in her stroller.

Then, it was time to take in some views of my beautiful city.

With an intermission over to the Legislature grounds to do some work with Don.

Only to return back to the beautiful view. 

And enjoy some fireworks!

And if that wasn't busy enough, I was also on the train to supper.

And then… I found myself in Calgary.

 Hanging with my new friend on Calgary transit.

 And watching the Calgary Stampede parade wherein I was absolutely impressed with the town of Vulcan. WOW!

 All in all it was several weeks packed into one. But, intensely good summer times!

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