Spring, FINALLY!

March 31, 2015

Hello blog friends! Things have been a flurry since getting back from London. I've been scrambling around with the lead up to last weekend's Apricity event at the library. The team was spread out all over the city doing various media calls to promote the event (pop-up reads, fashion segments, you name it). I took the radio spots.

And Alice came with me! With locations downtown and the snow finally gone (revealing our beloved dirt city), we took the train.

 To the CBC to talk libraries and literacy.

Alice insists on selecting her own clothes these days, in case you were wondering.

 I was back on the train again (maybe later that day, I can't remember anymore) to attend an auction dinner. Don already had a car downtown, so it didn't make sense to have two vehicles down there for the leg home.


I've definitely been missing the Underground. So I'll ride the LRT to remind me of my happy trip!

I was on my way to the Women of Vision luncheon, and was delighted to run into my girls from Nellie McClung. Odessa (right beside me) is actually one of my piano students, and the other two girls on the far side are from the Avonmore branch. They were at one of my poverty workshops that I've been doing with the United Way!

Then, more radio with this delightful crew.

Another day meant teaching, followed by Bust a Move (honorary chair gig). I did yoga, and it was challenging. How many planks can one girl handle?!

Spent a bunch of time doing crafty things at the library in preparation for the next day.

And that evening, I was at an 80s themed Refinery Party.

Hair. So. Big.

Big time Apricity party at the library the next night!

I think one of my favourite photos of the evening was this candid of me hooking Amor up with some drink tickets.

 I'm quite a fan of this one with my volunteer work-wife, Rowena (our group's chair) too.

The next week, it was more presentations on poverty with my United Way youth initiative. This time I went to my old high school... Ross Sheppard! 

Back in my day, I certainly wasn't queen of the school or anything, but Alice really threw her influence around as queen of the book loft. She was right at home in my old hallways. 

AND with  my old I.B. social teacher, Mr. Kuebel! The two of them had a splendid time together while I had a blast with the classes of awesome students.

I finally had a spare moment before a Works meeting, to go and pick up the Miss Sarah jacket at Workhall Boutique.

Last year, when I went into Workhall for the very first time, I was in the change room trying on a few things. Nicole, the proprietor and designer of the pieces, asked if she could show me something really dorky. I said, "sure!"

She came out with this jacket and said they designed and named it after me, since they were all readers of this blog, even before I ever came into the store.

Whaaaaa?! I was so flattered and tickled.

So here it is, the Miss Sarah. It looks like a smock/kimono and is an excellent alternative to a structured blazer. The Miss Sarah part of it is the slit up the back so the jacket flaps behind you when you're riding a bike (I tried it yesterday and yes, this is indeed the case). Fabulous!

Here it is in spring/summer patterned and lightweight material. I also got it in a stiffer, structured nude/taupe version.

 Then, spring break officially begun. I didn't teach that Saturday and instead, had brunch with my dear friend. We rode our bikes in the light rain to see Little Brick, and I did all the hills on my Pashley and I'm still fine (admittedly had to walk up two hills).

That night, Western Canadian Fashion Week.

Here I am with Rowena and two of my ladies from Prairie Dog Film and Television.

My hair is so big because I was walking in the celebrity showcase and they made me look like a horse with a tumbling mane of hair. 

I rode my bike to this as well. 

 Rolled out of bed the next morning (hair still intact) to go see some friends at Kit and Ace.

They were hosting a light breakfast thing with a spring twist.

Cory Christopher was there to teach us about spring planters and arrangements, and he also coached us in making our own little plant thingies. 

I really hope mine doesn't die right away.

And now, I'm on break with the kids! Got lots of catching up planned with friends and a few spring cleaning and purging goals. I couldn't avoid it, and am teaching a little bit over the break too. Got some art gallery and some family swim time planned, and lots of riding.

Was on the bike all day yesterday and can't wait for the cargo bike to get dusted off!

Once Upon A Spring Time

March 23, 2015

Finally, I get to come up for air!

My committee, Apricity, has been planning a spring cocktail party at the Jasper Place branch for the last several months. Last night, we finally got to debut our work! 

Once Upon a Spring Time was certainly a labour of love, and each one of our committee members brought something unique to the group. No way this sort of thing happens without good people. 

Earlier, during set up, we were lucky enough to have Behind the Blush come and make us pretty. After the Saturday I had, and with all my running around to pick up food the morning of... I was looking pretty rough.

 Thanks Stef (above) and Jana (below)!

I won't bore you with tales of crafting and lots of moving parts and all organization that went into the event, but we did it! 

Transformed the library into a literary garden with the help of Cory Christopher

Plus, here are Cat and Nicole, our PR and media specialists, doubling as florists.

 Rowena, our chair, always checking in.

It all came together so beautifully, I really do think everybody had a swell time.

Once the party got started I actually ditched my phone and big camera so that I could move around more easily with my hands free. There are tons of pictures from others, and I managed to survive almost falling down a bunch of stairs (it had to happen to someone), and we raised lots of money for the library's Welcome, Baby program.

All in all, a big success!

20,000 Steps a Day (in London)

March 18, 2015

Hi Readers! I'm happy to report that I've been walking up a storm and my calves now have a life of their own. I didn't realize it, but the newest update for my phone includes that health app which counts your steps. I was super impressed by myself when I did 12,000. The next day I did 17,000. Then, I started averaging around 20,000 for a few more days. 

Point is, tooling around a city that has amazing public transportation (read: the TUBE) means lots of steps. And I loved every minute of it. 

Thanks to the magical Oyster card, I was everywhere. 

But, sometimes it's way more fun to take the bus and be topside. Since double deckers are such a novelty, I always go upstairs.

And trains aren't just for the underground. They're also for visiting Bath, to see one of your besties!

All the buildings are old so... Emma's house is actually an old school house. With a swing in the kitchen (that part is new).

My first pieminister  experience at The Raven!

As much as I like the big city, the quaint town life is pretty hard to beat. We went running in fields full of sheep and then ate pastries. 

 Georgion uniformity makes you feel like a character from a Jane Austen novel.

 Back in the big city, I love to look at other old things.

The Belgravia of England! None of the houses in my neighbourhood look like this, but these row houses look hella posh.

 Got some theatre time in (obviously).

And sampled many local delights, such as a fabulous Speakeasy where the cocktails are science experiments.

It had been nine years since I've last been in London, and I was really surprised at how much fun I had! I knew it would be good. Though, I was unprepared for how delightful a treat it would be to operate on my own time and see friends for an entire week without my other obligations.

I am feeling very lucky!

Life Lately...

March 1, 2015

Haven't been riding as much as I'd like, but Kona and I still took off for an evening last week - So fast!

Here's a picture I stole from Portia Clark (I think) of us judges for the Skirts A Fire media launch. We were judging several skirts designed by artists, made out of recycled materials. They were really beautiful this year, it was hard to decide! You can see them on display during the festival and should also consider catching a show on March 5-8th.

What you don't see in the photo above is Dexter and Alice hanging off the rails of the staircase nearby. I think people are becoming quite accustomed to me showing up with my "associates" all the time now. 

Same day, I did a quick shoot with New Classics Studio. They're a local start up that curates sustainable pieces for the fashion forward consumer. I was excited to be involved! You can see more shots if you click the link. I fell in love with the skirt I was wearing...

So I bought one.

Also, really excited that they suggested I wear my HUNT AMOR body chain underneath the top - I think the effect is so cool!

 Even managed to catch up with a dear friend this week. We got coffees and sandwiches from Burrow and ate them on a bench.

 Visited Yellowhead Tribal College as literacy ambassador for the Edmonton Literacy Coalition.

Then, devoured sandwiches from District Co. at my Works Gala meeting.

 In between teaching and kids and more teaching and more kids, I am also found wrapped up in my scarf at an Apricity meeting. We're coming down the wire for our March 22nd event at the Jasper Place library! Amor thought my new cell phone case was so hilarious, she took a picture of me.

Same meeting, showing off some goods for our "literacy garden". 

 I actually went to my first performance for Citie Ballet, and I loved it! So contemporary.

For family day, I took my little sister to brunch; taught a student; and then we took the kids to the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Telus World of Science.

The kids had a great time looking at the exhibits and doing the treasure hunt! They were also really stoked about taking home two snakes.

In addition to all this, I've also been filming these parenting panels for Breakfast Television with my two pals, Krista and Jason - Take a peek!

Dex and Alice were playing in the green room while we are filming, supervised by a kind girl assigned to my offspring. Thanks! I love that I can take my kids basically anywhere, and they just fold themselves into whatever is happening. Being a mom isn't the easiest thing at the best of times, and it's certainly challenging when I've got several random things on the go. But, there are so many great people who are here to help me. Including people I meet at the studio, or in a grocery store, or at a media launch.

Edmonton has some really friendly people.

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