Bye Bye NYC, Bye Bye Summer

September 1, 2014

I had been in NYC over spring break, to visit friends this year. Then a crazy seat sale presented itself and I decided to go again at the end of summer. Don didn't have any more time to travel, so my sister Sable joined me and the two of us crashed at Leanne's place in Hell's Kitchen. 

We were fortunate enough for Dan to take us for a Google lunch, where we enjoyed the new cafĂ© that recently opened. Wonderful food there, and it's very difficult not to eat too much. Especially when you factor in the smoothies and frozen yogurt in addition to the mains. 

Also on the list of my favourite things to do, we strolled the High Line.

Shopped and lunched in Soho

Benefits of travelling with Sable - Her enthusiasm for seeing shows! Gentleman's Guide is now in my top 5 shows of all time - Terrific!

Something we did that was new for me was going to the beach! It was quite the subway adventure. 

Worth the long journey! We ate and drank by the beach, then jumped in the massive waves for a long time. 

On another evening, we found a grassy patch at the Lincoln Centre.

Also played a frisbee in Central Park for a few hours, which led us to all be limping around with aches and pains the next day. Who knew frisbee was such a workout?!

Ate treats from Dominique Ansel

Coffees and breakfast at Gotham West Market

And after walking and taking the subway all week, took New Jersey transit back out to the airport. 

It was a quick trip, but totally worth it to hang with two very important ladies in my life - Leanne and Sable! We truly had a marvellous time running around town and eating everything delicious. 

I can't believe this summer has come and gone so quickly. It's been full of the kids, friends, work, travel… hardly feels like two months!  

Uniquely Me

August 27, 2014

When I was asked to walk the runway in the Uniquely Me Fashion Show for Edmonton Down Syndrome Society, I said yes immediately. I'll get to share the runway with other community models and beautiful models with Down syndrome too, to raise funds for this organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of inidividuals born with Down syndrome.

You can buy tickets here! The big event is September 11th, 2014.

For now, you can see a few sneak peaks of the photo shoot the producers did with some of our models a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance to Derks Menswear and Kathleen Todoruk for creating and styling.

See you there!

Writings from NYC

The other morning, when my wonderful dad came to take me and my sister to the airport, my phone fell out of the pocket of my backpack. 

Good news: It was just on the floor of Dad's car and is now safely at home, awaiting my return.

Bad news: No emails, msgs, Twitter or most importantly - Instagram!

I didn't even pack any of the other cameras because I figured this little trip would be perfectly fine to capture with a few snaps on Instagram. 

How would I blog? How would I remember the trip? How would I stay in touch?!

Then it occurred to me that I could write for a change. I'm so busy that having the time to sit and compose a piece of writing of any length is a challenge. That's why the blog being so photo oriented works for me.

This is what I've been up to!

This is what it looked like!

You don't have the to drive everywhere to have a wonderful life!

Without the photos, I still like to think there is something here. 

So I am writing.


We have been having the most fabulous time here in NYC visiting some of my best friends. Leanne (who just got married a few weeks ago) is taking a few days off to have quality time with us Chan sisters. We've been doing what I always come to NYC to do, which is eat a lot and walk a lot. 

Our first night, I was inhaling chicken parmesan at Parm, and then we decided to walk an hour and a half back to the apartment - Because we could! Then there was delicious lunch at Google, followed by a promenade on the High Line. I have also eaten salted caramel eclair from Dominique Ansel; deep fried Napoli pizza; and fresh white peach bellini. This is a dangerous place when it comes to food.

Sable and I also went to see a Gentlemen's Guide to murder. I had no idea what I was in store for, and it was utterly fantastic! Fabulous set, music, quick changes, singing, hilarious story, and laughing out loud from everyone. I would recommend it to anybody. 

Most of all, what has been most enjoyable is just walking around the city. Keeping track of which street and ave you're on, and making sure you get the right subway station. Drinking enough water, and also remembering where the clean bathrooms are. Weaving through the people. Carefully (and quickly) jaywalking. Just being out there with my ladies. 

I can't think of a more suitable way to end the summer. 

CASA Family Ride!

August 20, 2014

Don and I are doing the CASA (Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health) ride again this year in conjunction with the Tour of Alberta! Last year was an absolute blast, with the choice of doing a mini, medium, or slightly longer ride. We did the whole thing with hill and all - No Problem. I think the best part of all was seeing how many parents and kids were out riding in support of a great organization that specializes in helping families who struggle with mental health issues. Not stuff people generally like to talk about, but it's something that effects far more of us than we might think. 

It's on September 7th, 2014 and starts in Churchill Square, just hours before the professional cyclists cross their finish line here in our downtown!

Don and I have registered as "Team Chiveson" and are accepting pledges here

Even though you see Don featured here with a fast bike and jersey, you'll see me at the ride on the Mixte in my normal shoes and clothes. 

Come and ride as you are!

Wedding via Subway

August 19, 2014

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world got married last month on my birthday! Leanne and Dan got hitched at city hall in NYC, and the obvious best way for them to get there was via subway. 

Public transit. Facilitates love. 


Summer Time Flies...

August 17, 2014

The summer is flying by! I can't believe I'll be back in the studio teaching in 2ish weeks, but until then, I'll continue having the maximum fun. 

Like riding to dinner. 

And enjoying a board meet at Cory Christopher's.

Went to Arcade Fire.

My kids are growing up so quickly! Look at Alice here, obsessed with making fart noises with the door stopper thingy. 

Also, the mosquitoes are out. So far the summer has been pretty good with respect to the biters, but a big rain a few weeks ago and… mosquitoes. Lots of them. They love me, I get bitten despite my precautions, and I swell. 

Look at my bitten hand versus non bitten hand!

Then, my wonderful friend Rosie came to town with her baby, Theo!

 We all took the train to the market. 3 adults to 3 children was delightful.

And here are the two Chiveson ladies. 

We got the kids some waffles.

Alice is really into playing "mommy" these days.

 And my neighbours ordered an epic slip and slide for the kids to enjoy. It was so sweet, the older kids were very caring for the smaller babies. Tallulah and Zoe initiated Alice into the Belgravia girls club with some slide coaching - Love this photo!

 In the 'hood, out and about...

 A summer of pedalling and coasting!

Summer Traditions

August 11, 2014

Have been at the lake! Though I'm sad to say these excursions will be winding down due to increasing work in the coming weeks. It's been good while it's been good! Wearing lots of denim and hanging out in the trailer. 

Plus, floating around in the boat with our new friend whom Dexter has named, Greenbeard.

Alice has been rocking her own casual wear and pigtails. 

 Then, we've been participating in other traditional summer activities - Like biking down to the folk festival!

Despite the heat, intense construction (pushing and carrying bikes off road), and my chain falling off TWICE - Shelby and I made it down and back up the hill again. We mastered napping in the shade while listening to music. 

On the final day of the festival Don and I brought the kids! Dexter came and enjoyed a Jake Shimabukuro concert while Alice...

Drank tons of water in the beer tent.

 Folk Fest - There is something for everyone!

We've got a hot week ahead, with friends visiting and the Fringe Festival launching. Looking forward to sharing soon!

Commonwealth Games in Glasgow!

August 6, 2014

Last night I wrote a beautiful ode to Glasgow and detailed some of my past week there with the Edmonton bid team (we're vying for the 2022 Commonwealth Games to be in Edmonton). 

Then I pressed "publish" and things went funky and the whole thing was deleted! 


Instead, you will get the abbreviated version. Which is basically a bunch of photos. 

{Unplanned meeting of Prince William and Kate - In short, they are awesome}

So awesome, that I went to go sit down and digest the experience, when I totally missed prince Harry coming down the queue. Luckily, Don was still up and about, and had the change to have a nice exchange. 

Spent lots of time at their city council chambers.

Bought a commemorative Glasgow Commonwealth Games Tam. 

Rode on their tiny subway. 

Saw a castle on a hill (in Edinburgh)

Don and Reg Milley (our chair bid) were interviewed by the BBC!

This is Clyde, the games mascot (I believe there was a design competition amongst their primary schools)

It was also fantastic to see Canada win medals on many occasions!

Fingers and toes crossed that Edmonton is successful with the bid, but we won't know until fall of 2015. Long road between now and then!

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