Why focus on the ladies?

March 31, 2008

Not to exclude beloved profeminist men, but cycling in Edmonton is predominantly a male thing. Don't get me wrong, there are many very notable women cyclists in this city and many women who do hop on bicycles to get around. But, cycling is still considered a very male-centric sport. My local bike guru at Redbike admits that the majority of his customers are men, but hopefully this won't be the case forever.

Though this blog will have a future in celebrating all variety of cyclists and cycle culture, its mandate is specifically geared towards those who fear there is no bridge between fashion and riding a bike. I wish to incite these women to action, so they might find a way of riding that works for them. Women already commuting on bikes have likely reconciled how to accommodate cycling into their lifestyle and may find some of the subject matter in this blog redundant. That's alright. Good things bear repeating.

For those who object to bicycle commuting, perhaps a little know-how, a little personal narrative, and a little history will turn intimidation or lack of enthusiasm into an immense and powerful joie de vivre. Cruising around town on 2 wheels can do that.

A stylish woman on the go doesn't have to change her whole life to accommodate riding a bike, she just has to know what to look for and has to think out of the box. What changes she might make are likely changes she will like!

Give bikes a chance.


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