Mr. Origami

April 29, 2008

Had to take the car (yes, I do drive a car sometimes) in for an oil change. Instead of just sitting there for a few hours I took Mr. Origami (my folding bike) out of the trunk and went for an early morning adventure!

Even though Mr. Origami is slightly comical to ride, I like how novel he is. And he even holds his own on the brutal Edmonton pot holes.

We went to the Bee Bell Bakery here in town and got lots of goodies for breakfast and to take home. Reclined on a bench in the sun eating cherry and apple danishes. Watched people and oversized vehicles go by. I don't think they were having as much fun as me.


Larry said...

I've used my folding bike the same way. I needed tires on my car and was told it would take an hour. Why wait around inside a smelly auto store reading old torn magazines?

I took an awesome bike ride instead. When I pulled my little folding bike out of the trunk, the look on the tire guy's face was classic.

I think the biggest problem with folding bikes is that people aren't familiar with them because most bike shops don't carry bikes that fold.


Vik said...

I love the Curve....almost bought one....instead I got a Speed D7 which lives at my mom's in TO and a Bike Friday Tikit which lives with me in Calgary. I'm glad your snow is finally melting up there!


RollingStop said...

wow, super cute bike! Inquiring minds want to know - how many bicycles do you have?

burrito said...

I've got the same adorable bike - I commute to work (via Vancouver's seawall) on it when the weather is nice.

I'm with you - biking without all the gear and on a super cute bike is totally the way to go.

miss sarah said...

Thanks for liking Mr. Origami, folks! He is a cute little thing that makes people do the double take all the time. I think it's a great alternative for people who want to bike and use transit in tandem (we're not allowed to have bikes on the train here in Edmonton) or for people who have small apartments. Also, the top tube is so low that any fancy outfit goes without getting sucked into the spokes!

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