The Long and Short of it

May 28, 2008

It turns out that whether riding in a long dress or a short one... nothing really stops the skirt from slowly making its way up one's leg and then sailing behind a fast moving bike. I am resigned to people seeing my legs and sometimes my panties. With my cruiser in the shop it's hard to say whether this would be the case on my usual dutch bike?

Oh well, I got to our dinner at Culina sans grease stains or a wipe out! They have a Sunday night family style dinner where you get 3 courses for a set price ($20 or so) and it's absolutely delicious.

I also came across this awesome doggie in front of the video place next to the restaurant. Doesn't have much to do with bikes... but the dog is notable.


chic cyclist said...

GORGEOUS dress!!! I would wear that in a hearbeat. Please tell me it is current, not vintage, and I can get one like it. I'm going on vacation soon and would love to wear something like that.

You're an inspiration!

miss sarah said...

Merimekko again! H&M and perfect if you're not too incredibly endowed up top:) I had to get it hemmed though, so it didn't look ghetto. I have short legs, but a quick trip to the tailor fixed everything. It's very breezy and it's cotton. So you can go evening or day!

Charlotte said...

Oh dear, so you've shown that I haven't made it to H&M. Tomorrow's lunch hour, I swear!

The tailor did an incredible job, it looks like it was made for you.

burrito said...

As someone new to cycling in a skirt I was wondering if the skirt-riding-up effect was preventable or just part of the ride. Hard to look chic as I'm tugging my skirt down every 2 minutes... I was hoping there was a secret!

miss sarah said...

Charlotte - You could always buy it online too!

Burrito - The riding-up factor is in some ways a fact of life, but the degree of riding-up depends on both the skirt/dress and the bike. Lately I've been wearing a lot of 60s style dresses with relatively little shape to them. They're just sort of big balloons and also very short. The wind LOVES these sorts of dresses. That's a byproduct of that particular style.

This long one I managed to gather and drape over my left leg, so my right one was mostly exposed the whole time (we're talking almost the entire leg). But it stopped the riding-up factor.

I've also read on another blog (props to the blog, I'm just forgetting where I read it) that this girl wears a little garter with a safety pin on it. She pins it to her skirt and no riding whatsoever!

I, personally, have generally taken the route of not caring. I'm always wearing cute panties and in colder months, tights.

Thanks for the inquiry, though, I think I might do an extended post on this one!

Vik said...

At the risk of sounding a male cyclist who lives downtown...the sight of a pretty girl with a skirt flying every which way and the odd flash of panties is a lovely reminder that summer is finally here.

Lets not solve a problem that isn't really a problem...=-)

miss sarah said...

Hi Vik,

I sort of agree, lots of stylish ladies enjoy being admired and really, there is no better exposure than flying by on a bike! Particularly since a lot of women also go to great lengths to have cute panties, at least on a bike more people can appreciate them:)

This might the wrong kind of attention... but oh well, I'll take the good with the bad.

Lilli said...

I haven't tried wearing a dress that long, but for mid-calf length skirts, tablecloth weights work well for keeping the fabric from flying up

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