City Market

June 30, 2008

Yet another weekend and yet another market to explore! Don and I rode to the City Market in downtown Edmonton to see what the vendors had to offer. A few years ago Don owned a loft on the next street over and was a volunteer during the market's inception. Now it's up and off the ground and packed with people and also lots of cute dogs! The shopping and simultaneous dog walking is a big advantage to that wonderful market being outdoors.

It's also on 104 street, which is the location of several new mixed use condo buildings. Lots of excellent independent shops for home stuffs, wine, bridal; eateries like the Blue Plate Diner and Tzin, the funky wine bar; and also the new Sobeys which was modeled after Capers in Vancouver. I think it's the most beautiful little grocery in town.


David Y. said...

Great Blog! if you have time check mine out!!!

David Y.

Rosie said...

You look beautiful, Sarah. And Dougal looks exceptionally happy in the basket - be gone, naysayers!

miss sarah said...

Thanks friends:) Your support makes me feel less like a crazy person with a death wish (this is what people often tell me when they see me out and about).

ManfredKZ said...

Thanks, nice blog and initiative. Being someone who likes bikes and rode them where I lived (Brazil, Germany, France, Canada), I am commuting each day with my bikes when the weather allows, here in Edmonton. It's fun. But I am quite alone. I think we should improve in Edmonton the bike culture as in Europe. Health and Earth would thank us. Wish you success
(I have and will post more bike pics in my flickr). Cheers, ManfredKZ-Photography (amateur photographer, Higher Education CEO).

ManfredKZ said...

Hi again, it's just to make a follow-up of this conversation to my e-mail.

miss sarah said...

Manfred - I'm glad to hear that you think cycling still needs a boost here in Edmonton as I do. No doubt that this season is better populated than last year, but it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the massive changes I'd like to see Edmonton go through. Getting myself out and on the road, however, is my small way of doing it. Ride on, bike brother!

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