Boys and BBQ

August 28, 2008

My best friend, Richard, was also visiting Edmonton (home) last week. It had been a whole year since we last hung out so it was fun to do boy clothes shopping, go for drinks, and bike rides!

Richard came with Don, Dougal and I to a BBQ at a friend's place. We stopped off at the Belgravia off-leash for Dougal to run around and took in the views.

I was wearing a wrap dress that ends up flying open when I'm on the bike, so I usually wear a little slip underneath and plain black panties as a precautionary measure. That way I don't feel awkward or self-conscious about possible flashing and I can just get on with my ride!

With my Pashley in the shop I was using the smaller basket and feared Dougal might not fit. Instead of curling up like he does in the big basket, he sort of braces himself with his front paws and leans back on the handlebars - so cute! Also, dog in basket = big hit at BBQ.


m e l i g r o s a said...

your dog is adorable!!!!
well so is your outfit of course. How fun, this is an uber-cute post. BBQs, boys and dogs sounds like an excellent combo :)

miss sarah said...

m e l,

You understand me well:) BBQ, Boys and Dogs are the ultimate in good combos! Glad you like the dress too! I have this weird attraction to gingham fabrics.


ClpX said...

Oooh neato blog! I've always been in favor of both bicycles, and style. Putting the two together is a delicate art. Currently, my bike has more style than me - you may have seen it around town, a black Surly with pink bartape/saddle/chain and hopefully pink pedals soon. :)

I'll be reading along...

Ai Lu said...

I just found a link to your blog and I love the concept! I am also a fan of Copenhagen Bike Chic and love to see a North American version.

Here in NYC, the site of a cute woman on a bike is not nearly as uncommon as in other American cities, but I love the inspiration, nevertheless!

Take care,
Ai Lu

willyh said...

What a cutie, um you, not the dog.

miss sarah said...


I'm happy to have another Edmontonian lady reading my blog! I looked at yours too and lament on your recent post about not feeling pretty on the bike. I'm going to post a series dedicated to this and see if I can give you some tips on how to overcome simple style obstacles and get you feeling pretty as your Surly with pink:) Teamwork!


kareninprogress said...

I like you blog very much. A good mix of bike culture, fashion, dog-love, and married life. My husband and I also commute together by bike most days. We live in the high mountain desert in the Southwest do things are a bit more rugged than in Edmonton. I look for the most fashionable Tevas, Keens and Danskos to adorn my feet as the gravel trails won't allow for heals. Otherwise, we wear our normal clothes to work and dream of the day we can relocate to Portland Oregon and a more thriving bike culture. It really is the best part of our day. Today we biked to the downtown farmers market and loaded up on every kind of chili available for green chili this evening. Our panniers were stuffed and the hilly ride home was tough but our bellies will be happy tonight.

I really like your bike basket and hope to find one like it to outfit my Specialized Expedition (pale gold color, u-frame, outfitted with fenders, kickstand and rack). My bike seat in brown an black leather and very comfy and a nice brown wicker basket will truly complete to look.

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