Pashleys, Violated!

August 16, 2008

So here I am, riding downtown with Don to have some Friday night dinner at Rigolettos followed by drinks at Tzin. We had a lovely time visiting with friends, one in particular who was visiting from NYC...

Until we went outside to our bikes locked up at a proper bike rack on Jasper and 104th under a HUGE bright light outside of a grocery store. Slashed tires! Not just punctured or poked, the gash on both our rear tires was so pronounced that only a serrated rambo-like knife would have done the job in any reasonable amount of time. I cringe to think of the kind of person who just happens to be walking around with one of those.

We walked the bikes a few blocks to get the bus (thankfully Don's fit on the bus rack), rode the bus to our conveniently located bike shop, locked them outside, then took a cab home. We returned this morning to officially take them in for repair and our only consolation was how aghast our bikes guys and all the customers in the store were upon surveying the damage.

To add insult to injury, last night when we finally got home to walk the dog we witnessed a bike theft in our neighborhood! A pick-up truck was speeding out of an alley with a bike in the back and was making several false turns trying to get out of the street (there is a bunch of construction around our place right now so getting in and out is tricky unless you know where to go). We got the license plate number and went into the alley where they emerged to take a look at the garages. Sure enough, one garage had its side door wide open and another had both garage doors rolled right up.

Shame on these jerks who violate and steal bikes. Shame!

Of course, this isn't going to stop me from riding my bike or taking it downtown. We finally got the fender for my Amsterdam Electra so Don put it on for me and tuned up my old ride. I'll be rocking on my other bikes while poor Pashley gets a little TLC. I'm not going to let a mean jerk-face stop me from getting my ride on.

Again, shame on bike molesters and bike thieves!


Samuel said...

Sorry to hear that your tires were slashed. I haven't had anything happen to my primary steed, but my coffee bike has had the rear wheel kicked before... basically required a whole wheel rebuild. I never understood it, but I think it's kind of like when people key a car, or break the antenna.

miss sarah said...

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your condolences, I'm only thankful that d bag only slashed the tires and didn't do anything more severe to the wheels or frame. Sorry to hear that you were the victim of mindless bike hate too:(


m e l i g r o s a said...

that is terrible news! that seriously gets my stomach upset. such losers, don't worry hopefully they'll lose control of their knives and cut themselves opening it the wrong way or something. :( well. sorry to hear that. Ride strong cute couple! ride on!

miss sarah said...


Haha! I was thinking the exact same thing about that loser stabbing himself, I laughed heartily at your comment:) What goes around comes around, so I'm not too worried. In the meantime, I will continue to pedal strong! Thanks for the support:)

Tom said...

Wow, that is senseless. Sorry to hear it happened to you. Hopefully the TLC will get you moving again soon.

miss sarah said...

Hi Tom,

The worst thing is that those kinds of tires are nowhere to be found in north america at the moment! So we're putting on temporary ones that don't match for now - fine by me!

Sammy said...

Hello there - I stumbled across your lovely blog from the London cycle chic website. I've recently got a Pashley Princess Sovereign too and love it dearly! Cannot believe people that think it's "fun/funny" to go around wielding knives exist... but with all the stabbings that have gone on in London recently it is oh so prevalent. Hope your tyres get sorted out quick.

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