September 29, 2008

I'm really loving my fall routine. Although the summers are excellent for me (sleeping in and a general life of leisure), the fall always gets me back into being structured and productive. I don't work on Mondays and Fridays but I do have class those mornings. I love riding to school with the crunchy leaves under wheel, discussing books and writing with the smart people in my classes, then going for a lunch or a coffee, and stopping by Whyte ave to run some errands and get groceries before biking home and taking Dougal for a super long walk. Glorious!

Also, the weather is totally unpredictable. The mornings are damp and cold while the afternoons may be sunny and bright, I like that the elements make my bike riding more adventurous. I bring lots of layers and am usually ready for anything.

Here is Pashley and I back from just such a day. Groceries in the basket up front and my next week's readings (Grey Owl and Completed Field Notes) with my purse on the carrier.

Since it was such a beautiful afternoon, I took the camera to the dog park with Dougal. He was so happy!


Sigrid said...

I am glad you are treasuring the days. be a student again! And of course Dougal is such a cutie. Fun for all...

miss sarah said...

Haha! My secret is that I've been doing my Masters part time for 4ish years, I totally work full time at my job at the music school:) So take the reading and talking about books, on top of the 40 hour weeks!

I love work too, though, so it's fun all around:)


mtblawgirl said...

lovely!! I miss riding on fall days in Boston although I can't complain about the sunshine here in Austin. Post more pics of Dougal - what an adorable pup!

miss sarah said...


Yeah, crunchy leaves are super nice and all, and the snow is kind of magical too. However, come about February when it's dark all the time and SO COLD for so long... sun and warmth in Austin sound great!

Will post more pictures of Dougal indeed, I love him!


m e l i g r o s a said...

my favorite part, is the coffee part ;)
& awww your dog is so adorable!

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