Lunch with Mom

October 24, 2008

After class on Monday I biked downtown to grab lunch with my mom. Years ago we were in New York and she convinced me to buy this brocade/tapestry blazer. At the time I thought she was crazy and was very skeptical about the purchase, but she was so dead set on it that I went ahead and got it.

Mom was right. The blazer is fly. It's been years and I wear it all the time! Whether it's with a ruffly blouse and I'm going for a Mozart look or it's just a t-shirt with some jeans or trousers. Looks good all the time.

So far the blazer's best accessory is my bike!


Freth :0p said...

Beautiful jacket!

I'm sure it is getting cold ... from seeing the neck-scarf and such ... but it is nice that you aren't having to deal with snow yet.

Altho, snow wasn't all that problematic when we were younger ... just bundle up ... and warm gloves were really important ... and go ride our bikes.

miss sarah said...

The worst part about winter riding for me is always the cold hands and very cold face! Maybe I have to make biking with a balaclava a style statement this winter:)


m e l i g r o s a said...

oh that fabric is cute!! your mom has an eye for timeless pieces, and the fit of it looks great :) and that cute pink scarf ♥
xo/ meli

Jessica said...

I've always thought that a nice bicycle is indeed the best accessory for any outfit. That or an accordion ; )

And yes, moms know best...

Jessica Fern

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hi Ms Sarah...

Does the hub on your guy's bikes run a tail light as well? Is the hub a Schmidt Dynamo Hub by chance?

I have seen a woman here where I work in Tucson riding a Pashly like your's--but I've yet to find out where she parks it--and have look at it.

28 inch wheels on Mr. Don's bike? How do you get tires? or should I say tyres?

Cheers! Bruce

Oh yeah, only 91 degrees here in Arizona...

miss sarah said...

Hey Bruce!

Jealous of your weather - bah!

Our bike place orders our tyres for us... are 28" super special? I've never had to do it myself so I wouldn't know:)

My rear light is battery operated:( Only the front one is hub powered! Probably better anyway, then it's super bright ALL the time, even when I'm lazy.


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