Early Winter Biking

November 28, 2008

I feel so guilty! I haven't been taking ANY pictures while riding lately. My camera ran out of batteries, I can't find my charger, and it's cold so I just forget. I did get my sister to shoot this photo of me in the LRT station with the Dahon today.

This is basically the coat I've been wearing for the past several weeks. It's a light winter coat padded with cotton. And I've usually got a wool hat on too. My outfit underneath was a long sleeved cream t-shirt under a knitted multi-coloured sweater dress. Grey patterned tights and grey ankle boots.

I only had to bike one way today so I didn't ride the Pashley, and Don also had a bike themed door/office at their open house. I took the Dahon over to his work because it's a more social bike (and small enough to fit in the node at his office's opening). People tried riding it up and down the hall because it's tiny and were also folding and unfolding it over and over again. Cute to see people excited about a bike!

Things have I discovered so far my first winter on a bike:

Riding in light snow is really nice! It's very quiet and peaceful.

Corners. Don't lean into them, especially after a case of freezing rain.

My brakes sometimes sound squeaky.

Cover the ears.

It gets dark here really fast now (sun sets at 4 pm) so lights lights lights!

I do not wear any extra outdoor performance gear for my riding. Just my regular winter things like mitts, a hat, scarf, and coat.


m e l i g r o s a said...

brrr. snow!
are those gray tights on you? nice!!!
u look cozy, Im sure it's an adventure with the folding bike, you can tuck it quickly & take it anywhere. so cute the bike matches the red bench :)

/xo /meli

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I sometimes put a newspaper in my jacket to keep out the morning chill. It works great and I just recycle the paper here at the office when I get in. On the way home, since it's like 80 degrees, I won't need it. Oops, Edmonton--snow and stuff--Does it help if I say it's only about 47 in the morning here in Tucson? Yikes. What's the high in Edmonton today? About 32--

Admirable that you guys still commute even in the winter up there.


miss sarah said...

m e l,

I like the tights too. They have a swirly design on them:) Hola!


miss sarah said...


I like your paper idea! How do you get it to stick in there without falling out? I'm so bad with the weather conversions... last week it was around freezing? 0 degrees. Today it was -5, but with wet snow:)


Freth :0p said...

You always dress so classy!

But I don't see any lights on the Dahon ...

But it is wonderful that you have a choice of lovely bikes to ride.

Please keep us updated about WINTER riding. :-)

Toronto Bike Chic said...

folding bikes on the TTC...the better way.. i'm searching for a raleigh twenty... if i find one i'll post her

Chiara & Kael.

miss sarah said...


I don't have any lights on the Dahon, which is something I should totally remedy!


miss sarah said...

Chiara & Kael,

Folding bikes are so handy, but I find my Dahon isn't really fun to ride for long distances. It starts to hurt all the wrong muscles. And in the event of strong wind it makes me sort of want to die. But, it IS a super novel thing to have and I love pulling it out of my trunk:)


Toronto Bike Chic said...

I just picked up two raleigh twentys for $100, .. they arent quite as nice a ride as our pashleys.. but they get way more looks..

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