Boys and BBQ

August 28, 2008

My best friend, Richard, was also visiting Edmonton (home) last week. It had been a whole year since we last hung out so it was fun to do boy clothes shopping, go for drinks, and bike rides!

Richard came with Don, Dougal and I to a BBQ at a friend's place. We stopped off at the Belgravia off-leash for Dougal to run around and took in the views.

I was wearing a wrap dress that ends up flying open when I'm on the bike, so I usually wear a little slip underneath and plain black panties as a precautionary measure. That way I don't feel awkward or self-conscious about possible flashing and I can just get on with my ride!

With my Pashley in the shop I was using the smaller basket and feared Dougal might not fit. Instead of curling up like he does in the big basket, he sort of braces himself with his front paws and leans back on the handlebars - so cute! Also, dog in basket = big hit at BBQ.

Super Cable

August 27, 2008

If you've got a bunch of bikes outside of Catalyst theatre, you've got to lock them up properly! Brian is using his super cable and years of experience to make sure our rides are safe while we're at a show.

I like how he makes sure to get the cable under the seat too.

Bikes at the Fringe

August 25, 2008

My friends Bryce Kulak and Brian Telzerow came to visit Edmonton this past week. I had the best time! Bryce was rehearsing and starring in a show at the Edmonton Fringe, so in addition to seeing his play, Sad Victoria's Pelican Day, we were also cruising around the Whyte avenue area taking in other shows during the festival.

These are shots of us waiting to pick up tickets at the will call, Bryce checking his iPhone, and Brian cruising up Saskatchewan Drive at night.

I'm riding the Electra Amsterdam sport in the absence of my Pashley. Bryce was borrowing a bike from our place, the Amsterdam men's sport. And Brian brought his own bike, a glorious vintage Batavus Sprint!


August 24, 2008

Athabasca University is doing a new ad campaign and solicited students to be photographed and featured in it. I volunteered and they decided to shoot me with my bike - yes! This is me coming back from the shoot and running into my friend (Brian) visiting from out of town. He was due to come stay over at my place starting that night, anyway, so it was fun to quickly get caught up sooner rather than later.

I almost bailed out stopping and spinning the bike around like I did, but it was worth it to say hello and have a mini photo shoot of our own.

Taking it Easy

August 19, 2008

This lovely girl was coasting gracefully up the street in front of the Sugarbowl, one of my regular haunts. I love that her blouse and hair add to her vintage flavour. Also, I think we have the same basket. Great minds!

Pashleys, Violated!

August 16, 2008

So here I am, riding downtown with Don to have some Friday night dinner at Rigolettos followed by drinks at Tzin. We had a lovely time visiting with friends, one in particular who was visiting from NYC...

Until we went outside to our bikes locked up at a proper bike rack on Jasper and 104th under a HUGE bright light outside of a grocery store. Slashed tires! Not just punctured or poked, the gash on both our rear tires was so pronounced that only a serrated rambo-like knife would have done the job in any reasonable amount of time. I cringe to think of the kind of person who just happens to be walking around with one of those.

We walked the bikes a few blocks to get the bus (thankfully Don's fit on the bus rack), rode the bus to our conveniently located bike shop, locked them outside, then took a cab home. We returned this morning to officially take them in for repair and our only consolation was how aghast our bikes guys and all the customers in the store were upon surveying the damage.

To add insult to injury, last night when we finally got home to walk the dog we witnessed a bike theft in our neighborhood! A pick-up truck was speeding out of an alley with a bike in the back and was making several false turns trying to get out of the street (there is a bunch of construction around our place right now so getting in and out is tricky unless you know where to go). We got the license plate number and went into the alley where they emerged to take a look at the garages. Sure enough, one garage had its side door wide open and another had both garage doors rolled right up.

Shame on these jerks who violate and steal bikes. Shame!

Of course, this isn't going to stop me from riding my bike or taking it downtown. We finally got the fender for my Amsterdam Electra so Don put it on for me and tuned up my old ride. I'll be rocking on my other bikes while poor Pashley gets a little TLC. I'm not going to let a mean jerk-face stop me from getting my ride on.

Again, shame on bike molesters and bike thieves!

Cargo to the Folk Fest

August 14, 2008

Don and I just had the most excellent time at the 4 day Edmonton Folk Festival. Highlights would include a kick ass main stage performance by Broken Social Scene, and discovering some new favourites like Carolina Chocolate Drops and Little Miss Higgins.

Parking at Gallagher Hill is impossible during the festival so we naturally biked to and from each day, with the exception of the last day when we took the bus due to exhaustion from the sun and long hours of dancing/drinking. This is us with our folk fest cargo. Don strapped the portable festival chairs to his rear carrier while I had the blankets, umbrellas, and various sun protectant sauce.

Heritage Days

August 12, 2008

Don and I went to Heritage Days for a peak at the many different cultures alive and well in the Edmonton community. We also went to the opening ceremonies and saw so many dances - fun! This is us taking the Pashleys home from Hawrelak Park (I got the hat from the Chinese pavilion).

Shoes on Bike

August 11, 2008

I can't think of a better use for a rear carrier than a box of new heels! Just so happened upon a pair at Red Ribbon and I was happy to take them home via bike.

Crystal on High Street

August 8, 2008

Here's Crystal when we were out shopping last week on high street. She got a makeup brush from Lux and I got a birthday present for my sister (can't give it to you until November, Sable). We biked over to 104 st afterward to browse at Pure Bridal in search of potential wedding gowns for the newly engaged Crystal!

My favourite aspect of her outfit is the Coach scarf.

'Allo, Pashley!

August 6, 2008

So I bit the bullet and went for the Pashley! She won me over with her small 17.5" frame and hub brakes that will keep me stopping strong well into winter. Plus, she's built like a Matilda Mk I tank that takes on Edmonton potholes like no other bike I've had.

Here we are riding home from downtown. My leg looks like it's broken, but I assume that's what my short leg looks like every time I'm propping myself up at an intersection.

Dragons at the Provincial Museum

August 5, 2008

Arriving at High Street for an afternoon with my sister. Nothing better than grabbing a coffee, browsing through Elephants Never Forget toy store, and visiting the Royal Provincial Museum to see their exhibition on dragons! Gelato afterwards topped it off beautifully.

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