Lunch with Mom

October 24, 2008

After class on Monday I biked downtown to grab lunch with my mom. Years ago we were in New York and she convinced me to buy this brocade/tapestry blazer. At the time I thought she was crazy and was very skeptical about the purchase, but she was so dead set on it that I went ahead and got it.

Mom was right. The blazer is fly. It's been years and I wear it all the time! Whether it's with a ruffly blouse and I'm going for a Mozart look or it's just a t-shirt with some jeans or trousers. Looks good all the time.

So far the blazer's best accessory is my bike!

Hockey Game

October 22, 2008

Don and I got invited to the first Oilers home game for the season-we were happy to oblige and cheer on the team! When the new train station opens by our house this spring we'll just be able to walk 6 minutes and hop on it, but for now we're still taking the bikes to University station and then the train from there.

I'm sure my posts will become increasingly weather focused as the temperatures continue to drop here in the north. It's hard to concentrate on anything other than that initial bite when you set off!

I'm wearing my trusty wide leg black cotton trousers (love them) with a plain grey long sleeved T under the jacket. The jacket is a cropped tweed with a huge pink wool pashma stuffed underneath. I'm a huge fan of pashmas and shawls because they're so versatile. They cover huge surface area as opposed to scarves, and when you take your coat off you have a little layer you can continue to wear.

There's Don locking up our rides!

Dinner at DADEO

October 15, 2008

Our good friends got back from a 3 week trip to Paris and Italy last week so we met up at DADEO for some dinner to catch up.

Weather is getting colder and I (hush, safety police!) sometimes forgo my helmet for a warm hat. I know one can have the best of both worlds (wearing a toque or something underneath a helmet) but I just like the look of a hat on its own.

I'm in my new green tights and Marc Jacobs double breasted navy trench with a crochet wool cap. Under the coat I had on a alternating grey striped v neck sweater dress with bracelet length sleeves.

Don is with his Batavus in his peacoat and seaman hat. I like that he's standing in front of the knives sign.

It's COLD!

October 12, 2008

Fall is always a little shocking because when it goes to about -6 degrees celsius it's really really cold. Then I get confused because well into the winter even -15 is quite comfortable and things only get awful when it's -25 or colder. Also, when it's 0 (freezing point) or -5 we all run around in t-shirts and no jackets because it feels so warm!

No matter how many winters I've gone through, my body's ability to acclimatize does not seem to have improved.

Oh well. I rode in my new coat/cape the other day! I've been looking for something blanket-like for quite some time and was so excited to find this one that buttons up really high at the neck. It's super easy to wear because of these big holes on the front where your hands are supposed to stick out. However, as I discovered the other day, it's ironically cold because of the holes!

Also, the wind resistance is highly increased with a coat like this. But, I don't care. I love it and I'll wear it!

Beautiful Burnt Orange

This is a gorgeous coloured Raleigh I saw outside the McKernan Fresh Market near my house. It made me happy. A perfect working city bike with great fenders, hand grips, mini chain guard, and basket to boot.

School on a Friday

October 11, 2008

Last Friday I wore pink tights and a black demin mini overall dress.

After class I went to lunch with a friend and had calamari.

Then I biked home and took Dougal for a walk at our park.


Bike on Billboard

October 3, 2008

So my University has launched its new ad campaign and guess what is on it?

My Electra! And myself. To be honest, I feel like my expression is sort of terse, my bob was in desperate need of a trim, and my leg up on the pedal but not pedaling makes me thigh look pretty monumental. But... oh well and who cares (other than self-critical me)? It's a bike on a billboard. Hopefully people will be inspired to ride, that's the most important thing! Oh yeah, and pursuing post secondary education with a distance learning University. That too.

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