La Traviata

April 26, 2009

Saturday was the Edmonton opera's La Traviata, a Verdi classic.

Saturday was also the opening of the South extension of the LRT here in Edmonton - a glorious day, to be sure! Thousands of people showed up to ride the line from one end to the other during the day of festivities planned by the city. After I got home from work Don and I walked to the South Campus station and saw tons of families out with kids being excited about buses and trains. Very cool.

We were planning on taking our new train to the opera, but you still have to walk across the parking lot to get inside the auditorium. Instead we biked for the door to door appeal.

It may be spring, but it was still cold. After the photos I threw on a wool cape that I bought in Dublin last year. It kept everything toasty except my legs. However, the ride wasn't long and (as usual) after pedaling hard for a few minutes the inner warmth exceeded the outer cold.

And yes, I did wear a helmet. It's just sitting in the basket for the picture, underneath the heap of wool.

34 weeks and going strong (with the baby, that is)!


spiderleggreen said...

Yay, for LRT. We have on line and are starting another one between Mpls. and St. Paul.

Looks like you need some rain, too, to get things a-growin.

ilona said...

In earlier blogs you have mentioned how 'certain individuals' have been critical of you riding a bicycle during your pregnancy. I must admit as a mother of 3 (boys) I am more shocked that you are still able to wear high heels at 32 weeks! It's definitely a 'you go girl!' YOu right your bicycle and you wear your high heels. You are inspiration!

miss sarah said...


Hahaha! I love your comment about the heels. I don't seem to have super swollen ankles and feet (yet) so if I try a pair of heels on and they still fit? I go with it:)

The good news about the bike riding is that there is very little walking. Walking a lot makes my feet puffy. Biking, thankfully, does not.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


miss sarah said...


I know, we desperately need rain. I hate how it just sort of spatters and snows a little... but no real precipitation! I want green... NOW.


Sigrid said...

bike riding, baby on board, opera going, public transport celebrating awesomeness! Now that's a post!

I'm on a public transport high after watching e2 on Portland tonight...Go North America!!!

m e l i g r o s a said...

and how adorable is this post!! wow yes, inspiration for me in many angles!
and those shoes are super cute <3
cheers /xo.meli

m e l i g r o s a said...

miss sarah: I came across this (maybe you have already seen it?!) and thought of you and your belly wonderfulness ;)

RidingPretty said...

34 weeks pregnant, my time flies! You look radiant as usual!

Spied the red bicycle, I don't remember that one before? Don's I'm guessing? It's hard to keep straight all the various bicycles of all the bicycling ladies ;)

Dottie said...

Those are gorgeous shoes (as usual). Yay for you and 34 weeks!

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