Local Motion

May 31, 2009

Dexter, Don and I made our first trip out together in the bugaboo frog stroller. I seriously only bought 3 things in preparation for baby. 2 onesies (one has zeppelins on it) and the stroller. Everything else I've gotten as gifts from the many lovely families I work with at the music school or as hand me downs. The stroller, however, I didn't want to compromise on. I wanted something stylish, city friendly, snow friendly, and easy to use. This one mom at the music school has been coming and going with her bugaboo stroller for the past year and I finally asked her about it. She said it was fantastic, I took her word for it and got one.

We went to the opening ceremony for the "local motion" challenge in a neighbouring community. To quote from the website:

"Local Motion is a demonstration project promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation: walking, cycling, wheeling, public transit and carpooling. The community of Parkallen was chosen to showcase this initiative as one of the community demonstration projects surrounding the ICLEI Congress. During the month of June, community residents will be challenged to reduce their carbon footprint by leaving their cars at home as much as possible and using more eco-friendly forms of transportation. Participants are being given informational tool kits and are being asked to track their progress throughout the month."

It was a fantastic community event with cake and cheese buns from a local bakery, lots of different bike shops with tents and fun bikes to try. Great folky music, and lots of smiling families! It was also a good opportunity for some people to see baby Dexter. I'm so thankful to have had the baby when the weather is nice. Beats feeling quarantined in the house for extended periods of time. It was fabulous to be out with baby during such a beautiful day!

We walked to our new train station and though we only took it 1 stop, Don liked the idea of baby Dexter having his first ride on the LRT and wanted to document it.

For the opening ceremonies, Don and his fellow ward councillor were riding a tandem tricycle around. Very amusing.

And here we are walking back to the train station with some friends.


Kathy said...

Love the stroller choice! We're going with the exact same one!

I think it's great that Dexter's already been on public transit. That's early for an Albertan!

Filigree said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby, and it is inspiring to see that you are already out and about! That is a cool stroller indeed -- and not too different from a bicycle -- you know, with the wheels and all : )

Morgan said...

COngratulations on the new LRT. We are hoping to have one here in the 'twon cities' by the time my 50th birthday rolls around. The planned route still won't help the resendential neighbourhoods that are about 3kms each from the mainline that is to run North-South. I hope to heaven that they plan to install East-West rapid service (or at least regular service) buses to get us to the LRT!!

Anyway, it seems that you had a nice day for the opening ceremonies. Hope you get loads of use out of the train. How I do miss living in each of Toronto and Montreal with their subways.

I do have to say, in defense of buses -- and in reminder to myself -- that Dublin City offers evidence that a system run almost solely on buses can work extremely well. When I was there on sabbatical I lived 6km from Dublin centre, in a suburb called Dun Laughaire, and found that I felt closer to the city core, and just a zip from my office at UCD, than I do here at only 4 km from my office and the core of Uptown Waterloo.

We need great public transit for all our urban regions, and we need excellent commuter service to get into the big metropolises. I feel as though it's been 'just around the corner' since the late 80's and I was doing my undergrad in a town where they promised and promised and promised GO train service to Toronto, and which still has not arrived to that town.

MamaVee said...

love the orange. I was a stroller junkie way before bikes. I highly covet the bugaboo.

You look great by the way.

m e l i g r o s a said...

OMG, how do you do it, you look absolutely fantastic. the stroller is smashing, in orange nonetheless. HUGEEEEE congrats to you, new parents /xo.meli

agoandiga said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I actually saw you in this exact outfit (same day?) with the Frog out on 83rd Ave. one day. I thought it was you.

agoandiga said...

BTW: How do you lock up the Pashley? I am looking into purchasing my first real bike (trying to keep the car driving down to the minimum), and the Pashley is looking lovely. But I'm worried about losing such a beautiful bike. How do you do it? We have a Cameleon and we just can't leave it in restaurant lobbies! Sounds pathetic, but there is that fear of losing things, hence the bike lock question.

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