Dexter's One Month

June 28, 2009

Today was Dexter's little Chinese banquet in celebration of his one month birthday. Please note the hilarious expression on baby's face. In Chinese culture a lady isn't supposed to leave the house for one month after her baby is born. Obviously these traditions are (in my opinion) slightly antiquated. I think a woman should be able to leave her house whenever she pleases, provided the weather is okay for baby, etc, and the woman feels healthy and energetic enough to do so.

I can understand why back in the day people would want to stay in for some time after the baby. Back in the day there were no hair dryers, clean running water that comes out of a tap in your home, or advil (just to name a few modern day aids). I remember my dad on the phone with me a week after Dexter was born. He asked me what I was doing and I replied that Dexter and I had just gotten home from a BBQ or something. He ranted, "No! The baby isn't supposed to go out for a month! You can't do that!" And I apologetically informed him that we had already gone out 3 times... so sorry?

After staying indoors for a month there is a big banquet in the baby's honour where people get to officially see mom and the baby. There is tons of food and baby receives lai-see from the guests. Even though I have been out and about, my family is still cool with celebrating this one month occasion.

My mom loves fawning over baby D.

The in-laws are likewise enamoured.

Don took this shot to capture the magnitude of Dexter's cheeks.

Mommy and baby D. He had just eaten and is digesting. He works really hard at digesting!


sara said...

Congratulations on one-month! He is too darn cute. Love his sneakers...

miss sarah said...

It totally looks like he's doing the running man in that last photo!

MamaVee said...

he's yummy! happy one month!

I went shopping a few days post partum. I didn't realize I was supposed to stay home and chill. I wanted to be out- BJ's the first night home. Grocery store 3 days post part, clothing store 5 days post partum. I did the same with the younger- target late at night while the older was going to sleep. I'd walk the aisles with the baby in the sling and bought sundresses to nurse in.

Jeannie said...


Somehow, I'd lost track of your blog, and had to recently look it up again. I was happy to read/view the newer entries of fabulously stylish bike riding. AND, you've since given birth! Congratulations on the new addition/bike rider to the family :)

misssable said...

awh, I am glad to see baby d and everybody is well. He is getting chubby! Yay!

Lilli said...

What a cute little Mr.Chubby Cheeks!

PandaBaby said...

Your son is so lovely, Sarah. My sister-in-law is expecting and her husband is Chinese, so I really enjoy reading about the cultural side of your mommyhood. I'm going to send her a link to your blog so she can read along too. :-)

Carolyn I said...

He is so cute! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Happy Canada Day!

Zvi Leve (Montreal, QC, Canada) said...

Just discovered your blog - Congratulations on the new arrival. Sounds like you have a good perspective on things.

Are you planning to do the big 100 day celebration (for the first-born male son) as well? I attended one of those once - the food was even more prominent than what they had at the wedding but all Chinese - REAL Chinese.

When you are ready to start riding the little guy around, I highly recommed Bo-bike child seats. They are hard to find in North America (bought both of mine by Ebay directly from Holland), but worth it! Here is a picture of me with two child seat on my bike:

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