Blue Pear

July 26, 2009

Don took me out for dinner at the Blue Pear for my birthday! It was delicious. I had a salad with fresh ricotta fritters; asparagus and pea soup with truffle oil and morels; jicama salad with fresh tomatoes, citrus, and watermelon; baked wild salmon on safron orzo pasta; and cherry, chocolate & hazelnut tart with thai basil ice cream. YUM.

I took Pashley and rode up a hill that never ends. We have an incredibly beautiful river valley in Edmonton and there are many glorious routes to choose from when heading across the river. Pashley and I might not be very fast when heading uphill, but I survived in 2nd gear and didn't have to get out of the saddle.

This is another dress I got from Anthropologie. I like how the fabric is lace-like. The proportions are good too.

On the ride home we took a series of streets I have never been on despite having being born and raised in Edmonton. Check out this time warp of a liquor store! I like the stones.

A bow!

High heeled floral canvas cork platform sandals.


Sox said...

and it looks like you had a lovely day on top of it all.
Belated Happy Birthday.

MamaVee said...

happy birthday.

when I went past the river in edmonton I thought it looked like such a great place to bike. so lovely to see it in your pics.

You look fab as always

Lovely Bicycle! said...

Happy Birthday, and that is a beautiful outfit! I love going out to dinner with the husband on our Pashleys. Our favourite restaurants have outdoor or terrace seating and allow us to park the bikes next to our table : )

anna said...

Sounds like a great day, happy birthday! Love the alice band in your hair, and the dress!

Dottie said...

Happy Birthday!

Way to go up that hill on Pashley. I've found that climbing has a lot to do with the person and people like us who ride everyday have an advantage, no matter the bike we're riding. Another lovely outfit! So sweet and interesting.

Christa said...

Stunning, I love your classy style. The bow is adorable

I want to go on a bike date. We haven't gone on one since we moved to San Diego.

Happy birthday :)

RidingPretty said...

Happy Bithday Miss Sarah!!!
oops, wee bit late to this party, but hopefully fashionably so...
I hope your B'Day was just wonderful!!!

Trisha said...

Happy very belated birthday -- you look beautiful!

Jim Good said...

Belated Happy Birthday. I enjoy reading your blog. I linked to it from my own. Always good to hear from another bicycle enthusiast.

MamaVee said...

by the way- you asked me about infants and bikes. I keep meaning to email you but now I can't find your comment with email. I sadly don't have any good info to share about infants and bikes. I started biking when my son was 2 ( last year) so I never had to figure it all out.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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