Crisp Tuesday.

September 29, 2009

So word is out on all the girl-bike blogs. There's a bite in the air signaling fall's arrival. I can concur with other reports I've read and hereby verify this is indeed the case up here in Edmonton. Yesterday was incredibly windy. So much that more than one person wrote to me asking if I rode. I didn't. Heavy winds are the bane of my cycling existence.

Went out to run some errands this afternoon, and figured it was a day for pants. My wide legged cotton trousers fit again. Most excellent.

I was also very pleased to wear one of my silk blouses. This one has cute tailoring on the front and I love how the print is horses patterned into diamonds. When I was small all the white girls at school were into horses in a big way. Funny how not being introduced to certain books meant I had no idea where this obsession came from. My best friend Chrissy (who is also Chinese) and I would watch this girl named Lauren prance around the field braying and such. We thought she was crazy. But it turns out horses and unicorns are very common childhood loves of many a white girl I've met! These are (generally speaking) also girls who come from families where their moms never called them fat and ugly.

I can sense Miss Sarah getting a little jealous...

However, growing up with my mama ended up giving me lots of character!

In other news, it's the season of coats. I love this navy Marc Jacobs trench of mine. I have to name drop here because I adore Marc Jacobs. There are certain kinds of clothes that just hug in all the right ways. I haven't met any piece of MJ that hasn't done that for me. Thank you, designer clothing.

For the record, I'm all about fit and quality. That doesn't necessarily mean things have to be expensive. In fact, I am all about sales. All the most stylish people I know understand how to mix high and low brow pieces. It's not about the names on your clothes. It's how they fit you, and how creative you are with different pieces. That's also one of the reasons I refrain from wearing too many monograms, particularly with bags.

There is a huge surge of Coach popularity these days and although I am a Coach carrier, it's because my mom has been rocking these bags since the 80s. I much prefer carrying something well made over something that is over branded. The bag you've been seeing in most of my pictures of late is from Roots. Pebbled grey leather with dark brown leather accents... yes please!

Anyway, I couldn't find my gloves today so I suffered the curse of cold hands. I also forgot to put a silk scarf on with the trench. The things I forget after a lifetime of living somewhere cold! I also have to find a new pair of long gloves. I had the most beautiful pair last year, but then I left Dougal loose in the house and he ate/destroyed one. He also ripped the pom pom off of my favourite toque. The new rule is if nobody is home with him, Dougal goes in the crate.

All this is to say that fall is here and it's only going to get colder. Stay tuned for the continued chronicles of riding a bike in the cold, without Gore Tex (unless that includes my parka).


Susan said...

What brand are your shoes because they are to die for! so cute as is the whole of your outfit!

Dottie said...

Yay, fall! I am a Marc Jacobs lover, too. The aesthetic of his clothes match mine perfectly. I own several of his dresses and skirts and a few of his shoes (some new, some thrifted), but not much else from other designers. A few years ago I bought a dusty rose MJ trench with zebra lining. I was crushed when it was too big (online shopping) and all others were sold out since it was on clearance. Sigh.

Where was I? Oh yeah, happy fall!

tricotmiss said...

Very chic. The first photo is particularly flattering - that lipstick is a good colour for you! I also love the shoes and the horses. :)

Sox said...

I don't like Gortex either. I am experimenting with felted wool this winter. And there are ideas spinning around in my head about using wool batting instead of down for a jacket.

Filigree said...

Interesting comments re girls and horses. Where I grew up, there were Japanese and Korean girls incorporated into the "horse" clique. The parents just basically had to have the money and the social ambitions to get their children involved in that kind of activity, and that was the only criteria.

I like the unusual styling of that trench. I have an old black Burberry one (no visible logos) circa my university days in the UK. To my amazement, it is holding up amazingly well year after year and remains waterproof. I only wore it a couple of times this summer, but looks like there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming months.

miss sarah said...

Susan - Shoes are Nine West last fall. i get tons of my shoes there because they carry size 5 and what they don't carry they can order and have sent to my house. Yeah!

Dottie - MJ is the best!

Sox - Please report back with your findings with the wool...

Filigree - Japanese and Korean girls? I need to meet some of these. I thought I had no idea what was going on because I never read "Black Beauty" and uh... is it Anne of Green Gables?

For shame, because I am an English major.

m e l i g r o s a said...

damn - elegance woman! <3

Filigree said...

Yes, a shame they do not teach Black Beauty to English majors - What a loss
: )

I grew up partly in Europe and partly in New England; the horse thing never interested me much. I did read the Babysitter's Club, but that was as close as I came to American pre-teen culture.

Niki Lea said...

Miss Sarah, you are too funny. But seriously, I have a 16 month old and I still haven't managed to be even half as put together as you are! You look fab, darling. It's inspirational.

Chrissy said...

Just read this post - love the part about horses. Every time I see horses or ponies, I still think back to those 2 girls galloping around the school yard neighing. I still don't get it! :)

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm a white girl whose mother called her fat...she didn't call me ugly, she just said my sister was prettier.
Your shoes are awesome! Thanks for all the bike fashion tips!

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