Beam Me Up, Scotty.

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I won't have Dexter in his costume until later tonight, but I've been in my costume all day long.

Don is a long time Star Trek fan. He digs the original series, with TNG coming in second. His favourite Trek movie is the Wrath of Khan, which I must admit, is pretty good. If you want a synopsis, watch this Robot Chicken reprisal and you'll basically get the idea.

Years ago when he was in Vegas, Don picked up this Uhura dress at the Hilton's Star Trek Experience. He also got some science officer uniforms for our good friends and a Captain Kirk one for himself. Yes, it's ultimately dorky. I do like the dress, however, even though I couldn't be classified as a Trekkie.

It's made out of the same cotton used for sweat pants so it's like wearing a sweat pant dress. Yes, I know I just wrote the words "sweat," "pant," and "dress" in succession.

Last year I wore this on the bus while I was going downtown to meet people.

This year I'm wearing it with Pashley.

She's pretty much well my version of the Star Ship Enterprise.

Together we explore strange new worlds.

Seek out new life and civilizations.

And boldly go where few stylish North American woman have gone before.

Have a fun and safe Halloween! I'll post some Dexter-in-costume pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love your boots, if i may ask, what brand are they?

Filigree said...

I bet these photos of you are many a teenage boy's dream!

There's something about the juxtaposition of space uniforms and quaint wicker baskets!

miss sarah said...

Anon - They're Brown's!

Fil - Haha, as long as they are wholesome dreams:)

Sox said...

You are much too cute. That dress flatters you-colour and style.

Lorenza said...

love the dress actually :) really cute! they so should have included a Pashley in the Star Trek adventures ;) L xxx

Freth :-p said...

What Fun!!!

You look lovely! :-)

miss sarah said...

Thanks Freth-man!

Dottie said...

Too cute! Star Ship Enterprise, ha. An apt description :)

I grew up watching TNG with my dad, so I have great memories associated with anything Star Trek related.

miss sarah said...

Dottie - Riding the bike is sort of like having a holodeck! I wouldn't compare me on the Pashley to warp speed... perhaps just impulse power. Though, I like to think there are glowing dilithium crystals helping control my matter/anti-mater levels when white pick up trucks almost run me over.

She Rides a Bike said...

I am so jealous! What a great costume. Strangely retro rather than dorky.

GeekGirl said...

You get at least 100 Geek Points for this post. Not only are you wearing a cute costume, but you reference Robot Chicken AND Wrath of Khan (even in opera form). I love it! :D

sara said...

I think you need to wear that dress on non-Halloween days, too. You would be a one-woman-cheer-up-the-world rolling ad, riding along in that gear. How could one not smile seeing you?!

Darn, I wish you lived closer or I lived closer to you. It is clear that you are loads of fun, Miss Sarah!

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