Sunday Tea.

November 29, 2009

Rode to tea with some lady friends today at the Arbour Restaurant in Rutherford House on the University campus. Nothing like scones, raspberry butter, devonshire cream, and little sandwiches to round out a weekend.

Another pretty dress.

I really love these shoes of Lisa's.

Oh, Raffaella got this new camera. We have plans to do a night photo shoot soon... the new camera has super powers.

This jacket is my new multi-purpose warm maker.

Dahon is turning out to be a handy winter bike.

Here's my icy ride home. Awesome, huh?

I'm sort of resigned to the fact that I'm probably going to wipe out on this snow/ice/sand combination. The roads are just too inconsistent, even for an experienced cyclist like myself. I figure falling down on the Pashley is bad because it has so many bits that are precious to replace. With the Dahon, I can just get up and start riding again. And the puffy wheels are serving me well.

Maybe it doesn't show in the photos, but that ice with partial melt is brutal. Proceed with caution!


Dottie said...

Those icy roads are serious! I would be all over the studded tires, but your set-up with the Dahon seems to be working well. I like the relaxed, "less far to fall" approach.

The tea looks lovely. That's a wonderful, dignified way to spend a Sunday with friends :)

MamaVee said...

I wish I could hang with your crew.

How cushy are those tires BTW? just curious.... What do you think of the Dahon Ciao?

finally- I love that your red tights match the bike and your coat reminds me of my winter coat that I love so much. ( navy, knee length. mine has two way zippers which I find good for biking)

Milady said...

That road looks so scary! but at least its bright and sunny. Think I wouldn't even dare doing it at night though. Well done!

I'm now craving afternoon tea..

Anonymous said...

Studded tires are amazing on ice. Your confidence level would go way up and it would be a much more relaxing and enjoyable winter. Night riding on ice would be fun!

sara said...

Glad you posted photos of that road and that you still rode in style. Haven't decided what we are going to do once the snow hits here...

Natalie said...

Hey Miss Sarah,

What on earth is raspberry butter. I'm feeling like an afternoon tea fraud!! New blog address btw.

Eimear said...

Wow! I think I would be too scared to ride in that, icy roads=no brakes=very very scary!! :) Lucky for me, we don't get too much snow and ice here. Fingers crossed for this winter!

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