Madsen Ride with Bryce.

December 30, 2009

I got the best email from Bryce this morning!

Back when he was visiting around Halloween, he took a short video of me riding the Madsen with Dexter sleeping in his car seat in the back.

He finally sent it to me. Yay!

I miss dry roads.


Aecolagross said...

How precious!

Katie said...

cuuute! You are really movin', Miss Sarah!

MamaVee said...

you are going FAST on that!!

miss sarah said...

Aecolagross - Thanks:) Dexter is a super cutie. Especially with his little port hole.

Katie - After watching it, I realize that my pedaling looks sort of savage... that or I'm totally paranoid.

Mama - FAST. REALLY?! Awesome! Admittedly, it looks pretty swift in the video, but when I'm actually riding it doesn't feel fast at all. My perception must be all warped:) I should put a little bike computer on it. And did you notice the two large, white vehicles at the beginning of the clip?

Dottie said...

Dang, you're really truckin' it! And in a fab outfit. This video is awesome.

miss sarah said...

Dottie - Thanks! Wish it was longer, but I'll do some real videos in the spring and summer when it's nicer out. I do have plans to do one with winter riding... but that would be really hard to film in the same style as the two-wheeled adventures one.

BikeBike said...

I know that bit of road! :) So cool to see your baby seat setup in action too.

I miss dry roads too. I have been using my Madsen as my daily driver and the poor thing is going to be wrecked by spring methinks.

2 things I've noticed about the Madsen in winter - it seems to handle "brownsnow" better than a normal bike. I think it might have something to do with the weight and length of the bike. And the second thing, as soon as I get on a regualr bike, I feel like I can ride way faster!

Happy Holidays Sara! Make sure you try and come down for the opening of the shop in February.


=gpd= in NYC said...

Isn't there a law, Canada-wide, that requires ALL cyclists to wear a helmet? I am sure that the promotion of 'people-powered' transportation will get farther with all sexes - especially women / mothers if this were an integral part of your presentation and doctrine. Please try to use this concept when posting future Canadian based segments of this and other cycling Blog ideas.
Thanks for the opportunity to post and continue to move forward safely!
Riding ON,
=Greg in NYC= USA

miss sarah said...

Sean - I haven't even TRIED the Madsen out in the snow yet, though I can see what you mean about the length & brown snow. I think I'm going to be a wimp about it and use transit and car for Dexter, for the time being. But in the spring he should be close to a year old. Perhaps he'll be able to sit on the bench all on his own?

Also, tried studded tires yesterday on my mountain bike. AWESOME.

miss sarah said...

Greg - The helmet laws in Canada vary from province to province. In Alberta where I live the rules are currently that all kids under the age of 18 must wear helmets and adults can choose for themselves.

I understand that the helmet issue is incredibly polarized on both sides, and have done extensive reading regarding the issue. I really like Adrienne's philosophy from: and I think my philosophy is similar to hers.

Also, is a treasure trove of collected literature on the subject.

Thanks for visiting and reading, and caring about bicycling and safety!

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