February 25, 2010

I had gone to Moriarty's for lunch last week. I lamented how it wasn't super full and hoped to try it in the evening. The menu is the same (I think) and the prices are the same as well in the evening. Good stuff.

You guys know how much I like good places in good locations. This place is so convenient for me by train. I'll really have to start riding there to justify the wine and food intake. But for now, check it out. Edmonton transit smart card terminal! It's like when you're looking for divine signs that tell you you're doing the right thing. Ride train to Moriarty's. Universe agrees this is a good idea.

It wasn't crazy full when we went at 8 pm, but there were some tables being occupied. If you live in Edmonton and haven't gone, you should go and check it out. It's really delicious and straightforward food. Not different for the sake of being different. Just good food.

It's a stylish though unpretentious place. Like, it doesn't strike me as a place where you're going to see lots of bottle blonds who clearly fake tan and wear all black all the time, thinking that passes for style. Ouch. That was low of me. Sorry. It's a result of being passed over for those kinds of girls all the time in my early 20s. I'll admit to the overcompensation:)

A lot of people have commented that the pub next door (same owners) is way more happening, but they're really two totally different experiences. My bladder is so small. I'm not generally a several pints sort of girl. Moriarty's is a place where I don't feel myself needing to talk louder to drown out music or larger, boisterous people.

This is me encouraging you to go. It's fun. If they don't last I'll be very disappointed.

And the wine. This place is a wine bar. It's tasty.

Don was being a creepy sommelier.

I was wearing my new Helvetica t-shirt with a blazer.

Lights. Like umbrellas.


Comfy, intimate booths.

Rabbit lamp. Awesome. There are actually three of them... triptic rabbit lamps.

Ham and leek tart. YUM. Not rocket science, but not something I make at home either. Win.

Don had short ribs. I think I'm going to order those next time. I sort of had short rib envy.

Don reports that the place also makes a good macchiato.

Afterwards we went to see the new Scoresese film, Shutter Island. It was a fun Wednesday night.


misssable said...

Glad you had a night out! Meanwhile, mom and I were pinning baby d's arms down so he wouldn't scratch!

fella said...

Every time I've tried to go it's been closed.

But that was on the weekend around lunchtime.

Your photos make me want to go even more. I think the gentleman and I will go one day. Or maybe the ladies can make it a place to hang out on my side of the river.

miss sarah said...

Fella - Unreliable hours = horrible. Hopefully that was just an anomaly...

Sable - I'm on duty tonight. After Dougal barked and woke up the kid. ARRGGG!

MamaVee said...

sounds like just the low key but cool spot I would love.

She Rides a Bike said...

Miss Sarah, never apologize for a bit of fun at the expense of the bottle blonds. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and on behalf of all the girls who may have once held back in self doubt, who better to serve it up but you ;) I too got passed over until I hit 40, and suddenly I was sought after. By that time the bottle blonds of my 20's resembled old hags trying desperately to compete with their teenage daughters for the attention of teenage boys. Sad.

Fiona said...

Hey Miss Sarah,

I finally made it over to Red Bike today to look at the Pashley..I blamed your influence for their most excellent sales of them and the person that was helping us, I think he was actually the owner, said they were just talking about you:) I tried a 20" frame with is the middle size and it was good but he said they would have all three sizes in the Spring so I may try the larger size before making my final decision. Its a really smooth ride for sure though

Take Care,

Term Papers said...

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miss sarah said...

Sable - I don't think you and mom can even imagine the pinning down Dexter I had to suffer last weekend! And admit it... you guys LOVE looking after him! I like when dad makes him pretend punch the cat.

Fella - I went again this past week. It should definitely become a regular thing. Ran into Rozenhart too!

She Rides - Zing! Well put. There was just something about being really petite and having the bra size of 34A. Other girls I saw who wore that nude lipstick with the brown lip liner? Guys would go wild for stuff like that! Just not me.

Fiona - Ooo... I'm so excited for you! You're based in Edmonton, right? We should meet up sometime. I have ambitions to plan a ride in the spring... but we'll see if I end up going through with it:)

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