April 21, 2010

I ran into my friend Matt at the redbike party on Saturday. Funny, because I first met Matt at redbike many months ago. He had recognized me from this blog and said as much. We later traded some emails and came to the conclusion that bikes are fun and urbanism is the bomb. When I first met him I believe I had Dexter in the Madsen. This time I was on the Pashley sans baby.

So Matt has a great bike story. He was in Amsterdam and saw this Workcycles. After meeting the owner of the store, Henry, he purchased it and brought it back home to ride in Edmonton. He later ordered the rack from Dutch Bike in Chicago.

It has this great cargo rack on the front and being the silly girl that I am, I almost immediately asked him, "Would you double me on your bike if I sat on the cargo rack?"

He said yes without even hesitating!

I was really impressed. Matt had total control of the bike. He avoided all the pot holes and even delivered me to the curb for easy dismount. We inspected the bike afterwards and didn't notice any horrible damage from the human cargo experiment. Note to those getting doubled on the front of somebody's bicycle. Beware the combination of legs and the front wheel.

I know it's not specific to the Workcycles bikes, but I do love these straight handlebars. Don's Batavus and some of the Amsterdam Classics are also like this. So retro and clean looking.

What a pretty bike. I think Matt mentioned to me that redbike may start carrying these? Imagine, the potential to purchase your own Oma right here in Edmonton.

Meeting Matt has been great, particularly because he basically already knows me from the blog. Talk about an easy friend to make. I was thrilled to see him at the party and even more giddy at his willingness to oblige my whimsical request of riding on his bike. Thanks for the adventure!


Sigrid said...

I agree, there is something about those handlebars ~ very distinct. I have always admired that aesthetic. THAT is good design.

Funny, I had to go to Canada to get my British bike. Crazy mixed up world it is... said...

Now Miss Sarah don't tease me on the possibility of Red Bike getting those Oma's lol I may have to wait on the Pash then if that is the case:) I've been wanting to rest ride an Oma for awhile now

Take Care,

BikeBike said...

That is a great looking bike - especially the minimalist design of the chaincase.

We too are looking at offering Workcycles bikes here in Calgary, and in fact, already have a Secret Service on special order for a customer.

Keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I don't have a blog account. I got the bike in Amsterdam, not the US. I met Henry ( when I was looking for a used bike to get around while I was there. Saw Kittredge and brought her home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, I don't have a blog ID. I actually walked into Workcycles in Amsterdam, met Henry, the owner ( bought the bike there. I ordered the rack later out of dutchbikeco in Chicago.

Jennifer said...

I have just bought a Workcycles Azor Oma, in addition to the Pashley Princess I bought last year. I had much guilt over this seemingly illogical decision as the bikes are similar in terms of style, function etc. All I know is that I wanted the Oma and logic wasn't going to get in my way.

I don't regret it for a moment. The Oma is truly wonderful. The bigger wheels, the extra gears, the lovely handlebars, the smooth and noiseless ride. I love it. I don't want to put anyone off getting a Pashley as I also love my Pashley but the Oma is just something else.

I was concerned that the Oma may be too big as I'm only 5'2''. I have the 49cm size and it's perfect - still a good bit of seat post showing. It feels much heavier and bulkier than Pashley but that it is not an issue for me at all.

miss sarah said...

Fiona - You can always trade the Pashley in for the Oma if and when that becomes a possibility:)

BikeBike (Sean) - I was surprised at how not-heavy the thing was as well. Let me know if you start regularly stocking. I'm pretty sure they will explode with popularity.

Jenn - Don't feel guilty for having two bikes you like! Besides, if you get tired of either one of them you can always sell it to somebody else who will enjoy it. I know what you mean about big wheels. It's so luxurious! My Amsterdam has bigger wheels too. I never thought about it, but the posture on the Pashley IS a little sportier than on something like Oma. Both are wonderful bikes and you're lucky to have the options!

Heavy isn't a problem for me either. Strong women!

sarah said...

I'm thrilled to see my big brother here at girls & bikes today! I love Matthew and I love your blog. Thank you for sharing!

+I loved your Pashley Princess Edmonton exploration video, your bike/dress combo was perfection!

Dottie said...

This looks so fun! I have this same rack on my Oma. I really need to try doubling up. I've never even given anyone a ride on the back rack.

miss sarah said...

Sarah - Your brother is awesome.

Dottie - We can double in August. Take off that wicker basket and replace it with a small Asian.

Rosie said...

Weeeeeeeee! Looks like so much fun :)

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