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May 15, 2010

Something most of you may not know about me is that I am finishing my MA in Cultural Studies. I've had all my coursework done for some time now and just haven't gotten around to finishing the final paper. Now I'm officially on a deadline. An annotated bibliography is due at the end of this month and between work and the baby it's difficult to find decent chunks of time to accomplish the reading required. I've been hacking away at it a bit at a time, but made good progress yesterday as I worked in my mobile office.

I was fortunate that Grandma (Don's side) was willing to take on babysitting so that I could escape the bungalow and do some work.

The mobile office is basically my readings and laptop in my pannier.

Raffaella is a contractor for the city and often also works in her mobile office. The weather was splendid so I inquired as to whether she would be interested in a work party at Transcend, the new coffee joint whose opening I've been anticipating for a long time now.

I don't like to complain about bike-related stuff, but where are the decent bike racks? They put in these little tiny wheel ones, but I personally HATE this sort of bike rack. Unless you bring a cable, the only thing you're locking up is your wheel. It's not that secure. And there was only really room for 2 or 3 bikes on this little baby bike rack. Not good.

However, me and other cyclists went around to the other side of the cafe and just found random street sign posts to lock up to. Not ideal, but it works.

I had an iced coffee. This place is much more boutique than your regular coffee joint. So if you order an iced latté, the guy will tell you the espresso doesn't taste as great once it's on the rocks. Perhaps this sort of thing is annoying to some (those who have been converted by Starbucks and such), but I appreciate somebody telling me what they think is going to taste good. The company goes to great lengths to procure delicious green beans and to roast them. I'd rather drink the fresh coffee the way it's meant to be enjoyed.

Incidentally, I was also at Transcend today (again) and my friends got iced lattés which they claimed were very good.

Did you know? If your coffee is fresh it really shouldn't taste bitter at all.

Other people had the same mobile office idea I did.

The space is simple, but good.

Work. There are power outlets that are easy to access and also free wireless. Yes!

Flip flops definitely herald spring.

Our gear.

Before I left I picked up some house espresso for our machine at home. Don and I often roast at home, but let me tell you... the smell. It's not that good. I'm happy that this convenient location for Transcend is now in business so I don't have to explain to people why the bungalow smells like burnt stuff all the time.

Raffaella's sister was in the neighbourhood so she stopped to hang out.

Transcend isn't a restaurant and it really focuses on the coffee. There is some light fare, but the girls were hungry for something more so we went a couple doors down to Da Capo to continue with the work party at a second location. Today's luxury bike being hosted in the cafe was an Abici! I think the owner rides one, but I'm not sure if this one was his.

Third and final location for the mobile office was the park at the end of the high level bridge.

This bridge is a quintessential piece of cycling infrastructure in Edmonton. It's my highway connecting the southside to the northside.

Another girl cyclist (when I was a kid I always wished I had red hair).

Some pictures Raffaella took of me.

I got these woven ribbon/leather flats at Topshop in NY. So comfortable.

Getting my work done al fresco is both productive and enjoyable! Definitely a win win situation.

Oh, and I see now that Raffaella has made a little video of our afternoon. When you watch you'll see that I am hard at work:)

all in an afternoon from fella on Vimeo.


Zoe said...

Oh this is a fantastic post! Good luck with the deadlines! My thesis is due June 1st, so I can sympathize with the crunch. I also seek out places to work (Credo is great) that take me out of the house. It feels very cosmopolitan to be able to do that. :)


Laura PARING DOWN said...

Love the mobile office! Love those flats, too!!!

Laura said...

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and I love the term "mobile office" I was stuck in the house most of the day and I was so sad. Today was a bit too hot for me and i had a headache so much of my day was indoors.

I really love your creamy Electra too. Its a bike I'm also thinking of adding to my collection someday

Fi said...

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and I love the term "mobile office" I was stuck in the house most of the day and I was so sad. Today was a bit too hot for me and i had a headache so much of my day was indoors.

I really love your creamy Electra too. Its a bike I'm also thinking of adding to my collection someday


miss sarah said...

Zoe - I'm planning on another mobile office day next week. Let me know if you want to combine forces for tandem thesis conquering.

Laura - Thanks! They're super super super comfortable. I wore them clubbing in NY too:)

Fiona - I had a headache too by the time I got home today! 15 minutes in a horizontal position fixed it, but I can't think of why it was there in the first place.

I've been riding the Electra a lot because I am enjoying the coaster brakes. And my red pannier doesn't fit on Pashley.

Project said...

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters (EBC) wants to get the city to install bike racks near Transcend! The cafe is planning to put patio furniture outside, so it's a matter of finding the perfect spot for bike parking (there's definitely lots of room). We'll follow up with the city this week, and hopefully the racks will be installed asap.

* love Transcend - it's so delicious *

miss sarah said...

Project - There used to be one of those loop city bike racks right outside the café before the renovations and shortly after the construction but... I have no idea where it went!

Today I rode the Pashley and just used the wheel lock.

Anonymous said...

what kind/brand of panniers are those? I've been looking for something that's low-key and non-sporty looking.

miss sarah said...

I got the pannier from Jorg & Olif when they were in business in Vancouver. I think they were made specifically for the store?

Don just bought a basil pannier which is also really good. It's black and canvas and clips right onto the rear rack. It's sturdy too. If I'm on the Pashley I steal his and use it.

happyd said...

wow look at all those sun dresses! it looks like you guys are enjoying nice summer weather :)

Christa said...

The bicycle and dress are a lovely pair!

I roam around with my laptop too. Luckily Santa Barbara has some cool and cozy coffee shops and cafes.

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