Saturday in YYZ.

May 31, 2010

I understand that Edmonton is having some horrific weather back home and I'm not one bit displeased to be amidst +30 sunshine here in Toronto. This is the first time in 2010 when I've been able to walk home after midnight in a strapless dress and still feel warm. How dreamy!

The sounds, smells, and diversity of this great city are still continue to delight.

On Saturday Dexter and I walked up Yonge and strolled about.

Stopped to browse at Holt's and had a very civilized luncheon at the café. Note to moms out there. This place has a wonderful mom's room in the ladies washroom. Change table and chair for nursing! All the restaurants we have been going to have been very helpful with letting us keep Dexter's milk in their fridges. With the hot weather and lack of fridge in the hotel room we've had to be pretty resourceful about it.

Ordered pasta so Dexter could share too.

Dexter slept for the first half of lunch. I took the opportunity to enjoy a prosecco while lounging on the comfy seats.

Upon waking Dexter was ready to party, and charmed all the wait staff. This seems to be a recurring theme here. It's surprising how many people are moms or just love kids. They come right over and take Dexter to go play for 5 minutes at a time, which makes it really easy for me to have him out and about. People have been very helpful.

Something about having the super cute kid (I know I am biased) means immediately having a community of people around you who want to help you take care of the little dude.

Hot hot days require stopping off at the hotel post shopping adventures (two dresses that day) so Dexter can have a cool bath and early evening nap.

And after two receptions at the hotel (conference related) we set out as a family to go meet our wonderful friends, Christian and Salima, who amongst our Edmonton expatriate friends.

Gotta love the tall buildings.

We went to Dazzling on King W. Asian fusion. Yes, please!

The green coconut curry is delicious.

So are the green dragon rolls.

And the company was both divine in intellect and presentation.

I love that Salima can pull this colour off. It's one of the few that makes my skin look like dirt.


We ended the evening hanging out at their apartment with blizzards from Dairy Queen. Yeah, I know. How ethnic! Mine was mint oreo.

And there's nothing like street meat on the way home to confirm that you're in a big, bustling city.

Obviously the novelty of Toronto hasn't worn off for me. Still loving it!


dagmara said...

Apparently it's been so hot this month that we've had three heat alerts already whereas last summer there were only three over the entire summer. Don't know how long you are in Toronto for but if you have time you should check out Leslieville (Queen St. E and the beach). Did you check out the Anthropologie store in Yorkville?

lora said...

was in yyz too! left cold edmonton early saturday morning for lunch in toronto with my dad and little brother. sushi lunch at the beaches. chocolates to take home from soma. mango shopping and a quick treat at sweet flour. 25 minutes to raid my mom's closet (she's away, haha) for bags in high park... all in 30 degree weather! then back to yeg just in time for the snow. i love where we live... sarcasm aside, at least it's never boring.

Dottie said...

Beautiful photos. Sounds like an exciting city. I've heard from a couple of people that Chicago is somewhat like Toronto. Makes me extra interested to visit.

miss sarah said...

dag - didn't happen upon the Anthro, but that's likely a good thing for my credit card:) Heading to Queen E and the beach today, actually!

lora - Edmonton weather makes us tough, it's true.

Dottie - Can't wait to see what Chicago is like. Apparently it's my friend Emma's favourite American city, hands down. I think the one thing it may lack in comparison to Toronto is Asians. The sheer amount of Asians here is epic.

lora said...

my inlaws are from chicago. agree, it's a lovely city. but portland is my absolute favourite. maybe i'm a smaller city kind of girl. or maybe it's the stumptown coffee.

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