Critical Lass.

June 14, 2010

So I have a splitting headache on Sunday, but I had to go to the Critical Lass ride, so the headache and I went.

Thankfully Leanne was joining me. She always brightens my mood! I met up with her across the street from her apartment. Doesn't she look amazing?

We meet up with the other ladies and there is some hanging around before setting off. There were lots of dresses and cute shoes and bikes.

I ate the apple fritter in my basket and that seemed to help with the headache. Sugar!

There were actual real flowers on her handlebars. So pretty!

The organizers had these buttons made up for participating girls.

I carried this jug of water over to the bike polo game in my basket. Hey, I think this totally qualifies as a task for LGRAB's Summer Games!

Of course there were many girls with bikes with cargo capacity.

Deb's basket is oh-so-darling.

I didn't have an appropriate place to pin my button on the top of my dress so Marilyn suggested I attach it to the hem. Smart!

Fortunately for the ride these photographers came by to document our departure (good publicity for girls riding bikes). Unfortunately for me I had lent the Amsterdam and my helmet to Karen, the pregnant woman you see at the front of this photo. Imagine my inbox this morning when the photo ran with me not wearing a helmet. Aie-ya!

The girls lined up and getting ready to go.

We rode over to the bike polo game and dropped off refreshments. Then headed to Sask drive and the bike path in order to get to 109 street.

Fueled up on refreshments and went to lounge in the park across the street with gelato and iced coffee. Took some pictures of pretty girls on bikes.

Everybody's rides in the sunshine.

Group shot!

Then Don stopped by with the baby. I ran into him briefly as I was leaving DaCapo with gelato, and he and Dan were heading in for some pizza. They came to say hello when they were finished.

After getting a couple of group shots with Dexter, I brought him over to the bike and pretended like he was going to sit on the back like I see all those (much bigger) kids do on the xtracycle. Dexter is obviously not impressed.

Since that didn't seem like a suitable option for transporting a 1 year old by bike, I moved him to the basket instead.

Of course these are just photos, we didn't actually go anywhere like this.

Dexter was very well received, it was a super hot and sunny day, and it was lovely to roll around Edmonton's south side on bike. Thanks to the organizers for making the ride happen, and for the caring ladies who wanted everything to be just right.

20 comments: said...

Oh geez, if they don't like that you didn't wear a helmet, they can suck it. What business is it of anyone else's?

Everyone looks fantastic, looks like it was a great time! :)

MandG said...

Fantastic! I'm so excited that you all had such a great turn out and lovely weather!

Deborah said...

It really was a wonderful afternoon. Your photos are so much better than ours! =D
In support of the LGRAB load-carrying task, I'll point out that the insulated-plastic container you were carrying was HEAVY (I know, I was the one who filled it with water). I was really impressed with how perfectly it fit in your Pashley's basket!

Ride and Seek said...

I was delighted to see gorgeous you and the lovely lasses on the cover of the Journal this morning! Looks like you had a great time,(never mind the helmet, what about sunscreen)?

Dottie said...

Beautiful ride! I've never heard of a critical lass ride before - that's such a fun idea. Happy, happy pictures. Dexter in the basket is A+. I'll bet you money women in Amsterdam actually ride around like that :)

Dottie said...

Also, I'm with P on the helmet thing. I can't believe how many people bother you about that silly issue, especially since you usually do wear a helmet. You certainly would not see me wearing a helmet during a leisurely group ride like that.

miss sarah said...

Portlandize - Some people are just REALLY all or nothing about it. Too bad for them, getting caught up in details instead of having a good (and still safe) time.

MandG - It was really nice to finally meet some of the ladies who I've known from online, but not in real life.

Deb - My basket is deceivingly large.

Ride and Seek - I had sunscreen for sure! I'm obsessed with the neutrogena spray on one.

Dottie - Yeah, we rode SO SLOW because there was such a big pack of us. I was in first gear the whole time, and was pretty much coasting the whole time. We even walked across for some of the intersections.

Sigrid said...

lovin all of the summer fun posts. girls in dresses on bicycles with baskets score big in my book. So jealous of all the Sun!

do whatever you want - who cares what people say. best advice I ever got ~ keep your eyes on your own page, or perhaps in this case - bicycle. ride on...

misssable said...

Nice pics!

Mom and Dad checked out your photo on the Ed Journal and they said that it looks like your dress is falling off so no wonder the photographer put you at the front of the pack :)

miss sarah said...

misssable - Funny, because when I tried the dress on in Toronto I thought, "only somebody with a small chest could wear this, perfect for me!"

The light is strong in the photo, what's up with my ribs being visible? I said to Don that I sort of look like a dude.

Maybe the strapless dress is just my way of holding onto my youth?

judy said...

That photo of Celine and her flowered bicycle is so cute :)

Sonja Lishchynski said...

Would just Love to see something like this happen in Ottawa. I just got a Townie in matte teal - with a gorgeous electra basket and basket liner from betty basket liners (You should SO go see!!)- i am frustrated to no end at how difficult it is to find a gorgeous helmet that's girly! I have found the Sakura Hanabi - it's just so "woman". but to get it in Canada? HA! working on it.

Is there a group in Ottawa of fashion loving cyclign women?

sara said...

Your new blog format looks great.

A Critical Lass Ride= such a fun idea! Love the photos of the event.

Bliss Chick said...

Lovely! Gorgeous! Amazing! Hope you all had fun. I'm with Portlandize on the helmet, too. I'm all for helmets, and for adults who can make their own decisions.

skyboy242 said...

Aww... thanks Judy! Oh, and it's Selene (I always say "like Celine Dion" for pronunciation purposes). I had a blast at Critical Lass and am completely smitten by all you cycling ladies out there! Sarah-- you and your blog (and Dexter, Don, and Dougal) are AWESOME! :)

Kathy said...

Looks like such a fun group of ladies to ride with. I don't think any of my friends even own a bike!

Dexter is looking super cute, even though he's a bit unhappy. ^_^

Academichic said...

Critical Lass sounds awesome! This looks like such a fun event! And I love your dress and those cute little buttons designed for the ride. :)

Oh, and I thought you looked awesome in the pic for the journal, all of you did!


miss sarah said...

judy - I thought Celine was one of the best girl-bike combos in attendance!

Sonja - My mom has a townie! I'm not sure if there is a group of ottawa bike girls but hopefully there is and you find them. Check out yakkay helmets and nutcase and bern, maybe you'll find something you like?

sara - Thanks! I lost my other template accidentally. So in with the new!

Bliss - Thanks, I just get so surprised at how everybody grabs on to the one detail without having any context. It's disappointing.

skyboy - Selene, good to see you in the comments! Keep writing:) I really enjoyed meeting you too, and I'm so pleased you like my family.

Kathy - The ladies were wonderful indeed, how is baby?

Academichic - I can't take credit for the buttons, but they are a photo of my foot! Everybody looked so bright and happy, it's true. My mom said the only reason I'm in the picture is because my dress is really sparse up top. Thanks, mom. What can I say? It's a strapless for petite people!

evillerider said...

It was so lovely to meet you and everyone else last weekend - I'm still beaming!

I also (finally) posted my pics from the ride as well, if anyone wants to check them out.


miss sarah said...

eville - loved your photos from the post!

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