June 29, 2010

The Parkallen restaurant has been around for years and years. I had never eaten there until Don and I started dating. It's a regular spot for their family. They used to order pizza every Friday night.

Evidently it has undergone various facelifts and changes over the years, but very recently it had a complete overhaul. I was expecting a little sprucing up, but was completely shocked at the transformation!

We rode. Parkallen is super close to our place.

I wore an old mauve skirt. It's old, but it's still good.

My creamy fender.

Don did the towing.

The baby was almost asleep so I locked up and went in first while Don took a few extra laps to make sure Dexter was knocked out completely.

The place looks so much cleaner on the outside than it used to.

The patio is all shiny and new.


By far the most jaw-dropping thing is the wine "cellar" you get to see when you walk in the front door.

All the wine bottles look amazing.

It was just like being in a boutique hotel.

Really warm and contemporary. The tables are bamboo!

The menu. All your favourites are still there, and the prices haven't changed.

I love how they kept and highlighted the fir beams.

The wine.

Anything you want? They have.

So pretty.

I had the viognier.

Iveson senior. Yes, he has a most prolific beard.

There was a fresh tomato and bacon pizza.

I had the chicken shish taouk platter. The garlic paste that comes with this stuff is yum yummy.

Don took this picture of me while I was trying to get my pedals in place. Awkward posture.

Chain guard.

I'm so happy to see local restaurants thriving and changing to attract new clientele. I know Don's family has been going there forever, but now I'll have to start making this one of my regular places too. The current chef and owner, Joe, used to work there for his dad as a pizza delivery boy. I'm so proud that he decided to keep the family business and brought it into the 21st century for new families like mine. Owning a business is hard work. That's why its important to eat local when you can. Keep those dollars in your community!


Simply Bike said...

Oooh that place looks great! I couldn't agree more, my husband and I also try to eat local whenever possible, favoring the locally owned restaurants and cafes in our town over the chain and national ones. It's great to support independently owned small businesses and I usually find the quality to be so much better and the service more personal.

Great job spreading this message and making it look so tantalizing! S.

wader said...

thanks for the recommendation. We went there several years ago before the big reno and will have to make the pilgrimage back. Such great za!

miss sarah said...

simply - it IS tasty:)

wader - I know it's strange to be into pizza from the lebanese place (like having a burger from a chinese diner) but... it's really good! I always forget they deliver too. Should get some of that for a party , perhaps.

Anonymous said...

that restaurant has an identity crisis. the restuarant is marketed as primarily a lebeanse restaurant but they are famous for pizza. how is pizza authetic lebanese cuisine? it's like a chinese restaurant that serves deep fried wonton along with steak sandwich on the same menu.

miss sarah said...

Anon - It's true. They make a really good pizza! And I thought the exact same thing about steak sammies at Chinese diners. In fact, those DO exist. Usually they're good too. A suppose a product of our multicultural tapestry.

We live in the hyphen (read Fred Wah).

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