July 31, 2010

One of the first dogs I saw at the market today, was this awesome little guy with the best dog-goatee.

Then I told this lady I loved her mod dress (also her straw shopping bag) while she was in line for waffles.

And this dog, Scarlett, made my day. PANNIERS. On a dog!

Hung out with an iced coffee. I wore the ridiculously fantastic anchor earrings Leanne got me for my birthday.

Then ran into Dave Berry! He is an old friend from newspaper days and recently interviewed me in his piece for Avenue Magazine.

I recall photographing this pretty girl at the Al Fresco event earlier this summer. Must be her awesome choppy short hair. I could never pull that off.

We took the train home, fed Dexter some lunch, put him into little swim trunks and took him to Bonnie Doon park for a mom's group reunion.

This park is awesome because it is a spray park!

So much fun.

Here is beautiful baby Irene.

And Dexter, unwinding after his splash session with some blueberries.

We played for a little while before leaving.

With fellow baby, Matthew.

And they rode a big dinosaur together.

After I went back to work in September it became increasingly difficult to find the time to take Dexter to mom group. The ladies are all super nice and it would be great for Dexter to be around other babies more often, but the life of a working mom is sort of crazy and hectic. This little reunion was perfect for us. No stress. Lots of fun. All the babies have grown up so much and are very hilarious.

Have I mentioned that being a mom is the best? It really is.


judy said...

Amen to that!

m e l i g r o s a said...

what beautiful post! market, beautiful strangers and lots smiles :D

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