Pop-Up Tour de France.

July 10, 2010

So the Tour is on and it's going to be several weeks of bikey goodness on TV! I know the race certainly doesn't fall into the category of biking in normal clothes. If anything, it's the pinnacle of biking for sport, but in this case the tour has such a rich history I think it's still worth being excited about. The sheer athleticism is really impressive.

Up until recently I was actually pretty hazy on the details. But luckily I was also recently sent a copy of Pamela Pease's Pop -Up Tour De France, which isn't only a super treat for Dexter (he is obsessed with pop up books) but actually very educational.

Now Leanne can make peloton jokes and I actually get them.

And this book is so well-designed and pretty.

Peloton pop-up!

And the book starts off with a little retrospective on cycling. Nice history lesson.

I think I'm most like the pop-up lady in the middle.

Layers of bikes.

I learned all about the team that surrounds the athletes. I really want my own soigneur. Apparently that is the guy that cooks your meals and gives you sports massages!

The book illustrates that these dudes all hang out in the same bus/trailer.

There is a wheel showing you where everybody's spot is (in the race).

Explanations of the time trials.

And little jerseys!

Of course the polka-dot one is for the king of the mountain.

Dexter has a yellow jersey onesie...

Bicycling in Paris!

And you can trace each year's route here.

The winner!

Dexter likes this book too.

At this point I had to take the book away so that he didn't tear out an important phase in cycling history.

Very impressive design.

Handy glossary. I think all the stuff sounds way better in French.

I'm all for a book that combines education, cycling, and great design. I think the publication speaks for itself when adults seem to be way more excited about it than the baby.

More importantly, as somebody who bikes, it's so much less embarrassing now that I know about the tour. And I love how I learned everything from a pop-up book.


m e l i g r o s a said...

wow this is fantastic!! :D love all the shots
book looks like a must
so super cute :D

Laura PARING DOWN said...

I love pop-up books, too!

Etsy has handpicked items on its home page that feature both cycling in general and the tour de france!

:) Laura

Lovely Bicycle! said...

Wow, fantastic! I want one of those, for myself - is that so wrong? : ))

MandG said...

I LOVE pop up books!! Very cool!

miss sarah said...

Hey All - You guys should totally go to Painbox Press and order one. It would make a really wicked gift too. It's so great to see a little publisher doing something boutique like this. I'm such a fan:)


anna said...

Wow! I'd like to be a kid again :).

Dottie said...

Wow, that's way bigger than I expected! As big as Dexter :) Looks gorgeous - now I want one for my nephew. I need to fight against his obsession with cars.

neighbourtease said...

I am going to get one of those for my little guy. Thanks for sharing!

miss sarah said...

Anna - You can still act like a kid... nothing stops me:)

Dottie - It IS quite big. But it's awesome. And what is with kids and their obsession with cars? I'm trying to steer Dexter's interest in the direction of trains, busses, and trolleys instead of race cars.

neighbourtease - I think it's worth it. Very cool book.

Deborah said...

This looks amazing! Ordering it NOW. =) Audrey and Dom will love it.

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