Chicago Day 5.

August 22, 2010

Today I had the pleasure and privilege of riding Oma to Bucktown for brunch. Locking up all the rides took a few cables, chains, and U Locks.

It was another hot day, but the ride was particularly nice because of the bike lanes. How civilized!

We brunched at Toast.

Then there was lots of vintage and window shopping. Dottie acquired a new straw hat.

We stopped in at Copenhagen Cyclery and had extended chats with the fine gentlemen there. They also let us take a few cargo bikes out for a spin.

Dottie was on the Bullit and I was on the Velorbis Mobii.

Now the steering on the Bullit took some getting used to. Don liked it the most out of all of us. We figure it's because he had it set up so his feet were flat on the ground. He said you just push off to get it going (instead of pedaling) and you're supposed to just let it roll. Once you're off he said it was really light and you could go quite fast.

The platform also offers a variety of ways in which you can use bungees to carry all sorts of loads. I believe there are child seats that can be attached as well. Apparently it's amongst the lightest and narrowest of cargo bikes.

The Mobii was really fun to ride. I dig the tadpole style trike! Don took me for a spin up and down the street and it was a blast. I found riding it pretty straightforward and easy to do. Has a little bench for kids and an extra cover you can get too. It's mostly aluminum so it's supposed to be lighter than a wooden box bike. I totally felt like one of those chic Copenhagen supermoms.

Then Don needed a pick-me-up.

He tried his first Chicago-style hot dog. It has lots of veggies!

Shortly thereafter, refreshments were had at Violet Hour in Wicker Park.

It's very dark inside. Atmosphere to the max.

They specialize in fancy drinks.

Afterward, we grabbed some wine and some picnic dinner items, stuffed them in Oma's basket with my purse and day's shopping, and headed off to watch a Movie in the Park.

The featured movie was How to Catch a Thief.

What a splendid way to spend our Saturday in Chicago! Brunch, bikes, shopping, picnic, and an outdoor movie. All with our new friends who have shown us such warmth and hospitality while we have been here. Chicago rocks!


welshcyclist said...

You really are very lucky, you obviously are having a great time. The photos are great.

Dottie said...

Awesome pictures! Chicago misses you already.

Anonymous said...

miss sarah,

what did you think of the OMA's fit. Did the frame feel too big for you? It looks way bigger than your Pash.

Cameron said...

what a lovely day

Velouria said...

It's nice to see these posts on both of your blogs - same story line with different framing.

That pink cargo bike looks frightening - which I suppose is good for moving through traffic!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am also an urban cyclists/stylish girl living in Saskatoon. Just got back from Amsterdam and 3 weeks of riding bikes in a city where we are DEFINITELY not alone!

misssable said...

very cool! it's like you're living your edmonton life in chicago!

Trisha said...

D&G do know how to show Chicago visitors a good time! Did you fall in love with Oma??

judy said...

Cute photo of you & Dottie! Did you enjoy riding the Oma? Chicago looks like an amazing city.

miss sarah said...

Dottie - We miss it too. Don is already on the phone and doing work now that we're back :(

Velouria - The bullit was weird for me too, but Don really liked it. Just takes practice to ride. Not good for people with really short legs.

Anon in Sask - We're not alone... just that the rest over them are over THERE.

Sable - Yah, I translate to other cities very well. You know my whole mantra. That good feeling you get on vacation? It's possible anywhere... all a state of mind.

Trisha, Judy, Anon - Oma was wonderful! So very generous for Dottie to let me have my way with her trusty steed. And Trisha, thanks for visiting earlier so the seat had the Miss Sarah capabilities of being its absolute lowest:)

Fit? Pretty good! I got great leg extension and with the huge wheels I was rolling like a dream. We decided not to touch the handlebars because it was a pain and I was fine with riding them up high like they were. I think a girl my size could ride Oma full-time. I wasn't able to stay on the saddle at stop lights and had to hop off, but I do that with my road bike, anyway.

It's sort of a trade off. Pashley is indeed much smaller, but the wheels on mine are only 26" so you don't get the same steamroller effect as you do with the Oma. Some of the Batavus have the big 28" wheels too.

Honestly, the only thing that weirded me out at first was when you move the handlebars, the cargo rack is stationary! I'm so used to having my big basket hanging from my handlebars.

m e l i g r o s a said...

the great thing about the blogeniverse is that we all eventually meet!!! xxo. so awesomeeeeee
lovely seeing both your posts ladies :D

'Xander Labayen said...

HEY MISS SARAH!...the mobii trike is now available in Toronto.. hopefully i get to test it out too.. Cheers..

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