Happy Garden.

August 31, 2010

In the final hours of finishing the thesis I needed nourishment. We made a communal trip over to pick up some Chinese take-out at Happy Garden.

Don is leading the charge with Dexter in the trailer and Dougal running alongside (we took a residential and path route so Dougal wouldn't be scared of traffic).

Sable had come over after her afternoon meetings to help distract the baby while I was editing.

And Richard is visiting! He is now very bearded.

The Happy Garden is an old Parkallen institution. It is very popular and busy... but is it wrong to say this? It doesn't strike me as a real Chinese food restaurant. It's the kind of Chinese that is catered to people who aren't Chinese. But that doesn't change the fact that it's still tasty, so every now and then we'll order out.

You know, I haven't actually looked closely at the menu so perhaps there are other more authentic things to be had. Usually when I go eat with my parents we frequent the Golden Rice Bowl or Buddy Wonton. If you're looking for something 24 hours and more in the diner style, you can try the Garden Bakery, which has its restaurant upstairs and an assortment of amazingly priced cakes and buns downstairs at the bakery.

So back to the Happy Garden. It's old. The dining room has much to be desired so I haven't gone back to eat on location after that first time. But like I said, it's a neighbourhood favourite and the regulars swear by it.

We called our order in ahead of time, rode over, and waited. Richard took Dexter over to the park across the street while Sable, Don and I took turns riding each others' bikes .

And it occurred to me that we haven't had any photos of Dougal in the basket in a long time.

We hurried home with our dinner and devoured it quickly. As the evening stretched on there was more editing while Dexter was being taken care of by others. And finally the paper was at the point where it was ready to send.

Thesis, Complete!

(Unless it's terrible in some way and I have to do it again, if that's even a possibility)

But for now? I'm going to enjoy the final days of summer before work begins for me next week.



cycler said...

What a major milestone completed!

inkandpen said...

Congratulations, Sarah! You must be so proud.

miss sarah said...

cycler & ink - I really hope to be proud once the paper is returned with a decent mark on it!

Sonja said...

WHOOOOP!!!! congrats!

ee said...

way to go sarah!

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