September 29, 2010

This past week has been gorgeous, with the exception of a rainy day. It's warm enough not to require a jacket in the afternoons, but it's not so warm that you're sweating buckets. Perfect.

And the colours are amazing. It makes me so happy to look out my picture windows to see my neighbour's tree across the street. I can't remember the specifics, but I do believe it's over 100 years old.

I started the day biking over to my physio appointment. After getting rear-ended by a tow truck last year my back has been giving me issues. We got it under control for quite a while with physio last year. However, after a summer of sitting and reading/writing for the thesis, the back pain has returned.

People always say biking is so dangerous. Isn't it ironic that you can basically ask anybody and they have either personally been involved in a motor vehicle collision or else they know somebody who has? Being in a car collision is so ubiquitous, I wonder why people don't make the same degree of fuss over the safety of cars.

Funny, since we were rear-ended in my little mazda sedan with a four month-old Dexter in the back seat. By a tow truck! When people see me riding a bike they often ask about whether it's scary and how it doesn't seem safe. But get smashed to the point where your car is a total write-off? With a baby in the back? Oh yeah, that happens all the time! Oh well.

Seems kind of ridiculous to me.

So yeah, my back hurts!

In other news, I biked to Southgate after physio to run some errands. I realized that I had not eaten breakfast yet so I treated myself to a cinnamon bun.

Fall means time to wear blouses. They make me feel like such a lady.

In this season even my gutters look pretty.

It seems as though good weather cures all. It could be the busiest time with back pain and you know what? With the fabulous weather it's still easy to smile throughout it all.



Yoli said...

SO much beautiful fall color you are so lucky. I live in the sub-tropics so no chance of that around here.

Lovely blouse and shoes, I wish I could look that stylish riding a bycicle.

Amanda said...

5 pictures that capture *Fall* perfectly. thanks.

city girl rides said...

beautiful tree, the valley in cali has a lot of those trees and was one of my favorite things about growing up there.

i never like to say bicycling is dangerous, cause it's not. cars are dangerous, they are the leading cause of transportation deaths next to walking, funny how that works out right?

feel better, it's no fun having to put up with old injuries.

Dottie said...

Beautiful leaves! They haven't starting changing colors in my area yet. I'm looking forward to it.

Hope your back paid subsides. Totally true about how people react to car v. bike dangers. They're totally in denial because they don't want to change their lifestyles.

miss sarah said...

Yoli - I bet you COULD look that stylish while riding. Particularly since you don't have to hide behind a park half the time:)

Amanda - You're so super nice.

City Girl - I'm doing lots of stretches and such in addition to the physio so I'm hoping to feeling better very soon!

Dottie - Yes, please don't make me use my body to power my mode of transportation. It makes me tired and I'd much rather get smashed up and throw away $10, 000 worth of car. I love waste!


cakeandcandy said...

Oh thanks for posting beautiful pictures of Edmonton trees in the fall! The trees here are nothing like that--everything is still kind of green-brown, and there are some brilliant red/green leaves on the ground, but I miss the intense yellow that aspen leaves become as Fall progresses. :)


cycler said...

I covet those shoes! Are they the Cole Haan ones that pop up at me when I check the NY Times website?
I've been searching for the right granny boots- they're my Moby Dick this year..

And the yellow leaves are really lovely. I went apple picking last weekend by bike, and was hoping to squeeze in some fall leaf peeping, but we're not quite there yet in Boston. I was canning on Sunday though, and the rain of leaves reminded me of snow falling.

And yes, totally agree with you about the fear of the unknown driving people's fear of bikes. It's like airplane crashes- very rare, but the consequences are so devastating that people fear it more than they do more commonplace dangers.

miss sarah said...

cakeandcandy - The trees became naked just 48 hours after that photo. Damn wind!

cycler - The shoes are OLD but I love them. They're from nine west and have taken a beating but still carry on.

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