Astronaut Dexter.

October 31, 2010

Last year for Halloween Dexter went as a member of team Zissou from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic.

This year I stumbled across a very comfortable-looking astronaut outfit while out shopping last week. Had I not seen this little number (on extreme sale) Dexter would have gone as The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

This year's Halloween was very different from last year. First off, I didn't end up going to the party I was invited to last night. Even though I checked to see, and the Uhura dress still fits! Perhaps it's some form of post-election postpartum. These past few days have had me feeling really exhausted.

So I laid low. And saved my energy for today's various Dexter-related proceedings.

First up was brunch. Followed by a toddler Halloween party at the downtown YMCA. What a great location for a kids party! There is a community room with kitchenette and bathrooms, lots of tables and chairs, and an adjoining room with tons of fun play things for the kids.

Dexter and I took the train.

Upon arrival, he went straight for the LEGO with wonder woman, Jess.

This is the face Dexter makes when he really wants something.

After we got back, it was time for Dexter's first trick or treating! He was too small to go last year so this was his first official excursion of this sort.

Our neighbours do a great job with decorations.

He tentatively approaches the houses.

And looks skeptically at severed arms emerging from graves.

We saw a cute little Batman on the go.

And then there were evil rats.

Murder of crows.

The time arrived, to head home.

See you next year!

Though without a spacecraft, astronaut Dexter had a great Halloween getting to and from his events via train and by foot. Old school, but in this day and age, sort of ahead of its time!


Justine Valinotti said...

He's the most adorable astronaut I've ever seen.

Happy Halloween!

Dottie said...

Ha, I remember his costume from last year. That was awesome. Astronaut Dexter is super cute, especially with his begging face. Makes me want a kid so I can go trick or treating :) I did go out and party last night and spent all day today recovering. I'm obviously way too old for that stuff.

Natalie said...

What a cutie! I love the creepy decorations your neighbours put out. Very few people bother here in the UK but we did have a few trick or treaters with half-hearted costumes knock on our door. Luckily I had some sweets in the house or they looked like they'd have been well up for a trick or two!

Charlotte said...

Adorable astronaut!

It must have been a lot warmer there than in Boston, all the kiddos here had many layers of turtlenecks underneath their costumes.

miss sarah said...

Justine - I don't think enough kids dress up as astronauts anymore. It's very mid-century modern!

Dottie - I have no idea what's wrong with me. I just felt totally unmotivated to go so I'm glad I stayed in, since D had a big day on Sunday:)

Nat - I think Halloween is way huge here in North America. When I was young we were so hard core, going out in -25 weather and all!

Char - We were really fortunate to have incredibly mild weather. But we only took Dexter out for a half hour or so and he went into peoples' houses so he stay rather toasty. He had on a long sleeved onesie under the get-up so at least he had one extra layer:)

tricotmiss said...

Wow...that is a great costume! I love the one of him looking back into the sunset.

Herzog said...

Wow, the 7410 photo is absurdly cute!

miss sarah said...

Tricot - I loved the costume because it was still light enough for him to play in. Lots of the other kids at his party had to take their costumes off because they were too hot after a while.

Herzog - I think the sign on the house really amplifies the out-of-this-world quotient:)

lucy said...

i don't know if you ever watch "30 rock" but there's this running gag about liz lemon fantasizing since she was young about marrying astronaut mike dexter. funny :)

miss sarah said...

Lucy - Oh YES! He actually WAS astronaut Mike Dexter but a whole bunch of people I spoke to didn't understand the reference so I stopped qualifying.

Thank you for knowing me and my child's costume.


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