Transportation Alternatives Illustrated with LEGO.

October 14, 2010

Don has been doing videos for the campaign, detailing some of his platform topics. You can check out the other ones on his site, but I thought this LEGO one particularly excellent. Here is the accompanying blog post.

Go, transportation alternatives! I really love the shot of the dude putting his bike on the bus.

I took a bunch of photos when we had the set built, and will post about those separately. Stay tuned!


cycler said...

Oh that's fantastic!
I love the lego bikers!
I wish that transportation alternatives were as high a priority for elected reps around here. I can hardly imagine someone running on such a platform even in liberal cambridge!

Courtney said...

Cool video!

city girl rides said...

how creative you guys are! i know that here in sf, candidates are utilizing bike the vote events to promote candidates and measures as the most bike friendly. a really fun way to get involved with the elections.

but this is a genius and very fun video indeed!

happyd said...

this is amazing! it's so awesome!!

what a great, cute, interesting and friendly way to talk about alternative transportation methods without making it a nasty divisive political stance.

in the toronto election, bike lanes (and cyclists) are taking a beating with the lead mayoral candidate planning on removing bike lanes and also this (!!!):

sad :(

tim said...

Ha ha! That's BRILLIANT!

When I glanced at the title of this post on my blogger dashboard-blog-following-reader-thingie I saw "lego" and "transportation alternatives" and got very excited thinking it was the next lego quest challenge. I will have to suggest it as a future theme.

miss sarah said...

Hi All!

Glad you like it! When we have more time at Christmas we're going to do stop-motion. There are whole other sets of the LEGO we didn't get a chance to use (urban farm, road works crew, etc, and emergency services). All things that contribute to a thriving, vibrant, and sustainable city!

happyd - Your link makes me so sad:( You know the highway traffic out there? How can people live like that every day? UGH.

Ryan said...

Words can't describe how brilliant I thought that was.

I've been following different municipal elections for here in Ontario, and nothing even comes remotely close to how unique that was.

Also brings back memories of playing with LEGO!! Though I think I built a car dominated city back then...How little I knew! :p

miss sarah said...

Ryan - It was the 80s, our parents thought oil would flow forever and ever!

Thanks for the compliments, it was fun to do but also a fun way to approach talking about active transportation without alienating people.

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