Afternoon Tea.

November 30, 2010

Prior to the bout of flu that knocked me off my feet, I was at a delightful afternoon tea with lady friends.

I usually go for tea at Rutherford House on campus. It's so cute and professorial. It is a perfect walk away from the humanities building, and very friendly for kids. I used to meet my mother-in-law there for lunch before visiting the various (impressive) exhibits at the Mactaggart. And I've been to Rutherford house several times since Dexter's birth to have a nice tea with girlfriends.

This time, however, I felt like kicking it up a notch. Arguably more accessible via transit, tea at the Harvest Room was a little more upscale. More town and less country, though let us be clear that I enjoy both town and country.

The lovely hotel is all decorated for the Christmas season.

You know I love a big bow. So predictable.

And shiny things.

Raffaella arrived by train, sporting a fantastic dress and feather hairband she procured at the Make It! craft sale the day before.

Elize is laughing because I first asked her to place her hand on the table so I might see her bracelet, and subsequently instructed her to put her "chin to fist", a sort of running joke Raffaella and I make about cheesy poses for photos.

Here is Lisa in a ruffled silk blouse. She walked the few blocks from her apartment to meet us. I love me a pedestrian.

Speaking of pedestrianism, we had tons of visitors in Edmonton because of the Grey Cup this past weekend. It was really excellent to see tons of people out in the streets and using the LRT and enjoying the events in Churchill square. Only in Canada will you see some dude brave enough to venture out into freezing temperatures with only a painted face, underwear, and a cape.

Though, the instances of my almost being run over by white pickup trucks also increased over the weekend.

ANYWAY. You can see how rapidly the sun goes down now. The light in some of these photos is so different than the ones taken later on in the late afternoon.


The Harvest room is very traditional and pretty.

There was mulled pear juice to start, followed by scones with compote and devonshire cream, followed by the three tiered cake stands full of sandwiches (roast beef w. jus, duck egg salad, and others), and numerous sweet treats.

At this point in the afternoon I could already tell I was unwell. My general lack of appetite was questionable, particularly when faced with such tastiness. It's not like me to back down from three tiers of treats.


At this point I was still well enough to use tea things as props in photos. Sometimes I am silly and have trouble sitting still for a portrait.

Despite the ensuing nausea, I was happy to get a kick start on the coming month. The hotel was so pretty and really got me in the mood for Christmas. Have I ever told you? I love Christmas. The food. The company. The homecomings. It's basically what I love about life in general, but condensed into a short period of time.

I am also happy to report that I am on the mend. Fever and chills have broken and now I'm just working on eating semi-solid food again and getting my strength back. Miss Sarah can't be kept down for long.


Paula said...

Lovely post. It looks like a great day out with friends and yummy treats. I just finished decorating for the holidays but all those wreaths and bows make me want to add to mine. By the way, I found your blog through Let's go ride a bike.

miss sarah said...

Hi Paula - I'm so glad you've visited via LRGAB, Dottie and Trisha are two classy ladies, that's for sure:) Hope you keep coming back!

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