New Year's Eve.

December 31, 2010

Photo: Sunset at Victoria Bay

In HK people generally noted that it was new year's eve but most of their crazy celebrations are reserved for Chinese new year at the end of January. So today was pretty much an ordinary day for us.

My aunt and I got up and went down to the local shop to grab some special breakfast items since it was my uncle's birthday. I saw rice rolls being made for the first time!

Then Don really wanted to check out all the extensive escalators in Langham Place where we stumbled upon this display of huge Hello Kitty "in London" displays.

Don was pretty overwhelmed by all the cheesy music and the cuteness overload but he still indulged me with photographing the fun.

After riding the long escalators up to the 15th floor, we walked down the long spiral staircase back to the main floor. Most of these skyscrapers have malls on the bottom, and some mixture of commercial, office, hotel, and residential in the rest of the tower. This building had escalators that spanned 4 levels. Riding them was actually a little freaky.

Then we got onto Nathan road for a walk.

See that lone cyclist in the middle? Such confidence!

He is also stopped and waiting for his turn, in front of Yue Hwa, this big Chinese "stuff" emporium. Silk jackets and vests, massage chairs, teas, jade and jewelry, embroidery, statues, calligraphy... basically anything sort of Chinese-like, you will be able to get here. It's not as beautiful and good quality as the Arts and Crafts place in Tsim Sha Tsui, but Yue Hwa is decent quality for a fair price. And without the haggling you have to go through in some of the markets.

I didn't have time to browse too thoroughly because we had to be at the Peninsula for afternoon tea.

The hotel is incredibly beautiful, and old. There were loads of foreigners, live music, and tons of new years decorations for the evening's festivities. Back during WWII the Peninsula was also used as headquarters for the Japanese.

The epic tray of treats.

Don pretends to take his tea very seriously.

After taking in the sunset at the Bay, we hopped into the MTR and saw an urban Chinese cowboy.

Since Don is so tall he can take these great shots.

We headed over to Elements to browse around and then see our movie, Tron! What a great looking movie with a wicked soundtrack. After our show was over it was nearly 11 am and the place was just packed with people. The restaurants were full and even the grocery store was bursting at the seams with late-night grocery shoppers. I wonder when this place actually sleeps.

Don and I plan to toast our friends back home at 2 pm our time tomorrow. For now, let me say bye and happy new years to you all!


Natalie said...

Very jealous of that afternoon tea - fruited scones too!

Lindsay said...

The urban Chinese cowboy is the best!
Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

misssable said...

Happy New Year! I love the Hello Kitty displays

Cameron said...

Tea at The Peninsula looks grand any time of the year. Thanks for the vicarious voyage to Hong Kong.

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