February 25, 2010

I had gone to Moriarty's for lunch last week. I lamented how it wasn't super full and hoped to try it in the evening. The menu is the same (I think) and the prices are the same as well in the evening. Good stuff.

You guys know how much I like good places in good locations. This place is so convenient for me by train. I'll really have to start riding there to justify the wine and food intake. But for now, check it out. Edmonton transit smart card terminal! It's like when you're looking for divine signs that tell you you're doing the right thing. Ride train to Moriarty's. Universe agrees this is a good idea.

It wasn't crazy full when we went at 8 pm, but there were some tables being occupied. If you live in Edmonton and haven't gone, you should go and check it out. It's really delicious and straightforward food. Not different for the sake of being different. Just good food.

It's a stylish though unpretentious place. Like, it doesn't strike me as a place where you're going to see lots of bottle blonds who clearly fake tan and wear all black all the time, thinking that passes for style. Ouch. That was low of me. Sorry. It's a result of being passed over for those kinds of girls all the time in my early 20s. I'll admit to the overcompensation:)

A lot of people have commented that the pub next door (same owners) is way more happening, but they're really two totally different experiences. My bladder is so small. I'm not generally a several pints sort of girl. Moriarty's is a place where I don't feel myself needing to talk louder to drown out music or larger, boisterous people.

This is me encouraging you to go. It's fun. If they don't last I'll be very disappointed.

And the wine. This place is a wine bar. It's tasty.

Don was being a creepy sommelier.

I was wearing my new Helvetica t-shirt with a blazer.

Lights. Like umbrellas.


Comfy, intimate booths.

Rabbit lamp. Awesome. There are actually three of them... triptic rabbit lamps.

Ham and leek tart. YUM. Not rocket science, but not something I make at home either. Win.

Don had short ribs. I think I'm going to order those next time. I sort of had short rib envy.

Don reports that the place also makes a good macchiato.

Afterwards we went to see the new Scoresese film, Shutter Island. It was a fun Wednesday night.

Thoughtful Don.

February 24, 2010

I don't usually write about my husband. Not directly. Don and I have very active lives apart from one another. I know that sounds sort of depressing or unhealthy, but it works for us. And it's not that way because of any conscious design, that's just the way it works out once you combine work, social stuff, and Dexter care.

Don and I often don't see each other until 9 pm at night. It's been this way ever since we've started dating because I teach kids until late into the evening and Don has always worked beyond the regular 8 hour day. It doesn't mean we love each other any less. We're just both really busy and don't have to force the status quo. We spend plenty of time together, it's just not as regulated as other couples, I suppose.

In the meantime, Don does some very thoughtful things for me.

He was out running errands the other day and came home with a Helvetica t-shirt.

As seen above, he sometimes makes me love coffees.

And I've been having a problem storing my accessories at the bungalow. The problem is two-fold. I have too many accessories and there also isn't a good space for the bounty.

Don suggested we use this CD tower that was previously housed in the basement. It's a brilliant idea. I haven't completed the transfer of pretty things to the little shelves yet, but so far it's looking very promising. I think I'll actually need two towers in the end.

See? A place for some dress shoes I don't wear very often.

Oh, our baseboards are really high upstairs so I'm using an old textbook to prop the tower up. This way the swoop clears the baseboard and the tower is flush with the wall.

Just a few of my hair bands.

Evening bag that doesn't get used every day.

Milk glass dish for tiny things.

Another hair clip.

I'm so accustomed to Don and I taking care of our own business. But every now and then he goes out of his way to do something thoughtful and special. Just the sort of supportive guy every stylish girl needs. Go Don!

First Amsterdam Electra Ride of 2010.

February 23, 2010

Last week I took Kona out and quickly regretted not taking a bike with fenders. We're in a cycle of freeze-thaw so it oscillates between normal winter riding with ice and snow, and wet though non-icy streets. I didn't suffer any considerable amount of road-flick (that icky splatter), but it did make me yearn for the Pashley.

When I was heading out on Sunday I decided to ride a non-winter bike. I saw the Dahon folded up on top of a huge pile of recycle bags containing bottles and cans. Didn't feel like fishing it out and unfolding it. Pashley was located behind 2-3 other bikes. A variety of Don's bikes... and my Amsterdam. So I took the Electra out due to ease and proximity.

Had to pump up the tires.

We all know Pashley is my favourite bike. But there is a reason I haven't sold my Amsterdam Electra Sport 3. The Amsterdam is more laid back in riding posture. It's really light so riding it is super leisurely. It's rare that I ever break a bead of sweat while riding the Electra. Sometimes if I have to go out and get TONS of groceries I'll take the Electra instead. It's just easier, faster, and lighter.

And I do like coaster brakes.

But the parts are all lighter too. So in this thaw time the fenders do a bit of rattling with all of the bumps and holes of the road. Pashley is more of a tank with that sort of thing.

Dexter fought me going down for his nap so by the time he was out it was 15 minutes before we were due at a baby-friend's birthday party. I decided to just go without my own baby.

Man. The jealousy I have for the other babies is paramount. They all have beautiful, smooth, hydrated skin. The moms were really nice and supportive, telling me their kid had this or that skin condition too at some point. But after seeing pictures of Dexter and his rash cycle many a supportive mom recoiled and gasped with disbelief. Believe me, if there is a cream you know of or some method of dealing with this... I've likely used it or am doing it. At the end of the day, every time Dexter's face starts to heal and make progress, a short scratching session puts him several steps back again.

I have now started sleeping with the baby so that I can monitor his scratching through the night. I don't personally have a problem with my baby crying for a few minutes before dozing off to sleep, but I do have a problem if those few minutes are accompanied by epic face mutilation. Even with trimmed nails and socks on his hands... the destruction is inhibited but not absent.

Here's hoping the added vigilance and supervision pays off. Once he starts getting better he will be less likely to scratch and be uncomfortable, anyway. And maybe once his teeth come out he will feel better? Regardless. I look forward to the day when I can stop referring to him as carpaccio baby.

But he is grabbing the pole to his jumper thing and can pull himself up to a standing position! There have been lots of jokes this week about Dexter and his pole dancing.

Back to the Amsterdam and baby's birthday party. Even though Dexter wasn't there he received a little treat bag care of mom and Electra's rack.

And I had to stop to get some ice cream and cookies for family dinner dessert later that night. Those went in the basket.

It was my mom's birthday and we had hot pot at my brother's house. It was Don's first time having hot pot. When we first arrived he saw some frozen squid ball and thought it was a frozen cream puff. He ate it and was confused.



Here's Dexter modelling the baby Canadian Olympic wear my mom bought him.

Since Dexter is doing that commando crawling all the time he totally looks like a baby lumberjack, ready to come and get you.

And auntie Sable. Ever watchful of the goings on.


February 19, 2010

The other night I was riding Kona out to a movie and realized... I should have taken Pashley instead! We're experiencing a thaw and it's wet and melty. Just the sort of thing to flick mud bits all over my back. Luckily these days I'm wearing a very not-important coat with the Kona.

I thought I would post some pictures of Kona's cargo solution, the Freitag bike bag.

I wear it when I'm not wearing my Cambridge Satchel, my Roots Olivia Bag, or my Coach Madison Large Leather Hippie. These are all my bags that can be worn across the body.

However, Frietag has the purses all beat when it comes to carrying lots of books and some groceries.

It's got a handsome flap with super sticky velcro.

And if you've got tons of stuff you can fold out this extra part to increase cargo capacity.


Each bag is unique because it is made out of recycled tarps. I picked one that has the letters L and S on it in lower cases. I like to think it's short for "little sarah". It's not as fashionable as my other bags, but sometimes I just need an obviously bike-related item to do the job. If you've been looking for a good bike bag I would highly recommend one of these.

Downside might be back sweat. I'm a bad judge of these things because I don't normally suffer from back sweat.


February 18, 2010

It was a downtown day.

Had lunch at a newish bistro/wine bar, Moriarty's, in Rice Howard Way. It was excellent! I was disappointed to see that it wasn't so busy for lunch today, and hope Edmontonians will discover this little gem. I can't wait to try it out for dinner and a drink after work.

They have a great mirror in the bathroom. I think I've posted photos of me in this coat before, but it hasn't had a proper introduction. Coat... met the internet. Internet, this is my new coat.

Turn of the century-style sconces.

Pretty flowers and candles in the bathroom. Looks nice. Smells nice.

I can't believe I was actually on time. I saw my train go by when I was two blocks away from the platform and thought I would be late late late. It never ceases to amaze me, how fast the trip is once you've caught a train. I was only a few minutes late and that was likely because I was choosing which exit would land me closest to the eatery.

I took some pictures of the benches while waiting for my train.

I stopped by the Artworks to get some cards for upcoming birthdays, and to browse for possible gifts. The store is also a florist and does really great arrangements. Little sights like this make my day.

Pretty chandelier.

A big spool of string.

A flock of paper cranes hanging from an inverted fruit bowl.

On the continued search for gifts, I went to the boutique at the AGA. I didn't find anything for other people, but I did buy Don and I a copy of We Eat Together, a cookbook by local creatives about their road trip and the local farmers they met. Started reading it on the train trip home. It's good. Has lots of family recipes from the farmers they met, and awesome stories about the people who grow our local food. There's the saying that families who eat together, stay together. Get this book. And eat with the people you love.

The AGA looks like it has a cute haircut.

And the windows reflect city hall.

Dexter update! My mom got him a new polo onesie for new years and he looks like such a little man when he wears it. He's at grandma's right now and I've been told his skin is doing much better.

Funny Dexter story. He really enjoys his bath time, so I suggested to my mom that she should try giving him some spa time in their newly renovated bathroom. I figured the baby would go crazy with delight at the bubbles in the jet tub (with grandpa holding him, of course). Well... my mom has reported that Dexter did indeed go crazy... but not with delight. When they turned on the bubbles he erupted into his upside down flat face. That's loosely translated from what my mom calls the baby when he cries. His mouth forms this quivering horseshoe that on a fully grown man, might be mistaken for a handlebar moustache. And tears. Big, crocodile tears. WAHHH!

I was at the movie Crazy Heart with some friends tonight and I couldn't stop giggling. All I can keep thinking about is poor, naked little Dexter wailing while half submerged in what is supposed to be a luxurious celebration of massaging jet bubbles. Hilarious.

I'll have to take a picture of Dexter when he's crying some time. His face is totally priceless.

For now, a picture of my earnest baby.

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