Road Trip - Jasper!

April 29, 2010

Today we embarked on a little road trip. Ironic, I know, since this is a bike blog! Regardless, there is an annual library conference at Jasper Park Lodge and I've never accompanied Don before. I'm happy to say this year I was able to take the time off work to come along. So far I can tell you the food is amazing and the service... wow. It's been a long time since so many people have been so polite to me.

Before more tales from the road I have to share something exciting with you all. I was at Planet Organic the other day looking to pick up some Seventh Generation disposable diapers for Dexter. If there is no real laundry facilities where we're going I'm okay with the occasional use of disposables while we're traveling. Anyway, I found these awesome fully compostable diapers by Broody Chick. So if you're not into doing the cloth thing, you could always try these! I've already had Dexter in them for the entire day and so far so good.

The one thing I really love about living in the prairies is the sky. This is always really apparent when we're on a road trip for camping or something of the like. The sky just stretches on and on. I find it really stunning.

I took a lot of pictures of clouds today.

The sky is changing all the time.

First peak at some rocky mountains!


Once we arrived and unloaded our things into the cabin, we were off to the dining room for some tasty dinner. Dexter was relieved to be out of his car seat and hanging out with his dad.

In almost all respects Dexter seems to resemble his father. This leads me to believe Dexter will be quite the outdoors man. They both certainly seem to enjoy the mountain air.


I don't really consider myself an outdoorsy person. Not the true kind. I can go camping an last up to 4 days without a shower. I love nature and can appreciate beautiful things. But, I'm not the kind of person who wants to live on a secluded island when I retire or anything like that.

Jasper Park Lodge is a wonderful mix of amenities and nature. On the way here I was treated to prairie skies and wildlife sightings (a saw a wolf for the first time). Upon arrival somebody opened my door and gave me a mimosa. What a perfect balance of nature and civilization. Yes, please.

This is our little cabin for the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to lots of quality time with Dexter, meeting fun library people, and general relaxation.

Dexter Update.

I realize I haven't shared a lot of Dexter lately. Here's the little man, wide-eyed as ever and terrifying with his new found mobility. The kid is FAST. And strong. He'll turn any surface he can reach into a drum.

Kitchen trash can? Yeah!

Mom's sternum? Yeah!

Dougal's water bowl? Yeah!

He now has 3.5 teeth and he does this creepy sounding thing where he mashes his top one with the bottom one. It's not unlike hearing nails on a chalkboard. It makes my skin crawl.

His skin is improving slowly. I'm not doing anything that different and am attributing it to his general growing and development. It's still dry and flaky, but he doesn't get the whole bleeding, weeping scabs thing anymore.

Know what's really weird? This year on Mother's Day I will actually be a mother. Whoa.

These are some pictures Raffaella took of baby while she was babysitting a few weeks ago. Of all his books his favourite is this Curious George activity one that is clearly meant for an older child.

Dexter loves wooden blocks.

And here is the teething king.

I've said it before but I'll say it again. Taking care of little D (I suppose he's quickly moving past being a baby) is most rewarding. Even when he's fussy because of his skin or a stuffed up nose. I feel very privileged to have such a great little man in my life. Having him? Best decision I've ever made.

High Street.

April 28, 2010

I had a super leisurely morning and afternoon last Wed. My friend Marilyn suggested lunching and when we were arranging the details it turned out she had actually taken the day off. I had a few errands to run on high street so we met up mid-morning at Steeps.

Man, an iced tea tastes so good when you're thirsty after riding.

I almost always have a folding fan in my purse. I use it at red lights to cool off when I'm hot. And in the summer the fan is handy for making sure I don't stick to my seat when I get to a restaurant or cafe.

My wheel lock key for Pashley has a little hello kitty on it. It was a mini charm inside a hello kitty eye shadow my mom gave me. And no, this was not when I was a child. A few years ago!

Marilyn knits and is indulging me with the gift of arm warmers! Months ago we were at Bamboo Ballroom where I bought a coat with bell sleeves. I commented that my arms were going to be cold when riding and she immediately said arm warmers would be the perfect solution. I love the colour.

So there's this really great baby stuff store on High Street called Bosom Babies. I was just there to browse around with my sister in law when I totally got sold on cloth diapers by this woman who works there. She was just so patient with answering my questions (and they were good answers), and demystified the whole process for me. Last November I had purchased something and it turned out it wasn't going to work so I went back to see if I could get an exchange. Dudes, this was five months after I made the initial purchase and I didn't even have the receipt. Luckily I was in the computer and they were so accommodating with letting me pick something else out. I got Dexter some wooden building blocks, baby friendly sunscreen, and some washcloths. That store is the bomb.

Have you guys noticed that jean jackets are back? When we were in New York I left the hotel with no jacket, thinking it was as warm as the afternoon was. I was wrong. It was shady and windy. So on our way to MOMA I popped into the 5th avenue H&M, found this jacket and purchased it, all in 10 minutes flat. Even though I really like it, I can't help but feel like the Miss Sarah of the late 80s when I'm wearing it.

Marilyn rode her Brompton.

Then we went to Duchess. Now one of my new favourite Edmonton spots. I can eat 15 macarons in one sitting. Yeah. It's disturbing.

We were really lucky to get fantastic weather that day. Dresses!

It's all French inspired inside.

The aforementioned macarons and other equally delectable treats.

I really liked this girl's outfit.

Boots like this just look dumb on me. But they looked great on her.

These were Marilyn's.

Me in my really old but really well loved cork platform sandals.

And lunch. Delicious croissant sandwiches with latt├ęs.

It was a good Wednesday.


Hey readers! This is Judy, a friend I've made through this blog and a fellow Pashley-riding Edmontonian. Her husband actually works at redbike, which is sort of how we met. After all my drop ins he must have mentioned something about the blog. At some point she started reading. Then she started commenting. Then she came over for coffee and scared the crap out of me about teenage boys.

Evidently I've got a good 12ish years before I have to worry about Dexter, but the fear is tangible nonetheless!

It's nice to meet a friend who loves Pashley riding and has also gone through the whole mom thing.

Judy's Pashley is Hunter Green.

She lobbied pretty hard for the redbike party and I'm glad she did. It was excellent fun and also a photographic feast for myself. Go bike friends!


April 27, 2010

With the completion of the south LRT extension there is a brand new bike path that is basically a straight shoot from my place to my friend Dave's. When I got invited over for burgers the other day (his last name is Leriger so we call them Leriburgers) it was also a good opportunity to try out this path. It was a windy day and earlier in the afternoon I was on the Pashley and I also took a huge hill with a head wind.

I was sort of done with working hard.

Took the road bike at night, better to cut the wind with.

I used to have these super beautiful egg-beater pedals on my bike. Dan (who built my bike for me) recently needed them and couldn't find them elsewhere, so he switched mine out for these instead. The bike doesn't look as sleek, but honestly, I was rarely riding this bike with the clippy shoes so it's far more functional now.

Ever since I took the road bike down to the folk fest last summer and rode up many many hills with the greatest of ease, I've decided that the Marinoni is going to come out far more often this year. It's so light! One thing I don't like is the posture. Being hunched over handlebars is something I'm not used to.

Here's my Leriburger! With dill, goat cheese, and pear. Delicious.

Dave and his lady friend have recently added a 2nd cat into their family fold. Say hello to Huey!


We had a really fantastic ride home! That same wind that was so annoying on the way over became a tail wind on the way home. The streets were relatively deserted and a few of us riding together meant taking up the whole lane. Plus, my friend Justin said I looked really pro on the Marinoni. I love me some bicycle validation.

Sugarbowl Patio.

April 25, 2010

Last weekend heralded the first BBQ food of the season and later on in the week was my first Edmonton patio of the season. Praise!

We're at the Sugarbowl all the time. It's tradition. Located near the University campus it's a staple for students and a hard habit to shake afterwards.

It's one of the few places in town where I'm comfortable just leaving Pashley outside with the wheel lock deployed.

Our waitress was very nice.

Another girl cyclist riding away.

It's that season. Sunglasses!

And pretty girls riding bicycles.


More active transportation.

Two guys having a conversation.

It's so easy to stalk people when you're sitting on the patio.


Looking forward to posting more about patios. Fresh air and open doors make me happy.

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