Astronaut Dexter.

October 31, 2010

Last year for Halloween Dexter went as a member of team Zissou from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic.

This year I stumbled across a very comfortable-looking astronaut outfit while out shopping last week. Had I not seen this little number (on extreme sale) Dexter would have gone as The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

This year's Halloween was very different from last year. First off, I didn't end up going to the party I was invited to last night. Even though I checked to see, and the Uhura dress still fits! Perhaps it's some form of post-election postpartum. These past few days have had me feeling really exhausted.

So I laid low. And saved my energy for today's various Dexter-related proceedings.

First up was brunch. Followed by a toddler Halloween party at the downtown YMCA. What a great location for a kids party! There is a community room with kitchenette and bathrooms, lots of tables and chairs, and an adjoining room with tons of fun play things for the kids.

Dexter and I took the train.

Upon arrival, he went straight for the LEGO with wonder woman, Jess.

This is the face Dexter makes when he really wants something.

After we got back, it was time for Dexter's first trick or treating! He was too small to go last year so this was his first official excursion of this sort.

Our neighbours do a great job with decorations.

He tentatively approaches the houses.

And looks skeptically at severed arms emerging from graves.

We saw a cute little Batman on the go.

And then there were evil rats.

Murder of crows.

The time arrived, to head home.

See you next year!

Though without a spacecraft, astronaut Dexter had a great Halloween getting to and from his events via train and by foot. Old school, but in this day and age, sort of ahead of its time!

Ready, Set, Winter.

October 29, 2010

This Halloween weekend is supposed to be decent, weather-wise, but it's definitely cold out there. This week has had us hovering steadily around 0 degrees during the warmest parts of the day. Not really the stuff dreams are made of.

Finally got around to picking up my revitalized boots! This particular pair has been to the shoe guy no less than 3 times. They're not much to look at when my feet and legs aren't in them, but they're wonderful. Go with everything. Tough as nails.

The wooden platform parts on the bottom have really protected the leather portions. Shoe-guy made them all shiny.

I've had these trusty boots since the 2006. Every year I go out shopping for new ones (sometimes successful, sometimes not), but these are still my favourites. They're from Topshop in London, UK. They go all the way up to my knees.

This pair is newer from last year. The lower, thicker heel makes these more conducive to hours of walking. These are actually lined with insulation, charcoal grey, and have a lot of stitching.

I'm pretty "whatever" about the detailing. I actually prefer my boots to be as non-ornamental as possible, but the stitching isn't as noticeable once I've got them on.

The fit on this pair is very snug, thanks to Browns carrying size 5 all the time! They're not slouchy like the previous pair, which make them good for wearing under jeans in addition to them being good for jeans getting tucked-in.

So much talk about boots!

Well, when you live in a city with freezing temperatures for much of the year, you have to know what you're looking for. Up here, a good pair of boots goes a long way. I am so impressed and grateful my hard-working boots have been rehabilitated. Thank you, Southgate shoe guy!


Here we go.

New City Council.

October 26, 2010

Today was the swearing in of Edmonton's new city council! Here is Edmonton's new crew, posed for official and un-official photos.

I didn't want Dexter to miss the action, but the proceedings were scheduled right in the middle of the day during his nap. My solution? Brought his travel play pen and set it up in Don's office. Got there early so Dexter could have an opportunity to play for a while. When it was time for me to head out for lunch, I left little man in the care of his auntie.

Dexter loves his auntie Sable. And Nielsen is always ready to represent too.

We could have just walked over to lunch, but there was a bus arranged to take everybody so... we went on the bus. I sat on my favourite seats at the front.

Lunch was lovely, capped off by sherbet.

Don took a picture of me.

And I returned the favour on our ride back.

Dexter had a nice nap in the office while we were out for lunch, and was all fresh for the ceremony. Here he is sitting beside a pretty girl.

I was sitting beside Rachel, the mayor's daughter. She went to school with my brother (he bit her in play school and got in lots of trouble) and I was in school with her younger brother, Adam, for many years. What a coincidence that their dad and my husband now work together. It is a very small world indeed!

Then there was pipes and a procession.

Waiting to be sworn in.

The moment! Don swears and affirms.

It's official.

We vacated our seats.

There was a little council meeting to seal the deal, then it was party time!

Hanging with Leanne and Kris. I think this is what I look like when my back hurts.

The pianist was working hard.

I ate treats.

Dexter enjoyed the fruit platter and an activity book somebody gave him from the front desk.

Dexter and his daddy!

Then Don got busy with an interview.

And the crew started getting ready to head home. Don has recently come home and upon looking at today's photos, has informed me that tons of people thought Sable was his wife. Get your eyes checked, people!

Dexter stayed at the hall for more partying and came home via train with his grandparents. Sable, Chris, and I caught the train back earlier because we had work to attend to. People always talk about how flexible life is with a car. But if you live, work, and play near LRT stations? It's actually quite convenient for everybody to come and go on their own time.

Today required an elevated level of organization, with the baby and firm timelines with some of the proceedings. Travel via train suited my needs perfectly.

Oh yes, and now my husband is officially employed for another three years. Huzzah!

Anthropology Project.

October 24, 2010

Pashley had a photo shoot today!

An anthropology student at the University of Alberta is doing a project where he interviews and photographs several kinds of cyclists (sporty, non-sporty, etc). The project will end up being a flash website (or something) where you can click little clothing icons and then you see that piece of "cycling" clothing on the subject (me). With each clothing click there will be a little audio thing where I explain some aspect of the item or my cycling.

I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but will be sure to post and connect you all to the link when it's up and running.

Just be prepared to see photos of me in tights and a camisole.


Here is Tim (aforementioned student) giving me a run-down on his project.

More from the information station. We shot upstairs at BikeWorks. Thank you to Tim, who carried Pashley up the stairs.

I actually wore boots for the ride since it was so dreadfully cold and damp today. It was basically winter, without the snow:(

Since these heels were right by the door from last night, I took them to the shoot as a part of my outfit.

Tim took photos.

Cold weather dictates a sensible girl wear layers.

Afterwards we taped my little audio bits.

Here is my new skirt!

Then after the interview portion, I rode over to meet the family for dinner.

Dexter demands chocolate milk shake.

And he takes his sweet potato fries very seriously.

After some comfort food we rode back home (Don brought Dexter in the chariot). That's my take out on the rear rack.

Days off go by so quickly!


But I'm glad I had the opportunity to pump some fresh air into my lungs, even if it was cold air.

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