Sunny Thursday.

March 31, 2011

Today was sunny and beautiful! We were meeting people in Gastown for lunch at Meat and Bread, so we got there early and had a constitutional with Dexter.

I think it's crazy how much this neighbourhood has changed since I was a kid. We used to stay with my grandma who lived very close to Chinatown and this area around Hastings was incredibly rough. It's still far from perfect, but like I said... it's totally different now.

Dexter made friends with hipsters.

Then we wandered over to Yaletown and ogled the bright and shiny bike lanes.

Finally we had to get to our lunch locale where I had a crazy pork sandwich.

Dexter had grilled cheese.

And the place was busy busy busy. Thanks Nate, for the recommendation!

Then we went riding along the ocean-side! Don is being a super dad and is doing all the Dexter towing while we're here. I very much appreciated it when we were riding out of Granville Island and uphill.

Speaking of Granville Island, we stopped in briefly to buy Dexter-friendly fruit, and doughnuts. Riding makes me hungry.

After the aforementioned hill we arrived at Vij's for dinner.

But they don't take reservations and it was an hour and a half wait - so we went to Rangoli next door. They were great and brought Dexter a snack naan while we were waiting for everybody.

Dave and I both had the lamb and it was so good.

The ride home was fantastic. Downhill all the way. Non-busy bike lane streets. And the weather had turned cool, but not cold. An excellent end to a very food-full day.

What really impressed me was how our friends Jhen and David took transit and beat us home!


MamaVee said...

this looks so great. and what a refreshing shot of you in tank dress and no tights! We in boston just got an april fools snow storm today so we are all grumpy and I had to pull out my LL Bean duck boots once more from the back of the closet.

misssable said...

Nice purse :)

Heidi said...

Nice to see your view of where I live. (I can see my office in your 2nd photo.) Too bad the weather isn't as nice today, but glad you are enjoying the bike lanes. They are what encouraged me to start biking to work last year!

Arabomb-shell said...

i live in vancouver and i LOVE meat and bread!

Jhen said...


NotaBene said...

looks like an awesome trip! if you don't know about these guys, you should:

thebinster said...

Nate, too, recommended Meat and Bread to me. That porchetta sure was memorable. Oh pork fat and cracklings!

miss sarah said...

Mama - It rained a fair bit while we were there, but overall we were very lucky that it wasn't actually cold.

Sable - Yeah, looks good on me, huh?

Heidi - Your office is in a very up-and-coming part of town:)

Arabomb - It was a thick thick sandwich, and I ate it all.

Jhen - Damn you and your efficient transit. TRANSLINK!!!

Nota - We had lots of fun.

thebinster - I think the porchetta is surely a Chinese person's dream sandwich. I grew up eating crispy pork every Sunday night!

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