All Over Town.

April 30, 2011

Yesterday I had the glorious experience of efficiently getting all over town by bike and bus.

My little ride up the street indicated that it was very windy out. I hate wind. So I did the lazy thing that people do when they live up the street from the train... and I locked up the Pashley and hopped on the train. I almost missed it too. I was totally that person who runs like a maniac and dives through the closing doors just in time. You can call me Indiana Chan.

Got downtown and ran a multitude of random errands, including picking up many sheets of bus tickets.

Then I was underground again and took the train a few stops for lunch.

I am newly in love with my super pleated silk tartan skirt.

Went to MRKT and met Lisa and Leanne.

We ate sandwiches.

After I dragged the ladies around to pick up treats at Queen of Tarts, I was struck by the dangerous idea that we could do some spring shopping at Anthropologie.

The thing that made us hesitate was the prospect of going to West Edmonton Mall on a Friday afternoon (tons of annoying after school kids).

We walked around the corner and Leanne pulled out her phone to see which buses were fastest and what time they were coming. Our dream bus, the 100, arrived immediately!

Then we arrived at a consumers wonderland where I proceeded to do all the Miss Sarah things I do when shopping. I am really critical and picky. I have a lot of shopping rules:

- Don't buy things that duplicate other things I already have
- It has to be something I am going to wear at least 20 times
- It has to go with other things I already own
- I prefer things that can be worn year-round
- I don't buy things that are "okay". It's either really good or it isn't.
- If I hesitate on whether I like it, I don't buy it.
- No suffering from non-purchasing remorse.
- Look for a good return on investment. As nice as a dress may be, anything that comes near the price of a mortgage payment is just sort of ridiculous (for me).
- Always aim to buy from the sale rack.
- Look for things that look good pre and post baby.

My mom used to drag us around shopping with her all the time so I have very finely honed skills. I've developed all these rules over time because I'm tired of having closets and drawers so full, I can't tell what I have anymore. And I don't do therapeutic shopping. I generally feel like we all have a lot of stuff and I'm not really into weird impulse buying. I hate wasting money and creating waste from things we don't use.

Shopping with me is sort of ruthless. If you want somebody to go shopping with you and tell you everything looks "cute" and you could "wear it with jeans too" then I'm not your wing-woman.

This is why we need to have bubble tea after a few hours sorting through racks. I am relentless in my quest for me and friends to not buy garbage! My company is exhausting.

Mango with star shaped mango jellies.

And then we went to catch our buses. Lisa and Leanne were headed back downtown, and I caught the 4 and it dropped me off right across the street from my bike. I was door to door in less than 30 minutes.

I arrived home with pastries, tailoring, and a little shopping (1 dress, 1 pair of shorts, a bunch of plain cotton tank tops). Then only had a mere 20 minutes before I was back on the bike for my evening outing.

More on that soon!

Thanks for coming shopping with me :)


Velouria said...

Gosh, I love that skirt!

miss sarah said...

Velouria - Me too. It's marc jacobs that was on super sale in HK in 2007. I keep thinking my bum will ruin the pleats but it's just so well made.

Emma said...

Oh wow! I need you and your shopping skillz over here in the UK. Relentless - I love it, and that skirt is beautiful!

rita said...

Your shopping rules rock. Thanks for sharing them with us! Now, here is my question of the day, inspired by something that happened to me this weekend: Aren't you afraid of leaving your Pashley locked at the train station for hours? This is where it comes from:
Last Saturday my son had an eye appointment at Southgate. We biked there.We locked the bikes at the rack just out of the bay entrance, from 10 am to 12:30.We always use two different locks. His bike got stolen, mine not. His bike is new-we got it last summer-, mine is older and pretty much beaten up. My plan was to get a new bike for Mother's day, but now I'm afraid it will attract too much unwanted attention from Mr. or Ms. Bike Thief. Plus now there's a boy in my family who needs one :)
Any advice?
Thank you!!

miss sarah said...

Emma - Any time I am in the UK, we'll go!

rita - That SUCKS. Mmm... I'm not really one to fear my bike getting stolen. I just figure my house insurance covers such a thing and I can get a new bike. My Pashley had its rear tire slashed this one time, and it made me very sad. Luckily I have other bikes to ride in these cases but it would definitely be a drag if I only had the one.

I honestly don't think a lot of bike thefts are necessarily targeted towards "nice" bikes. Lots of the newer ones from Canadian Tire or places like that get stolen because they appear to be nice, but the parts on them aren't special at all.

I wouldn't worry about your ride getting jacked. You have to live your life!

Don leaves his Batavus parked at the train station almost every day and it's been okay up till now.


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