May 31, 2011

SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) is throwing a fundraiser, Love Those Clothes 2011, on Saturday June 18th.

The theme is "Riding Pretty".

The master of ceremonies is... ME!

It's going to be a grand evening filled with art and bikey goodness - I am very excited.

Tickets are $25, or $20 for SNAP members. Grab a ticket and come hang out with me at what looks to be like a pretty wicked party.

When I was asked to emcee, I was told the party will include:

- A fashion show, "featuring clothes by marvellous local designers"

- A wicked silent auction of "unique hand-printed garments, accessories and linens"

- A fantastic cocktail party at the Fine Arts Building Gallery on the UofA campus.

Two more exciting things!

I have collaborated with my designer friend, Dave Leriger (same guy who did my header for this blog), and we have created a pretty scarf for the silent auction!

Come and bid on our item so we may have validation of our creative efforts. I'll post pictures of it when the silk screening is complete.

Also, SNAP has offered me a pair of complimentary tickets to give out as a blog prize! Drop a comment or "hello" below and I'll find some random way of selecting a winner after the weekend.

If you have issues filling out the blogger comment form, send your comment via email (you can find it under my profile over on the right) and I'll put it in for you. Check back next week to see if you're my lucky winner.

Good luck!


tricotmiss said...

Ooh! How fun! I would love to go!

Danielle Patenaude said...

Cool beans! I will be there with bells on with or without prize tickets! :)

Karen said...

Darn it we're going to be out of town during this event. It sounds lovely - I'll be sad to miss it! :(

AngelaTom said...

Sounds like a great event in a good location - nice and central!

Kyla K. said...

Sounds like it would be fun, fun, fun!

Leisha said...

If I could take an adorable teen-aged guest, I'd love to go! (Because I think she'd love it too.)

Liz said...

Sounds fun :) Excited to see what your scarf looks like!

Marianne said...

Sounds fantastic! Be there either way!

nothing said...

Bikes and clothes in June:
the prospect thrills utterly!
How I wish to go.

Anonymous said...

OK, I am in MD, but I still want to enter. If I win, give the tickets to Leisha because I also have teens.
Lynne in MD

usman said...

Sounds like a great event in a good location - nice and central!
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