Prince Edward Island.

June 7, 2011

Today Don and I left Halifax, rented a car, and drove to Prince Edward Island. It's supposed to be one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada!

First we needed to fill our bellies with delicious food at the Coastal Café where we met this awesome dog.

I had "The Elvis" breakfast, which is a huge waffle sandwiching peanut butter, bananas, maple bacon, and syrup. I think I have to have peanut butter on my waffles from now on (and am very thankful I don't have a nut allergy).

Then it was time to hit the road and enjoy the scenery. This is New Brunswick.

Then look at the gorgeous red soil of P.E.I.

And for all you fans... I give you my photo of the Anne of Green Gables house.

Then we went to hang out with the Atlantic Ocean.

Where the scenery and landscape is fantastic.

Being a land-locked prairie girl, it's extra special to listen to the waves.

Then we carried onward.

To Hillhurst House, our fine bed and breakfast.

When on the island, one must have seafood. What's better than super fresh oyster tasting at Claddagh Oyster House? Tastes like the ocean - yum.

Charlottetown is truly picturesque! I am so happy to be able to feast my eyes on some of the most epic scenery around. It makes me appreciate being Canadian even more. Canada is so vast and diverse, but we all still call this country our home. I like that.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the photos you take of your food in this post and past ones (cupcakes, chinese, pizza etc) but how do you stay so slim?

miss sarah said...

Anon - I think it's part genetic advantage and part active lifestyle, though it's slightly more challenging post-pregnancy.

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