Capital Ex!

July 31, 2011

Since the tumble, it has been more difficult to lug around my big camera. I can only photograph when I use two hands! In place of it, I have been using my old little point and shoot. For this post of our outing to Capital Ex I have also supplemented with the odd instagram from Sable (like the photo above).

My gimpy leg and I went, via train, to the fair.

We got our carb fix in the form of poutine.

We visited the displays put out by the Canadian Armed Forces, and it seems I am still capable of carrying an 85 pound pack!

I gave the rides a pass and opted for strolling.

Don insisted we get the best value and acquired 5 bags of mini doughnuts for $10.

Lots of big stuffed animal winners.

Various entertainment.

And games!

Then a hobble up the stairs, back on the train, and back home to rest.

I am relieved that being off the bike doesn't immediately equal being housebound. The train picks up where my bike left off!


Linda Hoan said...

You got some really great carnival photos!! :)

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyy piano teacher; don needs a shave! Looks like your bandage is changed every day (the material is so white!). i heard a rumor that the carnies pay people 2 carry those animals "around" so that joe6pack will think that he stands a chance 2 win 1 .

miss sarah said...

Linda - Glad you like them! It's been odd using the little camera but it does the job.

Anon - When Don doesn't have meetings, he doesn't shave:)

Eric Jenkins said...

I really love the quality of the pictures. Gives it a very 70's look, and luckily a midway doesn't change that much overtime, or so it seems. When I first looked at the blog, I assumed you had scanned in some childhood photos.

Anonymous said...

Very neat pictures! What kind of camera are you using?

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