Short Skirt!

July 7, 2011

Have you guys heard of the short skirt incident in New York recently? Apparently a tourist was riding in a skirt and was told she was too distracting for drivers in cars. REALLY?

That's ridiculous.

In protest, there have been a few rides organized in NYC. The first one was the Short Skirt Bike Ride and the other one was Skirts on Bikes, read about them here.

I realized that I was also riding in a very short dress the other night, and got my friend Dan to snap a photo (I am wearing a chunky sweater over the minidress). At no point during my ride home did any car hit me or anybody else based on what I was wearing.

If we're talking about traffic safety, there are lots of things that distract drivers. Talking on cell phones without hands-free devices, applying makeup, gesturing emphatically, speeding, and otherwise not paying attention to your surroundings are all reasons why motor vehicle collisions occur. With pedestrians, cyclists, and more often than not, other motor vehicles.

Don't blame it on the short skirts!


LaelShine said...

That's crazy!
This sort of thing is getting beyond ridiculous.
Love your shoes,striking!

ting-wai said...

Super cute outfit!
What type of bike is that?

A Trying Woman said...

I put shorts on under my skirts. Mostly so I feel more secure riding a bike in a skirt.

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