U of A Campus - Old and New.

August 31, 2011

Richard and I had our last day together on Monday. We biked over to the Sugarbowl for lunch, then coasted over to the University of Alberta campus to randomly wander around.

Since I've graduated, the campus has been a veritable construction zone, with lots of new buildings going up and old ones coming down. None of these fancy new buildings have anything to do with my studies of English literature or Music, but it's still nice to see what all these lucky engineering and science students get to enjoy.

The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) is awesome! Tons of light, great walkways and stairs everywhere (makes it feel like an organized and modern Hogwarts), huge lecture theaters, and impressive (and comfortable) furniture.

Richard tried out one of the space chairs.

Then we went in search of the biggest lecture hall.

Richard said the offices for professors here must be a lot more luxurious than the one he has as a PhD student at Rutgers.

Even the ceilings are cool.

Then it was time for me to head to the hospital (on the University campus) to get my thumb checked out. This is the pretty new building on the corner of 114 Street and 87 Avenue.

I am required to wear my splint for another 2 weeks and then it's time to re-strengthen sans splint.

Afterward, I wandered back to campus to pick up Richard, who was getting way ahead of me in his reading of book 4 in The Song of Ice and Fire.

We went to see some new engineering buildings.

Edmonton is a city of pedways. All these new buildings have them.

Student lounging areas.

Again, with high ceilings and natural light.

I'm used to older buildings on campus, like this Administration one that is getting torn down soon.

And these old brick ones facing the quad.

I spent much of my campus time walking through HUB, between the Humanities building and the Fine Arts Building (FAB).

I asked Richard if he wanted to visit the scariest library stacks, ever.

Rutherford South. It's like a haunted submarine.

But upstairs things are beautiful in the reading room.

I used to study here.

Now check out the time capsule that is the Humanities building. Oh yeah. I've sat for hours in chairs of pea green and harvest gold, many a time.

I think it's fun and interesting to see the buildings we spend all our time in. The different design and function of each building makes me think about the people who learn and work there. It also gives me pause to be jealous of how much money gets put into these fantastic non-liberal-arts establishments.

Also, I wish I lived in Belgravia during my undergrad! I drove a car to school, which cost my parents a small fortune in gas and parking. I hated how if I was on campus all day and studying in a building far away from my parkade, I would have to walk 15-20 minutes back to the car and move it. Other days I would be late because I would circle around the parkade so many times without being able to find a spot. And once I parked I would have to hike over to my classroom, anyway. Lame.

By the time I was taking graduate courses, I was cycling from my old neighbourhood of Malmo and later, my current 'hood. Coasting and locking up right at your building is so convenient. And when you have to be on the other side of campus you just throw all your stuff on your bike and pedal over.

There's something about a University campus and bikes that just feels like a good combo.


Hilary said...

I never went to the University of Alberta (opting for MacEwan instead) so when I started my new job, based at the UofA campus, I was looking forward to exploring. It has been a real pleasure being on campus to watch all the development, discover hidden nooks to eat my lunch in, and have the university experience I never got at MacEwan.

I love your pictures!

marilynk said...

These are great photos, Sarah. The ones of HUB and Humanities make me very nostalgic!

perthcyclist said...

Wow. Every time I go to a University campus it makes me hanker for those days of lying in the sun and studying, reading up in the reserve section of the library, finishing the day off in the tavern.... I feel like I failed to appreciate those days as much as I should have! Driving to Uni is madness, and a lot of students at the more inner-city campuses here realise that

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