Wednesday Lunch Date.

September 28, 2011

Best friend Crystal and I have a long-standing tradition that has gone back for years, of treating each other to birthday dinners. Though I don't do birthday meals with every friend (so busy, conflicting schedules), I do like it when things work out and I can at least treat a friend to a birthday lunch or something casual like that.

Intense wind and running late dissuaded me from riding all the way to lunch. So I pedalled up to the train and hopped on it, and enjoyed the company and the easy ride. Didn't have to deal with any traffic or parking. Just my style!

The leaves are looking mighty fine these days too. Though the trees are shedding them at an alarming rate...

Enjoy lunch!


Caitlyn N said...

Miss Sarah, I love watching your videos, regardless of what transport you're using. My grandmother was from Edmonton, before moving to Australia as a war bride. It's lovely to see the city she was from and how different it is to the sub-tropical city she moved to. Thanks for all the gorgeousness. Caitlyn

Sigrid said...

I really enjoyed watching this, nicely done. It gave me a better sense of where it is you come from. The shot from the train over the river is so pretty with the trees and I thought 'hey Edmonton is nicer than I thought'. :) Probably what someone who has never been to Mpls might think. I was in your town YEARS ago as a child and sadly only remember 'the mall'. Just like so many people that come to Mpls and only see 'the mall' ~ there is so much more that both of our cities have to offer and I thank you for sharing.

miss sarah said...

Caitlyn - Oh, I'm so glad you like my hometown! Our winters are brutal, but they make us very tough.

Sigrid - The mall is definitely it's own thing... but of course there is so much more:)

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