Trick or Treat!

October 31, 2011

Oh yeah, that's Fireman Dexter up there, ready to go!

I tried to prevail upon him that wearing a toque and his firefighter's hat would be in keeping with his costume, but he refused me and insisted on wearing the lumberjack hat instead. A very Canadian firefighter!

Before we could hit up some houses for candy, we first had to get daddy from the garage. Dexter always tries to ring the bike bell when he is in there.

Our house has a few happy touches of Halloween cheer - there is an adorable origami Halloween tree hanging out in the dining room. My student's mom made it as a gift for Dexter. So cute!

Since we don't get hundreds of kids on Halloween night, I decided we were going to become the house that gives out full-sized candy bars. Remember how awesome those houses were when you were kids? I want the awesome rep.

And there were no-nuts options too.

Once we starting making the rounds, I was thoroughly impressed at some of the stellar pumpkins out there!

Don did the guided trick or treating, and I took the photos.

This was our simple pumpkin. I didn't have a lot of time so it's a little lame, but it does look like Dexter when he says, "Ohhh YEAH."

So Dexter was totally into the whole experience.

He was particularly into the lights in all the pumpkins.

Light! Light! Light!

Our neighbours do a wicked job with decorations.

Some even used their own gargoyle children as house decorations.

Death Star pumpkin, anyone?

My two boys.

Dexter admires Halloween lights (he finally consented to wearing the hat).

And on the way home he waves at some friends.

So great to see kids and parents prowling around our neighbourhood.

That's community, right there!


Dottie said...

Fireman Dexter is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Dougal doesn't like to trick or treat?

rita said...

So sweet! I was impressed by the gargoyles, they looked pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

inspiredcyclist said...

This post brings back memories of when my guys were young. TFS!

jachmilli said...

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