NYE Family Bike.

December 31, 2011

These days if you want to bike while there is still sun out, you had better go around noon. We wanted to take advantage of the light and take the whole family on a Dougal off leash excursion (that is 3 minutes away on bike, but there is lots of fun off-roading you can do once you reach the off leash area).

So Dexter went into his Chariot.

Don insisted on installing his Chariot hitch onto his new winter bike so that I would not have to tow in the heavy wind (what a gentleman).

Speaking of which, here is his new winter ride! I don't get all excited about technical stuff, and I generally don't get too excited about mountain bikes either. However, Don is much more likely to go into the river valley and on trails with the dog than I am. And he rides a lot harder too. I am more of a super-leisurely, flat-surface cyclist myself. Just goes to show that cycling can be as high or low impact as you want it to be.

He is rocking a Karate Monkey by Surly.

The guys at redbike really pimped his ride, with a black & white colour scheme.

I'd love to tell you more details about the brakes, shifters, handlebars, studded tires, rims, etc... but like I said, I would have no clue what I am talking about. I'm sure I can get Don to recite me these facts at a later date.

For now, it turns Don into a winter biking machine!

All ready to take scruffy Dougal out.

The roads are still pretty non-snowy. Though, they are plenty icy (that is all the shiny stuff).

When we get to the park, we unleash the beast.

And after a bunch of off-road for Don and on-road for me (the Chariot seems to fare very well off-road), Dougal gets put back on the leash for more neighbourhood riding.

I wore my new coat from L.L. Bean.

It's a little big on me, which suits me fine during pregnancy and for layering. The sleeves are a bit long, but that also means it's ideal for biking because I get zero draft. It's wind-proof, warm, and has pockets to boot! Basically, it's a step down in warmth from my parka, but a step up from some of my more fashionable winter coats. And it's super casual, which is perfect for grocery runs or taking the dog out.

Is it specialized winter cycling wear? Nope. Do I wear it while cycling? Yes.

So now we're back at the house preparing for dinner tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful NYE filled with celebration and hopefully a little biking. It's the tried and true Miss Sarah combo for a successful day!


Julie Hardee said...

That coat is great for bike visibility too!
Happy New Year!

Shafraaz said...

Wow, that Surly bike is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyy piano teacher; yeah....i used 2 own a dog....a long long time ago(his name was jive-talker). dogs r a lot of work.

Melissa @ HerGreenLife said...

Our ride on New Year's Eve eve was extra special, because it was our first ride with our little guy in tow! Like you, it was incredibly windy, and although I liked the idea of pulling the trailer for baby's first ride, once we were riding into the wind, I didn't mind that my husband had it. Plus, I got to ride alongside the trailer, and peek at him through the window :)

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