Dexter Goes to a Birthday.

February 27, 2011

It's still very cold, and it snowed again. Dexter had to wear his toque.

And he got his little present ready for his friend.

I wore a party skirt my mom got me in Hong Kong.

Much snow!

And cute houses.

Dexter knows how to party.

Toys toys toys.



Then the intense need for a nap.


Work and Party.

February 26, 2011

When I really need to get work done, I try to organize a work party with my self-employed, non office-bound compatriots. I find that if I ever have any chunk of time to myself that is over two hours, I just might end up watching a movie if I am alone. Come to think of it... chunks of two hours to myself have been rather rare every since I got home from Hong Kong. So I guess that's why I haven't had a work party in a long time!

I really need to get my final edits done for the thesis. So that's what I did. Sort of horrifying, how three hours went by and I am still not done. If anything, it was sort of like picking open a scab.

Luckily I didn't have to work alone. The presence of Lisa, ever silent and devoted to her own computer screen, gave me the motivation to stay still and write.

Here is my concentration face.

When the sun had set we finally closed up shop and head downtown to Artworks to find suitable birthday cards for our friend's birthday party that night.

Artworks has a resident doggie!

It's the place I go to get random gifts when I have no idea what to buy someone.

I've photographed their flowers before. On a grossly cold day like yesterday, it was refreshing to see something so perky.

I wish I had so much beautiful ribbon at my house.


Then it was off to Red Star for some pre-party supper.

Don came to meet us after work - yay!

We ate pasta.

Then party people started arriving.

Like Steve.

And of course, our birthday boy - Kris!

The place really filled up with lots of beautiful people.

Lots of smiles too.

DJ says, "hello."

And then came the cake.

Happy Birthday, Kris!

All work and no play makes Miss Sarah a dull girl. Good thing I do plenty of both.


February 22, 2011

I was going to call, but decided instead to do my usual inhospitable thing and just drop in at redbike, my friendly neighbourhood bike place. I figured if they didn't have what I needed or didn't have time, I would just come back another day.

When I got there everybody was busy, though not too busy to give warm greetings!

They were quick to point out the new Pashleys. And man... they are nice. Really really nice.

The two in the foreground are the Britannia, and the powder blue and pink ones are the Poppy.

Edmonton ladies, I have been told they have ordered heaps of Pashley bikes in ALL sizes. So no matter if you are 5'0 like me or a long-legged beauty... there is a Pashley for you.

I had gone with more practical purposes. I really need a rack on the Kona. Tying things to the handlebars certainly works (today I had my purse hanging off there too, in addition to a gigantic bag of music books) but you all know me. I prefer cargo options.

Mr. Mechanic was actually quite busy, but conceded to doing me a favour. Thank you!

He is my super bike hero. This is the sort of thing that Don can do. But Don must have time. And one has to freeze outside in the garage too. My redbike hero saved us from such a fate, and now this rack is crazy super sturdy too.


While I was waiting and chatting, I snapped a few pictures around the shop. These bikes look electric!

And this would look so cute cute cute on somebody's ride.

redbike sells chopsticks? Nope. This is my double kick stand for Pashley!

And hello, Brompton. You look very cozy and at home next to those Yakkay helmets.

Look, some of those Pashleys that have yet to be unpacked. LOVE.

Any bike work shop has to have its rims.

Then it was time to pay up and say good bye and get on with my errands.

It was actually quite cold today. I don't think I was dressed up quite enough, though it wasn't a big deal. The wind on the way home was a bit mean to me, but that's to be expected, anyway.

Luckily my Kona is slowly getting more bits and pieces to become even more practical. I believe it may be the ugliest of all my bikes. However, it's so handy that I find that I am using it... A LOT.

I am going to use Don's rear basket thing that clips onto the rack, or maybe a pannier (we have 2 detachable ones, both of which would be suitable).

And I even added a kick stand. Before I would just throw this bike down on the grass or the ground. Now that I am using it more frequently and I also tow Dexter's trailer with this bike, I would like it to stand up on its own.

Funny how even my "ugly" bike is starting to take up a little place in my heart. Kona and I are really building a loving relationship through all our riding together. It's the kind of bike that is really a waste to sell because I wouldn't get much money from it. I am gradually spending little bits of money replacing things and changing things... but all in all the frame is really decent and the bike fits me. I think the next thing I might do is change the gear things (you all know I'm not the least bit technical, right?) so that it may become a single speed or... I may still want to keep 3 to 5 speeds on it if I am towing.

I haven't decided yet.

The point is, my winter bike isn't all fancy and beautiful. But in my eyes it's wonderful. The perfect stead that keeps me non-dependent on the car, even in these winter months. And it's my great little bike shop that keeps her in good shape.

Dim Sum.

February 21, 2011

As it is family day weekend up here in Canada, the urban family decided to go to dim sum.

Turns out two of the urban family had never gone to dim sum before. What?! That's just crazy talk. I am glad that situation has now been remedied.

The one downside to dim sum is how busy it is. There are no reservations. You just show up and take your chances. AND there is now protocol where you are not permitted to be seated until your entire party has arrived. So no more sending a scout earlier to secure a place.

We waited.

And waited.

Dexter likes looking at the fish tank.

And finally, we got our table. Almost immediately it was food galore.

Dexter is determined to use his chopsticks.

And his bowl.

Hello, food!

Oh, and Raffaella has knit a beautiful toque that is too small for her. I am once more the recipient of glorious fashion accessories.

The day was sunny, but disgustingly windy. The roads are still frozen and there is snow everywhere. I await and look forward to the thaw. I enjoy riding my bike on the tolerable days, but I still don't feel as though it's the best way to take Dexter out and about when it's this cold.

Until those days come back, I'll stick to warm food and company, and keep on pedalling solo.

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