Trick or Treat!

October 31, 2011

Oh yeah, that's Fireman Dexter up there, ready to go!

I tried to prevail upon him that wearing a toque and his firefighter's hat would be in keeping with his costume, but he refused me and insisted on wearing the lumberjack hat instead. A very Canadian firefighter!

Before we could hit up some houses for candy, we first had to get daddy from the garage. Dexter always tries to ring the bike bell when he is in there.

Our house has a few happy touches of Halloween cheer - there is an adorable origami Halloween tree hanging out in the dining room. My student's mom made it as a gift for Dexter. So cute!

Since we don't get hundreds of kids on Halloween night, I decided we were going to become the house that gives out full-sized candy bars. Remember how awesome those houses were when you were kids? I want the awesome rep.

And there were no-nuts options too.

Once we starting making the rounds, I was thoroughly impressed at some of the stellar pumpkins out there!

Don did the guided trick or treating, and I took the photos.

This was our simple pumpkin. I didn't have a lot of time so it's a little lame, but it does look like Dexter when he says, "Ohhh YEAH."

So Dexter was totally into the whole experience.

He was particularly into the lights in all the pumpkins.

Light! Light! Light!

Our neighbours do a wicked job with decorations.

Some even used their own gargoyle children as house decorations.

Death Star pumpkin, anyone?

My two boys.

Dexter admires Halloween lights (he finally consented to wearing the hat).

And on the way home he waves at some friends.

So great to see kids and parents prowling around our neighbourhood.

That's community, right there!

Double Date!

October 30, 2011

I am turning into a big baby, and all I feel is cold cold cold! I love the sunny days we've been treated to, but the wind. The wind is rough for me. These days I don't step outside of the house without a the old faithful biggie scarf and gloves. Insulated gloves.

This photo was actually taken on our way home when we transferred from the train to the bikes. Earlier in the day I had actually just walked the same distance, but I was wearing flats and not heels. For those instances with mobility impairing footwear, the bike is perfect for me.

We met up with Jason and Leisha for a double dinner date at MRKT! A very suitable end to a very busy week. The dining room is a warm oasis of wood and shiny lights, which is a fine accompaniment to wine and cheese.

Yum yum yummy yum.

I knew we were planning to have dinner at MRKT all week, and all I craved was beef brisket.

Though I stole a fair portion of Don's pork pasta.

It turns out our date companions also took the train, so after dinner we all strolled over to the station, found some seats together, and chatted the whole way home.

Leisha hated every photo I took of her, so you only get to see a photo of her gloves and knits.

Don and I tried to inspire them by cheesing it up smiles-style.

See? We all have those pictures out there where are faces look all bumpy and weird. C'est la vie.

Hope you guys had your own yummy week-end meals with a nice unwind. Stay warm!

Street Car Lunch.

October 29, 2011

Today, Dexter and I rode our neighbourhood bus over to Old Strathcona, to meet Don and some colleagues for a special street car ride and luncheon! I decided to be a bold mommy and not take a stroller. Dexter kept a pretty good walking pace from the bus stop to the street car - I just kept telling him we were going to see his daddy and he came running.

Once we arrived and boarded the street car, Dexter got himself a seat, and positioned his favourite gorilla toy.

Generous volunteers of the Edmonton Radial Railway Society gave some information on the history of street cars in Edmonton. Plus, they conducted our ride!

Dexter was making a little too much noise. This is what his face looks like when mama deals out a little discipline.

But soon enough we were on our way! Thumbs up, gorilla friend.

Our street car stopped in the middle of the high level bridge. Good thing nobody had a phobia of heights.

Then it was time to get up and party!

We ate delicious sandwiches and cookies from elm café. Dexter likes the BLT and the roasted beet sammies, and ginger snap cookies.

What a wonderful way to spend the lunch hour! And it was a treat for Dexter to ride both new and old forms of Edmonton's public transport.

Ding ding!

Dexter's New Hat.

October 28, 2011

Winters are a pretty serious thing here in Edmonton, that's why I didn't hesitate to get Dexter this rad new hat with ear flaps!

I think the lumberjack look suits the little D very well. Too bad he won't be attending the AGA Refinery party in November.

The new hat also lends itself well to keeping a little head warm on a windy day, waiting for the train to arrive.

Don had a very busy week at work and as a result, didn't get a chance to see the little D for a few days. So Dexter and I decided to crash city hall and go have lunch with dad at the office!

Little D was very pleased to provide entertainment.

And I'm so lucky that I don't have to use the elevators with the stroller anymore. I just fold up the umbrella stroller and Dexter can slowly handle the stairs himself. This new toddler independence suits me very well. Generally, I feel as though increased mobility just makes life so much more convenient.

I hope Dexter will stay quick and mobile, with all this early training. There is a certain joy to getting somewhere yourself, and I am happy the little D enjoys active transportation as much as I do. I mean, who is going to give up the chance to ride trains with their mama?

Lazy Photographer.

October 26, 2011

I've been super lazy with taking photos lately. Sort of a waste, when I go through the trouble of lugging the camera around everywhere. I just keep forgetting that I have it. Or I think to take a photo, but I'm on my way somewhere and am too busy. So... you get two really boring photos!

Up above is when I was locked up near Planet Organic to meet Zoe for a delicious lunch of vermicelli the other day. She and I were delighted to discover we are both wearing very 1960s coats these days. Mine is navy, from MUJI. Hers is camel, from Oak + Fort.

Down below is my seasoned travel mug full of home-pulled latté with honey. I haven't ridden around with this Xmas themed travel mug since school days! I've still yet to install my cup holder on the Pashley, so what I usually do is not fill the mug up all the way, and squish it into the basket with my purse. The reason I use this Xmas mug is because it's the most spill-proof of all the go-cups I own. Very festive. And practical.

And yes, back in the day it was not uncommon to have some coffee gurgles on my bag and books. Luckily, zero leakage today.

I rode with a ferocious head wind over to the Cross Cancer institute, where my best friend is finally off mat leave and back at work. I was happy to visit with her while she took her lunch and I had coffee and cookies.

Nice thing about the head wind is that it became a wicked tail wind on the way home. Very welcome after my previous huffing and puffing.

These days, biking requires scarf and gloves, but I am really enjoying the crispy sunshiny days!


October 24, 2011

Admittedly, there are certain destinations that I don't like biking to. And I also tend to stay away from cycling with Dexter if we're farther away from home and we are guaranteed to be out past his bedtime. So the other night, we carpooled! Picked up two of our dinner companions on the way to Chinatown for a fundraiser dinner for Edmonton's Chinese Garden.

At a red light I stared longingly out the car window at the fine lady above, on what looked like her Devinci Paris. She and I are helmet and saddle sisters too!

Then I looked out the other window and saw another cycling dude who was eager to be photographed.

I haven't been to a Chinese banquet in a while, so I was eager for all 11ish courses. The key is to pace yourself.

We were lucky enough to be treated to lion dance!

Dexter was very fun and charming, even though he kept wanting to go hang out with the seafood in the aquarium.

The many courses of food were paraded out, one by one.

And Dexter helped his dad deliver greetings.

If I'm going to drive the car on an evening out, I'd rather it be filled with 5 people instead of 2. The bike would have been a better post-meal constitutional, but with an expiring Dexter at the end of the evening, it was nice to just whiz home and put the dude to bed.

I promised him we will bike tomorrow!

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